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  1. GyldenDamgaard

    Tokens? Figures? Objects? Oh, my...

    And then, by extension, if a token is defined by mission rules to be a figure, it *does* block line of sight and figures **can't end movement in its space, right?
  2. GyldenDamgaard

    54NCH32 IA Paintworks

    Excellent. Geez, if my stuff looked half as good as yours, I'd be home free...
  3. GyldenDamgaard

    54NCH32 IA Paintworks

    ****, they look good! How are you planning on handling the fact that they can be in the same square as another figure tho?
  4. Oh, sorry. What about something a little simpler? Something about if you trace line of sight through the slave, then the attacker gets -2 Accuracy instead?
  5. How about wording it like: "When performing [ranged] attacks, hostile figures with line of sight to Twi'Lek Dancers must target them."
  6. How about these guys?
  7. GyldenDamgaard

    New Character Ideas

    Another thread wanted an Imperial healer... here's an idea.
  8. GyldenDamgaard

    New Character Ideas

    Here's my take on the Reek: I wanted to give Ram some kind of directional caveat (so you just can't circle around your target for 7 MPs), but I'm not sure how to word it.
  9. GyldenDamgaard


    Sure, you can always include the AT-DP in your open groups if you feel like it, just like any other non-unique deployment card.
  10. GyldenDamgaard

    New Character Ideas

    Here's my take on it:
  11. GyldenDamgaard

    HotE - Interior vs. Exterior Tiles?

    Excellent! Prepare the AT-DP! :-)
  12. GyldenDamgaard

    Nemesis deck

    Yeah, I have *not* been impressed with it so far either.
  13. So, tonight we're playing the "Into a Corner" Story Mission after a bit of a hiatus. And since we're about halfway through HotE, and I haven't had a chance/reason to try out many of the new figures yet, I though I might surprise the Rebels by dropping an big ol' AT-DP on 'em. But since it's Massive, it won't fit into interior tiles. It says in the rules addendum for HotE, that tiles 01A-12A count as Interior Tiles, but does that mean only the A-sides? And by extension, every other tile counts as Exterior? Thanks.
  14. GyldenDamgaard

    How do you pronounce MHD-19?

    I'm sure you mean Darth Healus..