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  1. What generation of Kindle fire? If it is first gen (like the one I have kicking around), then it won't ever work since first gen Kindle fires don't run an android OS. I bought it two years ago (is that old nowadays?!). It's running system version 7.5.1 I understand that Kindles run a weird hybrid (hey, that's kinda apt) of Android and Amazon's own propriety engine. Odd thing is it DOES run it OK (well for the several minutes I click through random buttons) but fires up so infrequently its just a no deal (takes anywhere between 8 to 20 tries). It mostly crashes back to 'desktop' after the FFG loading screen. It's too unreliable to use. Thanks for the interest
  2. App still doesn't work on a Kindle Fire properly. Not taken the shrink off the box yet Sad Deep One is Sad. Please make it work on a Kindle Fire or tell us it won't, ever. Then we can get new Android tablet.
  3. One webbed hand raised in favour of this idea. Scrawled.
  4. Hi, message to the devs here regarding the app available on the Amazon App Store not working on the Kindle Fire system version 7.5.1. I appreciate that it is an older model but best to ask if there is a compatible version of your app planned before spending more money on getting a device to play the boardgame. Kind regards, Old Deep One. Furthermore, a question to the community; what other tablets WILL run this app properly, if one has to go and buy a new one specifically to do so (I havent used my Fire for over year before dusting it off and recharging last night in anticipation for the arrival of the boardgame so not bothered about any other features).
  5. To those of you who have NOT read Lovecraft, my advice? Absolutely DO! Call of Cthulhu, The shadow over Innsmouth, The thing on the doorstep and The Dunwich horror are all cracking reads IMO, and worthy of anyone's time. They are short stories and easy to get through and make a splendid introduction/overview of the topics covered in the Eldritch Horror boardgame. There are also numerous Audio Dramas productions and readings found on Youtube and elsewhere. I can heartily recommend a visit to The Drabblecast too - for tales of the strange and weird. For those who'd prefer to listen than read some great Lovecraft stories I present these links to begin the task of discovery: https://cthulhuwho1.com/2013/09/07/the-worlds-largest-h-p-lovecraft-audio-links-gateway/
  6. I think this is an EXCELLENT suggestion and one I was coming here to post myself - a Miskatonic Valley/Lovecraft Countyr sideboard! I agree that EH would not feel complete without one and I yearn to send a group of investigators around the old haunts we know and love (and fear!) It seems a no-brainer and an obvious choice, which is kinda why I think we'll be disappointed tbh... Gosh, I think this is my first post here on the FFG forums! I've been a long-time boardgame player and the original CoC rpg got me into Lovecrafts writing when I was 14. Not stopped being a fan since. Hi to my fellow Cthulhu and game enthusiasts
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