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  1. I use the official app because I like to make my lists on the computer and have it sync to the phone. As long as they can ensure the app is bug free or fixes are applied quickly then I don't really have any problems with V2. Much better than v1 for sure.
  2. It was fixed a few days ago but had been there since the June update. Check out the bugs threads if you want to see what it looked like. (Effected old saved lists only)
  3. Haha yes. In fact I am the only player at my club who does use it. Everybody else uses launchbay. I am not sure if you understood what I wrote but my problem with the app is the points discrepancy.
  4. Free? We pay for it as part of us buying the minis, of which the price went UP by a significant amount for version 2. Also all the other squad builders manage to do just fine and for FREE. I am pretty sure they are all very small operations in comparison to the resources that FFG have. How about this as an emergency, currently the points do not total up. In the build it may say 188 points but then on the menu screen that holds all of your lists it will give a different number.
  5. Still seems a really meaty list. I can't believe just how cheap Boba is... I hate that guy.
  6. I think the worst part of V2 is just how terrible the official app is and how we hear NOTHING from the developers with regards to bug fixing or even saying that they hear us.
  7. In V2 I have been wrecked by a pair of Brobots. They were incredibly hard to pin down with all their maneuvers and sloops. Also double tapping cannon/blaster just killed me.
  8. Do FFG even check out this area? I am shocked that this still hasn't been fixed.
  9. Thought this was quite interesting.. It is a little out of date but I don't think the June/July balance pass really did much for the decimator.
  10. Hum, I wish I had 000 and I am quite salty it didn't come in the imperial set! I had a horrible time with RAC recently where he was walked off the board due to having 1 stress on him already after flying over a debris field and after receiving a critical (damaged engine) meant he could not take hard turns, which would give him stress. He slowly flew off the board in 2 turns.. blugh Minister Tua can be quite dangerous to yourself!
  11. Hum, what seems sad here is that Rear Admiral Chiraneau is the only viable pilot for the decimator. In v1 I liked ocuin with his ramming, which was just fun if not terribly effective.
  12. There are some excellent scum players at the club and they truly fly some filthy lists that kinda destroys any joy I get from xwing. The firespray is one such filth ship that I don't think needs any help. 3 firepower forward and backwards at all times without the need for an arc like the tie SF? A pilot who can throw bendy bombs or boba with all his passive mode and bring able to change the direction of the ship... How about the shadowcaster that gets to throw free tractors around and use force.
  13. I just noticed that the app has been updated with points for July. However all of my saved lists are gone. They are there on the web-app but the website is not correctly adding up up the points.
  14. The reaper need to come down in price. For me I think the ship is just too difficult to fly for the rewards you get. IE not worth the hassle. Especially with how fragile it can be.
  15. I never have tried a classic 8 ship tie swarm. I think it is because I just haven't been bothered to learn and practice the block formation requirements. It seems you need to be absolutely on point with regards to obstacle placement and moving your ships exactly. If you mess up then you create a huge roadblock and bump your ships. Seems very unforgiving to me and from what I can see the list is not particularly powerful.
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