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  1. 4 hours ago, Greebwahn said:

    I don't like the idea of EB on Fenn - it feels very suicidal. I'm not sure that Garven will pull enough reds for elusive to be worth it. 

    Overall it seems pretty balanced!

    What would you recommend changing around? 

  2. Just getting into the game and threw together a list I think looks pretty good. Let me know what you think!


    T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 73
        •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52)
            Swarm Tactics (3)
            Proton Torpedoes (9)
            R3 Astromech (3)
            Shield Upgrade (6)

    Sheathipede-class Shuttle - •Fenn Rau - 54
        •Fenn Rau - Reluctant Rebel (52)
            Electronic Baffle (2)

    T-65 X-wing - •Garven Dreis - 73
        •Garven Dreis - Red Leader (47)
            Elusive (3)
            Proton Torpedoes (9)
            •R2-D2 (8)
            Shield Upgrade (6)

    Total: 200/200

    View in the X-Wing Squad Builder

  3. Seriously thanks everyone! I logged on expecting only one of two responses but this is fantastic!

    I talked it over with my group and I think we decided to stick with EotE for now. How easily would it be for me to add PC background quests to the story of either Jewel of Yavin or Beyond of the Rim? Are either of them railroady or on a timer that would limit that?

  4. I bought and ran the EotE Begginer Game and LOVED IT  :wub: !!!


    Seeing as how my usual gamming group all loved the begginer game we are wondering what we would like to do next.

    I have thoroughly looked into all three of the core books and I think we would like to run one of the EotE or AoR adventures. 

    I guess what my question is... Which one?


    We like pretty heavy RP and good character development. Which adventure would you all recommend to fulfill these?

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