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  1. Again thanks! I would have to set them up as it is. But I thank everyone for their input! I will make it an long term goal as it should be in the canon.
  2. That sounds pretty simple enough. I'll review those paths and see which one will be good to offer to the people. Thank you so much for this.
  3. Hiya, just an curious thing from my tabletop club in college. We do run a few sessions of rogue trader and have fun with some of the loyalist crews sometimes how bouts with the corrupted ones, but the latter brought up an good question, we may have fought daemons from DH and DW, but what about becoming one? I wasn't sure if it could be done, even with the other homebrews and additions. I checked online and none seemed to be coming up. I was thinking of making one, but not sure on how to make it into a fair creation. I do know that they need to come from a warp rift and can only manifest for so long, but is there somehow a way for them to continue manifestation? I am not asking for greater demons or the lesser (though might be nice to have the lesser as prestige classes), but perhaps start unaligned to a point to pledge loyalty to an God. If we can make a genestealer and a necron have independent thought, why not make a manifesting daemon? (though this should be available for an corrupt crew only)
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