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  1. I kinda like Lords of Waterdeep in the traditional fantasy genre... short and sweet, with the options of spicing things up with the expansions.
  2. The answer is; "disgustingly well"... You're just absolutely ridiculous, Fourty.. in the best possible way. I wish I had half your skills.
  3. Sorry. "defective" is what I meant. I mean, you can easily play with a broken Gamorrean too, right? But you expect it to not be, when you open the box...
  4. Whoa. I did not mean for this to turn into what it turned into.. We obviously all like this game, otherwise we wouldn't be in this discussion... My thought was that, since FFG *does* have a policy in place for replacing defective miniatures, what would prevent them from also replacing "defective" cards? I think first of all it would send a strong customer service signal; "You like our game? Great, we respect that!" We could easily buy them online or print them out, but in my mind, that's just not the same as getting them officially. Also, I would have absolutely no problem paying for a "Errata Booster Pack" to keep my game current and updated to the latest FAQ/errata. Bu as I started out; they have the system for replacement in place, why not use it for cards too? Sure, it'll cost them a few bucks, but maybe it's just an investment in a player base as dedicated as all of us?
  5. Well, you could argue, that since your component is no longer fully functional, they are obliged to supply you with a functional copy, just like when you open the box and the tips of the Gamorreans' spear have broken off... ? Maybe, it's just a job for customer service?
  6. And then, by extension, if a token is defined by mission rules to be a figure, it *does* block line of sight and figures **can't end movement in its space, right?
  7. Excellent. Geez, if my stuff looked half as good as yours, I'd be home free...
  8. ****, they look good! How are you planning on handling the fact that they can be in the same square as another figure tho?
  9. Oh, sorry. What about something a little simpler? Something about if you trace line of sight through the slave, then the attacker gets -2 Accuracy instead?
  10. How about wording it like: "When performing [ranged] attacks, hostile figures with line of sight to Twi'Lek Dancers must target them."
  11. Another thread wanted an Imperial healer... here's an idea.
  12. Here's my take on the Reek: I wanted to give Ram some kind of directional caveat (so you just can't circle around your target for 7 MPs), but I'm not sure how to word it.
  13. Sure, you can always include the AT-DP in your open groups if you feel like it, just like any other non-unique deployment card.
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