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  1. Does anyone know of, or have the know-how to create, a plug-in for strange eons for our wonderful game?
  2. I just found out that I will be attending Star Wars Celebration, but only on Sat! It will be my first Con! Question for anyone who has done this before. Will all the Limited Edition Vader’s likely be gone by then? I don’t know how FFG normally handles these things. I assume that I would need to queue early. Has anything be said about availability after Day 1? Any advice about what it will take to get one would be appreciated! TL:DR I want the Celebration Vader. I can’t be there Day 1. Any chance and what will it take?
  3. Can the Second Edition Ghost with Ezra Crew and docked Attack’s shuttle perform four attacks? It would use the same stacking idea as the IG/Bossk triple tap. Ghost primary —> Rear Arc (triggered by primary) —> Ezra Turret (triggered off primary) —> Rear Arc (triggered off turret) Apologies for the condensed explanation as I am on my phone.
  4. I like the league with style idea! I love the challenge of having to deck-build for different scenarios and it has the added bonus of getting people thinking of Destiny through the week. I am going to start collecting ideas for 'formats'. The odd thing is that we previously have had a lot of success 'converting' players into 'casual tournament goers'. I love Destiny draft and have been trying to come up with a way to encourage drafting while avoiding the concerns you brought up. Including making my own 'cube' (taken from MtG) from which to draft in order to focus on the strategy and game-play over who gets what. I don't know if I agree with you on this. We have had plenty of success with other games and weekly meet-ups, or open-gaming times for league on specific days. Destiny has been the oddball of excellent sealed league support with little transition into tournaments. A fair point, I just don't know how to find out if this is why we lost players after the league. I like the concept of team events but worry that is adding a layer of organizational complexity on top of the lack of interest in events. Team events have historically been a challenge for us to get organized on a local level. This might be the disconnect. In my opinion the skill is there for a small competitive scene; as [previously mentioned, maybe the desire isn't. 1. I would say this accounts for a significant portion of our player base, myself included (Former MtG PT grinder that is married with two kids). This is actually why I want to have the friendly competitive environment to encourage play and innovation. 2. I am relatively new to FFG (X-Wing and SWD) so maybe I just have too much hope... We are gathering more info from the community now, and once we have some ideas I'll bounce them off yall.
  5. I am trying to help grow the SWD group at my FLGS. We recently held a sealed league that had strong participation with people showing up for games almost every day of the week. After the league season ended, we tried to transition to a weekly tournament. We went from a good number of participants to barely enough to run the tournament (2-5)! I have a couple assumptions as to why we have struggled, but wanted to reach out here for suggestions. What advice do you have for bringing in players to the tournaments? What has been successful for your local area? I am concerned that the 'try-hard's' (those that play at a level above the store and includes myself) have scared away the more casual player base that we have tried to support by playing decks we are practicing for larger events. Do you have any suggestions for casual formats that are new(er) player friendly?
  6. On the surface I think it is as simple as being something that you can enjoy playing and losing with.
  7. That is how I have traveled from then on out. I like the idea of having something with some interactions that I can explain to get them thinking about the possibilities.
  8. IMO most of the complaints about the competitive state of this game come at times when the meta has, or at least feels to have, stagnated. I for one welcome FAQ's even if they hit what I am playing as it inspires me to build. What are some ways that we (or FFG) could use this to keep the meta fresher? For example my initial thought (off the cuff with no thought of implications) is phasing in and out expansions/cards for periods of time.
  9. This used to be me...not proud...Dengaroo should not be people's first introduction to X-Wing.
  10. For Valpo try Galactic Greg's - I have never been there but I know a couple guys that play X-Wing out there and they may have some Destiny. I play in Schererville at Tenth Planet on Thursday's. We are just finishing up a sealed league and will be starting small tournaments every Thursday in April at 6pm. PM me if you're coming sometime and I'll do my best to make sure to say hello!
  11. Anyone else notice that, yet again, it says red and white color scheme for the U- and X-Wing...
  12. @ficklegreendice Good to see you give good advice here as well as X-Wing! I will likley give Poe+Aayla a try! I happen to have an Aayla already (pulled in the sealed league I am in) and I am sure my locals will let me borrow a die and a couple things for a tournament.
  13. Fair. I am working up to two copies of the 2PG, Luke, and Boba Starters, currently. I have some cards from my Limited League (I’ll have to edit them in later as I don’t have them with me). Primarily I was looking for advice on what was good out of Legacies so I could start picking up singles to put together a reasonable deck that will at least give me a chance to try to outplay my opponents in local tournaments. I have a pretty good relationship with most of my locals so i can probably borrow some for the time being to try out different characters. TL; DR: New player trying to build a budget constructed deck that would survive rotation. What are the ‘must have’ commons and uncommons from Legacies; and what characters have proven they are more powerful in constructed.
  14. Hello Everyone! I just recently started playing Destiny, sealed league in my store, and am looking to put together one or two constructed decks from the Two-Player Game and Legacies (in order to reduce loss when the rotation happens). what advice to you have for me going forward looking to build a constructed deck under those parameters? Thanks in advance!
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