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  1. I'm here my falcon loving brethren. I just don't post much.
  2. You can't be the greatest pilot, when you have such a variety of amazing talents.
  3. Deflective Plating is a "may" option. At what point do I make that decision? Basically do I call it before rolling damage dice, or do I commit to it before rolling dice. Obviously I don't want to risk losing it if I roll zero damage anyway, but wasn't sure if that was the correct timing. Thanks!
  4. For what its worth, this came up at a table next to me in a small tournament once. The TO made him do the 2 straight maneuver, but also did NOT flip the crit, it remained active for the next turn. In this case (an honest mistake which didn't give any kind of big advantage), it seemed like a fair resolution.
  5. Yoda Crew Card: Jedi Mind Trick At the start of Combat Phase, Yoda can target any enemy ship at range 1-2. The targeted pilot loses his pilot ability that round.
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