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  1. I'd say Barons, if only for the sake of my personal bias to the TAP and the increased lifespan you get from the ability to effectively arc dodge because of a barrel roll to get ATs. I would find a way to squeeze in the V1 title on them for that first engagement at range 3. I recommend making one a sienar TAP or a cheap /fo ace for harassment which can even allow you to have a fun flanker. I know it moves away from the archetype slightly but it makes the list a little more tanky when you need it. Also a corollary- if you drop the prockets and AT entirely you can give them all V/1 and have a 5th TAP. you lose AT(obviously) but gain another body with the simultaneous attack and defense buff of V/1.
  2. I'd recommend you make the party bus a version without marksmanship and with zuckuss and a different crew instead of greedo. Zuckuss allows you to force a gunner proc if you also drop EU and replace outlaw tech with gunner. With bossk as the pilot this is kind of the party bus' "final form" without manaroo support.
  3. Having a Cheap ace can allow you to still have a "Mini-Swarm" of some academy TIEs Omicron Group Pilot(21) -Palp(8) The Inquisitor(25) -TIE v/1(1) -Autothrusters(2) -PtL(3) 2 Academy TIEs(24) Wampa(18) Total 98/100
  4. I wanna use Leebo to spite my gaming group who says that the 2400 is trash aside from Super Dash. Can any of you help me tweak this list to show them that Leebo is worth his points? List: "Screw you I like Leebo" Leebo(34) -Determination(1) -Lando crew(3) -Mangler Cannon(4) -title(5) -Hull upgrade(3) Green Squadron Pilot x2 (19) -Chaardan refit(-2) -Autothrusters(2) -Push The Limit(3) -Title(0) -Juke(2) Total: 98/100 The whole point is to use Leebo's pilot ability to the max whilst relying upon the dice gods and RNJesus to get help from Lando Crew to pile on damage and survive a little longer. The A-wings seemed like a really good pair to run interference and give a headache to anyone they can. I am considering changing PtL and Juke over to opportunist and Wired for the same point, but I don't know how reliable that can be. Thoughts?
  5. Have you fought a U-boat list yet? It seems like that would just eat you alive, and throw guidance chips on the A-wings, helps the prockets stick a little more.
  6. Rebel Wolves Lt.Blount(17) -Veteran Instincts(1) -Tracer Missles(1) Dagger Squadron Pilot(24) -Fire Control system(2) -Proton torpedoes(4) -Extra Munitions(2) -Guidance chips(0) Dagger Squadron Pilot(24) -Fire Control system(2) -Proton torpedoes(4) -Extra Munitions(2) -Guidance chips(0) Tala Squadron Pilot(13) -Concussion missles -Guidance Chips(0) Total: 100/100 Points The general idea is to have the dagger squadrons blow their ordinance after blount hits one enemy with tracers, using FCS to renew the lock each time, and then to have them be strong late game fighters, using FCS and their pretty solid dial to stay close and hammer on damage if the torps can't do it.
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