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  1. I'm going to bust out my Brotherhood of Shinsei one, and cry a little.
  2. Does anyone know if the store is going to be making more of the minis that are currently out of stock? I'd like to use them instead of the cards.
  3. Agreed, however if they want to keep the spirit of the game they can't go around gutting everything just because they can. In this case in order to retain the fan base an approach of "If it's not broke don't fix it" I believe applies. IMO it does kill immersion by having multiple named copies of a person in play. How can Doji Makoto win a battle in one place and die over here in another battle at the same time? Now that you got me thinking about it though... It would make sense if we combine the two decks. Your idea here would make sense in that case:
  4. I can see both sides to this. As a tie breaker I'd say keep status quo.
  5. There are a few mechanics that can be tightened up or removed to make the game play smoother and make it more welcoming to new players: Consolidate honor and dishonor into an influence mechanic Remove Imperial Favor Consolidate into a single deck, this was probably the biggest barrier of entry I found when teaching new players. Remove rulebook adjustments to personality costs, the value on the card is what is paid. Restrict in the deck building rules. Remove honor gain on recruitment and balance the game accordingly. Keywords... so many keywords. If it's a mechanic include it in the personality's ability text. How is a new player supposed to remember that "Mantis" and "Naval" mean two different things mechanically? Consolidate all movement based mechanics into a "Mobile" mechanic combining Cavalry, Naval, etc. Dueling is a major part of L5R, but it could be simplified, plus it doesn't necessarily take into account Shugenja duels. Have duel mechanics printed on the specific duel card that is played.
  6. There hasn't been any word yet on what changes will be made to the game. L5R historically has had a multi player variant but is at it's core a 2 player. The FFG version is going to be released in 2017 at Gencon.
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