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  1. I'm in the UK and don't have Disney XD so I couldn't agree more. The trailer alone had me excited!
  2. Was mucking around with a squadron builder and came up with this: A-Wing: Green Squadron Pilot A-Wing Test Pilot Chardaan Refit Wired Predator Shield Upgrade 25 Points Was thinking of having four in a squadron = 100 Points Both Wired and Predator are not actions, freeing up the Action phase for boosting or evading. Was thinking of Stealth Device to team up with evade actions to really annoy opponents, but I've found the shield upgrade more useful with other ships. Though never with an Agility 3 ship. I'm still new to the game so don't be shy of critiquing my "Wired Predators". I'm not sensitive
  3. Would you recommend it for someone wanting to play a more "realistic" space battle where there are rules of physics? Hmmmm.... well the layers of 'realism' are tailorable. There are advanced rules you can introduce, such as different altitudes, critical damage (your aircraft can be one-shotted), The WWII planes offer two sets of manoeuvre options, fast and slow speed, and you can't switch back immediately after the next manoeuvre (e.g. at least two manoeuvres at the same speed, before changing). The Immelmann manoeuvre (think K-turn), is 'realistically' simulated by resulting in a drop in air speed and a change in altitude (either up or down). The lesser manoeuvrability of the WWI planes is represented by having to plan more manoeuvres ahead (a bit like Armada), so second guessing your opponent becomes even more important. I would not describe it as a realistic set of air-to-air warfare rules, but it's fun and not too complicated. In my gaming circles it has definitely lost out to everything that X-Wing offers. We were only discussing on the weekend if some sort of "mash-up" between he two might be possible for a refreshing change. e.g. matching up X-Wing dials to WWII planes they most closely represent in role and function - e.g. Bf109 (Tie Fighter), Stuka (Tie-bomber), Spitfire (A-Wing), Hurricane (X-wing). Then use the Wings of War/Glory shooting and damage system. It uses no dice and has the notable plus of being 'blind' - your opponent does not know how much damage you have taken and how many more hits will see you downed (it's a random chit pull, with optional crits). Shooting your opponent is all about positioning! Sounds great! Might pick it up then
  4. Would you recommend it for someone wanting to play a more "realistic" space battle where there are rules of physics?
  5. If you play with it you could go blind
  6. Oh no! The day will come when Kylo Ren and Darth Vader take on Fat Han and Luke Skywalker! Has the world gone mad!!!!
  7. true Sigh It's good escapism but if you want deep and meaningful characters and strong story, mixed with believable science (even if it's sci-fi), you won't find it in the Star Wars franchise.
  8. Using the same technology that allows the power of a star to be pulled into a planet without a) destroying the atmosphere b) killing everyone, or at least burning them and causing cancer c) destroying the planet. The same technology that allows said power of the sun to slowly travel lightyears in seconds without hyperdrive engines and split into several beams that all accurately hit every planet in a system. Makers of Star Wars really suck at science
  9. There's three pilots already from Shattered Empire, including Leia and Poe's mum. Then you can have John, Paul, George and Ringo pilots love it!
  10. Would he be on the side of Captain America or Iron Man? Or would he use the Force to bang their heads together and tell them to grow up and play nice?
  11. Didn't I read/see/hallucinate/have a Force vision about Kanan flying a Jedi Starfighter in Rebels? I've only seen the first season and I'm not sensitive about spoilers btw. If so we could have a Jedi Starfighter with Kanan, Ahsoko and Yoda pilots. I know Kanan is already a pilot (Ghost) but that's my contribution to this topic.
  12. Though there is the risk that the examiner's are lame and have no sense of humour so fail you on account of your inability to know what the date is. Just saying your booyeah might backfire. But then who needs chemis......BOOM!
  13. I'll forgive you on account of being amused
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