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  1. Has FFG every considered providing conversion kits so that Imperial Assault players can import Legion figures into the IA experience?
  2. Usually when I drink too much, I text my ex-girlfriend something regrettable. Didn't know that Fantasy Flight community forums were a good alternative outlet for that practice.
  3. 1. I have clumsy hands so I appreciate at tactical miniatures game that does not require precise movement. 2. Allows me to play with Star Wars figures in my forties in a way that won't raise eyebrows. 3. Creative list-building that allows for strange bedfellows (i.e. a Wampa and a Bantha walk into a bar).
  4. With a saturation of Star Wars games (Destiny, X-Wing, Armada, Rebellion, Legion and now Outer Rim), would it be wise for FFG to reimplement the Imperial Assault format for another franchise or universe? If so, would you follow the change or abandon the game altogether?
  5. While I agree the lists themselves were not exciting, at least the names atop playing them were the usual suspects of top players from previous Worlds showing that this is still largely a skill game. And I'm pretty sure DT and Brett tried many other lists to combat SC and were reluctant to play it till the last moment. But yeah, I get your sentiment. FFG cannot leave the meta in its current state. (Worse than Jumpmasters were for X-Wing 1.0)
  6. The only thing better than this would be if Brett P Kelly had commented on his own final match on his Twitch channel! Thanks Brett for the hours you put into both sides of this wonderful game! Congrats!
  7. First one in last week of February I believe. Thanks for the advice. Will call.
  8. Sent this email to Asmodee twice but with no response. First message was sent a month ago. Anyone else encounter a similar situation? Dear Sir/Madam: In December I bought my first deck of Keyforge with the ominous title "The Thing that Kisses the Children". I bought this deck in a Barnes & Noble in Texas during the Christmas holiday and then brought it back with me to play in China where I live. I eventually tried to register the deck on the Keyforge app but was told that the deck is "invalid" and to contact customer support (hence this email). While I am not sure I will ever play in an official tournament, I do not want that option closed before I have a chance to try the game for myself. I appreciate that we live an extremely sensitive age when people look for outrage or red flags in most things, so I understand Asmodee's precaution in banning certain decks. However, it is not the best first impression that my first deck has been flagged this way, especially since I cannot simply run out and buy another deck at a shop here in Shanghai. Please let me know how to proceed. Can the deck be validated or replaced? (Pictures are attached.)
  9. Love Ewoks. Always have. They represent the split that has always existed in Star Wars between technological might against the natural will of technologically disadvantaged species. (Luke shuts off his targeting computer, forgoing tech in favour of his natural instincts. Luke looks at his own mechanical hand in abject horror of portend in Return of the Jedi. The Ewoks are an extreme realization of this theme in Star Wars.)
  10. If this were to go to tournament, then tweaks would likely need to be made to balance it. (Then again, the Olympics themselves are not well-balanced. That being said, an Australian did win gold for speed skating once. Maybe one day the Tuskens will raise their gaffi sticks in sweet, unlikely victory.)
  11. @subtrendy2 Thanks for suggestions! Inserted Lothal and Dathomir below. @NeverBetTheFett Mos Eisley Back Alleys sounds good. (Will miss it when it phases out.)
  12. Thanks. I guess technically Vader can be part of the Tattooine team. As for Coruscant, I don’t know of any natives that appear in IA (other than HK Assassin droids).
  13. Been a bit bored of the meta recently, so I thought of ways of having IA competition with more diverse lists. I played around with a planetary Olympics format with 30 point max teams (beyond that would preclude some planets like Mandalore from taking part in the competition). Not sure how feasible such this idea could be or what map would best suit 30 point lists. Anyway, here's an image of what I reckon teams may look like. Any suggestions appreciated. (spelled Mandalore wrong here, but don't want to re-up the pic as the last time I did that I exceeded my pic limit)
  14. I'd be surprised if there weren't a way to get at least Hondo into a Rebel list.
  15. Space Battleship Yamato (aka Star Blazers), but this may work better given an Armada treatment.
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