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  1. I wanted to be as sure as possible that no one would pick Adv Gunnery, and I wasn't using it to push squadrons. I would definitely do the YT swap. My 5 point bid was enough to let me have the choice all 4 games - and that was a huge help.
  2. I missed having Jan... usually I don't bother to save the points, but with Biggs, she would really have helped. Not sure where I would have found the points though (maybe walex?) I do think I would swap in a YT1300 for one of the X-wings though. Getting some more hull would have been better. I tend to have most of my engagements near my own ships, so the slower speed wouldn't have been a factor.
  3. I took 3rd with: MC80A Defiance, Ackbar, Walex, Leading Shots, Xi7, AP, ECM Mc30 Scout, TRC, Foresight 2 naked Transports Squads - Biggs, 2 X-wings, 2 VCX, Hwk Adv Guns, Sensor Net, Fire Lanes Went second all day (outbid all 4 opponents at 395......) ------------ Had a great time overall, but lunch was an issue. Still love the new mat and the custom cards though!
  4. Tried it once or twice... it's possible, but gimmicky and not likely to return your investment as you need to position precisely, defend your strategic squadrons, and basically have built a decent amount of your list around making this work. Not that it is horrible, just not worth building a game plan around
  5. Of course, you're going to very quickly lose Hera without any way to protect her...
  6. Don't they both user the same upgrade slot? But otherwise, yes.
  7. Same with evade at short range, contain with no crit... I'd started what was probably better reply earlier, but apparently fell asleep in the middle of writing and never posted... whoops.
  8. But this is likely overruled by the faq for the interaction with the G7 gravity well.
  9. Absolutely worth it. There's tons of swag, food, and drinks. Last year they had an open bar (not sure that's on for this year though). Having a beer after round 3 was helpful =) Everyone walks away with something as well - tons of alt art cards from kits, random other tokens and anything else they can get. Last year I did all three days and had a blast (even though I rarely play X-wing anymore). May just do Armada this time (depends on the wife), but I highly recommend it as a well run and fun event.
  10. That's provided the article is correct. Well, it's not. Because there are two versions of the card. But I'm betting that the new version is correct and they just forgot/overlooked the original spread.
  11. Fixed! See the new Phoenix home article. Replace before rolling on the new version of the card.
  12. And hey, they fixed the Sato debate! Replace before rolling. At least for his individual card... The full spread has a different version.
  13. Of course, second player deploys them after yours are committed, so they may be able to avoid your fighters. And they could run a shuttle to command at least some of those squadrons...
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