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  1. I ordered them at miniature market. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/23099007#23099007 Total price: 12,83$ (I am from germany)
  2. I asked FFG some questions regarding the Trollslayer: Regarding his attack action and skeletons: 1) In this case, you would still recover 3 health. Recover health equal to the printed attack value on the skeleton card. Regarding success tokens on his rest action card and the attack part on his rest action. He may boost his attack printed on the rest action: 2) In this case, you would spend success tokens before each individual set of rolls. He has 2 attack actions: 3) The attack printed on the rest action is considered to be an attack action. It does activate gear cards. My compendium can be found here: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/21647343#21647343
  3. First of all, Shadin and John you rock! So we will probably only see POD heroes and no other cards because they would be part of decks that have to be shuffled? Do you notice any difference if you sleeve them? Regarding the heroes: I can see some great rest actions. I usually upgrade them at last but the Trollslayer has a really good one! The explore action of the Witch Hunter and her advanced explore action are impressive like her Legendary Fortune. It's funny to see that the Trollslayer also can be a beast regarding exploring although he may only use 2 dice at max. Those 2 Legendary Fortunes and enemies which boost his explore. Trollslayer Berserker Style: Aid action -> Now empowered Attack action Attack action Rest action -> Attack again Explore -> Refresh I'd like to test him vs. Snak in Quest 3... Let us assume he found the Legendary Axe which boosts his attack vs. the highest ranked enemy. He has an advanced aid action and attack action. +1 success -> empowered +2 success -> tokens (aid grants him 1 token) +2 success -> legendary fortune +1 success -> side effect of his advanced attack +X success -> 3 dice He would just need some aid from other heroes to get some tokens
  4. Some bgg users already own them but they didn't answer my request... Therefore I tried it here again ;P
  5. Hello, could those of you who already own the packs invest 15 minutes and write down the information of the actions and the legendary gear so it could be discussed here? I think a lot of people would be grateful
  6. 19,68$ shipping costs for germany, I'll pass at the moment. Somebody at bgg suggested to split those costs for europe and to order those packs with many people but I think that those packs will eventually arrive at some point at the retailers in europe. I can wait, I recently bought 2 other board games and 3 expansions and if a retailer orders at least 10 of each pack, this would be 31,48$ shipping costs(just checked it), a little bit more than 1$ per pack.
  7. Thank you for the answer, does the effect also prevent mythos effects of monsters/locations at midnight? I played vs. Hastur and there was an effect which let the whole team lose 1 stamina, I assumed Mary wouldn't be affected but she also always lost 1 stamina...
  8. You probably mean a specific ARTIFACT was required to solve the mystery. Is my assumption correct? If you encounter expeditions you often get artifacts or you may retreat doom (if the dice like you ;P) Welcome to Eldritch Horror, let the fun/horror begin^^
  9. Rules Reference Guide page 5: Double-sided cards, such as Spells or Conditions, are immediately shuffled back into their respective decks when discarded. This Guide is based on the base game and Unique Assets didn't exist at that point but this rule also applies for Unique Assets, shuffle them back into their pile if discarded.
  10. She is immune from the nightly mythos effect. I didn't see in any of my games that she prevented some effects, could you please give me some examples of cases where her ability is triggered. Thank you
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