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  1. Sun Fac gets an extra dice against tractored defenders and I believe the bit about networked calc was talking about the vulture having access to it not the Nantex
  2. Pretty much every pilot with an ability ignores some of the rules and the Nantex is no different. People dislike it because it feels bad but so does Juke, Regen etc
  3. I said the same thing the first time I played with them. You have to pop the turret arc off to even see the arc lines around the peg. No great design but I still had a blast with them. My opponent sadly did not.
  4. I played a similar list tonight. I had impervium on Grievous instead of the second talent on the Nantex. Man the Nantex are weird to fly but they just murder lower initiative ships. My opponent played a sinker swarm and I killed sinker on the second round of combat after passing him a tractor both turns so he had no agility. I really like the I4’s and will be interested to see them up against higher initiative ships.
  5. In my area I6’s are pretty common and they all come with at least a 5 point bid so Sun Fac just isn’t feasible at his current cost. If he is not moving last you might as well save 30 points and bring Chertek. I actually cannot remember the last game I played where my opponent didn’t have an I6 or two.
  6. Another fun fact. Sun Fac quick build card comes out to 94 points for 3 threat.
  7. Then why even make it a separate card? They should be priced to make it an actual choice. The lower initiative guys could be okay with just grav deflection but really that just makes then worse RZ-2s.
  8. You can sub in Wedge then. It looks just as bad for Sun Fac. His base price is one point lower but he has no way to trigger his ability, has to tractor himself to repo, has two less health(both shields), and only has a bullseye 3 attack. For all that he gains a two dice turret that again he has to tractor himself to move so it’s even worse than a dorsal turret.
  9. I just look at naked Sun Fac and Soontir and am like WTF. Yeah high initiative ensnare may be to good but that doesn’t mean his base cost needs to be that far out of line.
  10. Grievous really needs the Soulless One title. Those three just are not going to fit together well was currently costed
  11. We finally got a high initiative ace the FFG comes in and says nope just kidding you are stuck at I4 and your gonna like it.
  12. Yeah probably because you need that punch. You can’t rely on a ship that is 4 hull and tractoring itself every turn to live long. One mistake and the Nantex is dead and you basically lost
  13. Yeah I am now trying to build lists around him and Brewer.
  14. Ensnare Sun Fac-78 Proton Torp Anakin-74 which seems like a better deal to you?
  15. I am so utterly disappointed in the cost of the Nantex and ensnare. Two of the pilots might as well have blank abilities without it but there is no way it is worth SNR prices. The Nantex was the ship I was most looking forward to and now I don’t really even care that it’s coming out
  16. 78 for ensnare Sun Fac is ridiculous. He is worth more than Poe, Vader, Soontir, Wedge and almost as much as 7b Anakin. I am so disappointed
  17. He has some really expensive upgrades in the QB so I doubt that build will be cheaper. Just Ahsoka and Proton torps is probably 30 points plus whatever precog reflexes costs.
  18. I was thinking Maul, Grievous and Sun. Stick Maul in the middle and flank with the other two. I have to wait for points to see exactly what upgrades you can fit but there should be a little room to play around with
  19. Yeah this means that the CIS will actually have an affordable ace to go with a mini swarm. Grievous tries to be an ace but really he is more of a flanker/brawler. I will only be concerned about Sun if he turns out to be much easier to use than I expected.
  20. You seem to trust FFG much more than I do sir lol. I know what the past says but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do something strange this time.
  21. Yeah each threat is supposed to be around 25 points but really it just gives you a rough estimate. The two threat guys will probably be somewhere between 35 and 65.
  22. So stripping off the upgrades we do know the prices for leaves Sun around 50 points with ensnare. That seems like a pretty good buy for just about any CIS list
  23. It looks like Sun Fac with Ensare, Predator, afterburners and Shield upgrade or Hull upgrade is around 75 points. I can work with that!
  24. It looks like Sun Fac with Ensare, Predator, afterburners and Shield upgrade or Hull upgrade is around 75 points. I can work with that!
  25. I was right about the two Talents!!!
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