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  1. Yes, the ISD is possibly *the* most iconic Star Wars model - absolutely. And the fact that Imperial Star Destroyers were in ANH (2nd, and most impressive, ship to appear in Star Wars at all!) and Rogue One (in some of the most gloriously detailed starship destruction around!) is sure a draw. I just...I don't think going from there to "oh but did you know there are these tiny differences between the ones in ANH/R1 and ESB/ROTJ and look if you squint and lean in real close here you can see that this model is ESB style, and this one ANH style!" is really so important. I mean honestly...even in terms of SW fandom, saying "look, this ship here is painted like Thrawn's personal ship!" I'd think would be of much more interest - because of the popularity of Zahn's Heir to the Empire Trilogy for the older, EU fans, and because of his recent appearance in Rebels for the younger crowd... but partly I guess it's just a matter of "what are the untapped demographics," and maybe I'm just unfairly projecting my own level of interest/disinterest onto a far broader spectrum of potential players.
  2. Great point Dras - a similar thought (that it didn't look much like a Chimera to me) had been floating around in the back of my mind for a while I think, but after seeing your post I went to look at the paint scheme and darned if that doesn't look like a cross between three Star Wars monsters! Indeed, since goats, lions, and dragons don't exist in Star Wars (as such) - it probably would've been stranger the other way!
  3. While I realize there are people who care about every minute difference between the models of the "ISD I" and "ISD II", plus the "giraffe-neck" old-concept-art ISD...except perhaps for the last one, I can quite assure you that 99+% of the people walking by the table saying "wow, that looks cool" won't know the difference. At all. The paint job will impress them more. I mean, if the costs of a new mold were minimal? Sure, it would be silly not to go for it. But as several people have said, the molds are among the highest "sunk cost" items in the miniature-making business [and several related]. But they didn't just penny pinch either; they put the money they could've used to make a marginally different ISD mold into a whole new fighter mold/type you get two of, plus several copies of the new cards in each pack so you don't have to buy it over and over again if you have lots of the old ISD. Really seems like win-win for nearly everyone. If you care *that* much about the differences in ISD hull details, there are conversion kits or DIY instructions around. *Shrug*
  4. I forgot about QLTs. Would be an interesting counter (so to speak) to what seems to be Sloane's main strength - her TIEs can actually contribute to hurting your big ships after winning the squadron war - but then you have to take up the offensive retrofit slot (if it exists) on the ship you're *guessing* will be the target. Granted, except for [ironically] carriers, offensive retrofit actually seems to have a fairly weak set of alternatives compared to the abundance of riches for officer slots, weapons teams, what have you, or even the few-but-very-good options for defensive retrofits, but still, it relies on the enemy coming to you [not just in terms of range restrictions, but in terms of attacking the retrofitted ship] and is only going to be particularly potent against a sub-type of squadron attacks. Thanks for sharing your tinkering with & experiences with playtesting on VASSAL - I like the ideas you have rolling around in there. Edit: Any chance you could "un-hide" it, even if it's unfinished? I'm the same way [both in terms of playing my games "as-is" much of the time, AND in liking to tinker, or apply mod packs to PC games, etc.] and I'd be interested to see your ideas.
  5. Good thing to discuss. At the moment, regardless of what her power level turns out to be, it seems like there are a lot of people using Sloane - according to our local statistics master, @Baltanok, fully 1/4th of the lists in his database from recent store championships were using Sloane! [Note once again: this data suggests she shows up a lot - if anything, current statistics have her slightly underperforming: If 13 lists were randomly distributed into quartiles, one would expect 3.25 finishing in the top 25% (mathematically; obviously a quarter-list is an impossibility - it's like the whole "average household is two and a half people" or what not...) rather than 2, and 3.25 in the bottom 25% rather than 4. But, as a new admiral, people are probably still working out how to use her best. Okay, now - STRONG qualifier: I don't play competitive Armada at all. I play Armada - the game and its rules - but I've never gone to anything resembling a tournament. I play grand narrative campaigns, often semi-solitaire: I'll take one side, then have a friend or family member who likes pew pew spaceships and Star Wars but [at the moment] won't learn all the nuts-and-bolts rules decide a broad course of action for the other side, based on information I give them. Anyways, how that works could be a whole 'nother topic, but I also enjoy keeping on top of the 'tournament' style game via these forums, blogs, the datasets some of the devoted forumites here maintain, etc. Then I like thinking about it as a mental puzzle. But all that is *very* different from actually playing another person at a tournament. So, mostly I'm throwing out some thoughts here that others can run with or shoot down because hey, 3 AM, nothing better to do. It does seem like flak is really finally coming into its own. Imperial bombers can't hover outside its range with pre-FAQ Rhymer anymore; rebel bomber ace lists can't be a zombie horde like pre-FAQ Rieekan; and Sloane is encouraging the use of swarms of low hull TIEs. Heck, there might even be an additional effect if generally lower hull, larger number, faster fighters are added to lists as their own counter. Personally, I'm really excited by this; my vision of a Star Wars space battle (shaped heavily by games like the X-Wing series, EAW, Rebellion [the computer game], etc.) has always been fighters, capital ships, and lighter corvettes that act to screen the heavy hitters against fighters. Probably the biggest weakness is that there are relatively few cards/upgrades that really benefit flak; the ones most intentionally geared toward fighter defense, Point-Defense Reroute and Cluster Bombs, suck, even more so considering the opportunity cost [slots you give up]. Flechette Torps seem to be the main useful one for flakboats, but seem oriented more towards shutting down bombers than a Sloane TIE brigade. Similarly, Kallus is good vs. uniques, but most Sloane lists seem to lean toward generics. I know someone (Mag? Gink?) was pushing Ruthless Strategists as a good hard anti-swarm counter, and it seems it would be effective, though it takes up that precious Weapons Team slot... I actually find it interesting that FFG hasn't released any upgrades substantially boosting the power of flak. I almost wonder if it was playtested and found to be *too* powerful. Or maybe it's just something they're still getting around to. @Green Knight's VASSAL module has a tweaked 'infinities' set with buffed PDR and Cluster Bombs, right? I saw the cards on KDY a while back. Has anyone played many online games using those alternate versions testing what effect it has? In terms of the fighter game, it seems to me that the big change is just in the 'meta', what sort of enemy squadron complements you might expect to fight, rather than to the capabilities of squadrons directly under Sloane's command. For handling that sub-game generally, I really enjoyed/found informative the posts on this at @Snipafist and @geek19's blog, Cannot Get Your Ship Out. Check the various general Squadron articles here; the idea of small/medium/large fighter coverage was, I thought, a good way to break down different approaches, and there's a lot there. As for the Quasar Fires...that's an interesting one. To my eyes, the new *titles* for QFs, rather than necessarily just the ship's inherent squadron rating, is what's powerful. Imperials now have ships that can really support a fighter fleet, just as Rebel titles like Yavaris and Gallant Haven have for quite a while. So perhaps we can look to tactics developed to deal with those ships, rather than re-inventing the wheel? If anything, it seems the QF should be easier to deal with - comparing Stronghold with Gallant Haven for instance, Stronghold works at a longer range, but an Assault Frigate is generally pretty okay in the middle of a melee, while a QF definitely does not want to be there, both in terms of fragility and not adding too much of its own to the fight. The lesson I think I would take out of this is trying to keep the fight relatively concentrated, so your flak ships aren't fighting their fighters + Stronghold off to one side while your cap ships are too far away to pop the carrier. Just a, perhaps obvious, thought of the moment though. It's also important to note there's another thread going discussing the fragility of the Quasar, and many there seem to feel that, while it's relatively fragile, it's cheap enough it's not too bad 'tanking' some damage on a points lost basis. Anyways, going to try and get some sleep. Look forward to the thoughts of the much more experienced members of this community! Edit: Further thought - will the long term effect on the Imperial squadron game from the Quasar Fire, and in particular the titles it offers, actually be larger than Sloane as a commander? Since they came in the same pack, both focus on squadrons, etc. many people (myself included) seem to be conflating them, but neither really requires the other. Certainly any Imperial admiral can grab a Quasar and benefit from its titles and the ability to direct a significant fighter screen: yes, the high squadron value per point is useful in commanding the massive swarms of TIEs many people are using with Sloane, but on the other hand it's also pretty much *exactly* as many commanded squadrons as you'd need for a much smaller, more elite fighter force that doesn't synergize well with her. And for Sloane lists, her ability seems to be more about softening up enemy ships for your own capital ships to land a killing blow, rather than doing tons of damage with TIEs per se... so maybe in the long term we'll see more successful Sloane lists lean toward hybrid carrier-battleships, like the VSD/ISD? Again, I kind of lack the experience to fully follow these threads of thought, but it's interesting to ponder. Finally, let's just all give thanks Rhymer was nerfed before Sloane and, perhaps even more so, the QF and its available titles. The threat range of a Rhymer bomber wing still staying sheltered under Stronghold's umbrella, or propelled by Squall, would be rather frightening...
  6. Sure, I wouldn't publish a peer-reviewed journal article based on what you have so far, but it seems pretty solid. Certainly better than just relying on one very vague/fuzzy story.
  7. Right. Based on everything that's been said so far, and in that past thread, there seem like there are two things wrong here: A. Your opponent was [apparently] not a nice person; he may have bent the rules. Certainly your report is very much an outlier in anecdote AND statistically unsupported, compared to EG Rieekan or Rhymer, where there was data from top tournaments demonstrating that they were vastly overperforming. It sort of astounds me that you would get so salty on an online message board (presumably not frequented by this opponent, even!) on the basis of a single game; if your testimony is true, just take a deep breath, forget that --that player-- was a "negative play experience" and reset your observations accordingly. B. You have never, to the best of my knowledge, posted much of anything about what you were running, except by circumstantial evidence of what you mention/complain about; it seems like it was an ace-heavy Rieekan list, yes? Because the irony here is *that is exactly the list that so many people were really frustrated with, and was statistically overperforming*. So you may also need to reset your expectations for YOURSELF, if your list was essentially winning your games for you. I don't want to sound too much like 'git gud' but you really haven't talked at all about your own tactics or list, and minimally about your opponent's, so it's really hard to assess and that's really the only available answer. So in conclusion: lots of irony here. But most important thing is that this is a *single game* we're talking about, against a person you say was a bad character themselves, and the rest has been, at best, theorycrafting. Look at the reports people have posted of recent store championships and so forth: LOTS of Sloane since she's a new admiral with interesting mechanics...but she's not sweeping the *wins* or top tables. Those BatReps might also give you a better idea how to fight her, both in terms of countering her and playing your own list well. Edit: To be clear - since this thread has essentially put down an Interdictor gravity well and sucked in the deleted thread as well, when it would've been better left to just hyperspace into an asteroid field... my response is aimed at Boris the Dwarf, not the original poster in this thread, Payens.
  8. I've lurked here a while, first post and I'll propose something possibly radical and possibly as conservative as you can get: Use X-Wing models. Of course, this depends if you play X-wing enough to think of those models as 'small' ships and so forth - I was never taken with X-Wing, and was drawn in by the apparent grand scope of Armada, so that wasn't a barrier for me. But for instance, the Quadjumper is, obviously, a Star Wars design, and very much looks like a freighter (arguably, the design looks better thought of as a 'big' freighter than a 'small' freighter). Of course, it's not going to come with an Armada type base & dials, but neither will 3rd party products - you're going to have to rig something up either way. You at least have a minimal consistency of components here. For my own personal enjoyment of narrative campaigns, I've ended up buying a bunch of X-Wing ships, along with quite a number of Mel's. X-Wing minis can't be too iconic (or you think 'that's totally the wrong scale') and there are some where it depends if the (comparatively) large 'cockpit' looks out of place/can't be explained as anything else. But ones I've had success with - Quadjumper, as mentioned, is a great general freighter. The Hound's Tooth is a good mega-freighter, the Mist Hunter can possibly serve here, the new Scurrg looks clunky enough it might serve. Having never watched Rebels, Ghost and Shadow Caster I got one of and have found OK - I go back and forth on if their resemblance to much smaller freighters is fine as consistency in design across scales, or breaks the illusion of being properly scaled. A *humongous* super-galleon could be the Assault Carrier or C-ROC, or perhaps the X-Wing Rebel Transport. For pseudo-3rd faction additional craft, in addition to some 3rd party models and things from other series, I've used some of the scum or obscure ships - Protectorate Starfighter, Kihraxz, M3-A, Starviper, IG-2000, even Punishing One. These can be small mercenary corvette-sized craft, basically (well, Punishing One is more like a large pirate battlecruiser). Also planning to pick up quite a few of the Auzitucks for this purpose next time I get a chance to shop at the gaming store. HWK-290 might work too, but as a counterpoint to not having watched much Rebels, I played so much Jedi Knight as a kid I always think of that as the Moldy Crow. I use the VT-49 and the X-Wing Scale Imperial Raider as *larger* Imperial battlecruisers - something between an Imperial and the much-debated SSD. The U-Wing becomes a new non-Mon Cal New Republic battleship, something like the Starhawks in Aftermath. Anyways, just throwing out some ideas that worked for me - but then I play in a very unconventional way.
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