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  1. Uh... Yeah, Mirumoto "meat grinder", r5-twirling-two-handed-kensai killing machines. Then at r6 cross school to Togashi to gain 2 tattoos. That is in theory of course because rpg wise, it would take eons before 1 samurai can reach that rank. Realistically, removing the shugenja factor, Lion still is the best Right Hand of the Emperor. It's not just mechanically, but thematically. The Lion Clan is loyal to a fault, they study every aspects of war like tactical maneuvers, formations, terrains, etc. More than any clan I think except maybe for the Unicorn (I really do not know any of their schools, lols). So I would rather take 3 Matsu r3 to war anytime rather than a cool r5 Mirumoto with r1 Togashi (because the r5 Mirumoto with r1 Togashi would probably be the Clan Champion).
  2. Doji Hoturi and Doji Kurohito Kakita Toshimoko and Kakita Noritoshi Daidoji Uji and.... Well Fumisato? Special mention: Kakita Hideo (the Obsidian Keeper) Kozue Toku Matsu Gohei (in memory of the one man, province wrecking machine) Hida Kuon
  3. Typo aside, this fiction is SO MUCH WIN, Anime style! Past samurai wielding double barreta and sword
  4. Thanks for the update Zarasu-sama... Finally! Some Crane action!! But dubious Nitoshi is still dubious
  5. Thanks for the update! Been waiting for this I hope this won't be a cliche ending where the rebel forces beat the unbeatable odds. It's not like they have Jedi powers or something. I'd rather see A Thousand Year's of Darkness like ending where the remaining forces of Rokugan flee in exile. I remember the scene where Uji and Kaneka looked back at the Empire and even if you can't see it, you know that the fire in their eyes says they'll be back to claim and free Rokugan.
  6. I have a very clan-specific questions: 1. Will the Doji line survive the onslaught of Kanpeki or will the Daidoji take over the reigns of the Crane Clan 2. How are the Crane able to defend their lands against Kanpeki when even the Lion lands burn 3. Harriers... are they now the special forces of the Crane? Are they already absolved of any sins since the Iweko dynasty is basically over? 4. Will the clans trust the Scorpion EVER again?? Non-specific clan questions: 1. I may have missed it, but what caused Seiken's insanity? 2. IF the story will carry over, will Rokugan be the same or will the clans (what's left of them anyway) establish a new empire somewhere?
  7. I've sworn fealty to Lady Doji Even if Crane's economic might were superseded by the Mantis, it's political power overwhelmed by the Scorpion, it's military widely ridiculed for most of its existence, it's dueling prowess no longer relevant in an environment full of meta... basically it's identity stripped in the later years in AEG, Crane always endured that's what I love about them.
  8. I've been reading old fictions and came upon the battle of Volturnum. Man, Adoria was super scary. Here is my list for the top 5 of the most powerful villians of Rokugan 1. Daigotsu (=P) 2. Fu Leng 3. Kali-Ma 4. Goju Adoria 5. Yajinden What are your list?
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