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  1. Caduceus01

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    Yeah Hate is fantastic. Last game Dooku spent 7 force in one turn and ended the turn with full force. He tanked every shot my opponent had losing just his shields. Dooku might be my favorite pilot in the game right now
  2. Caduceus01

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    I have thought through that. In my limited experience so far 3 vultures is about the minimum to keep them effective. In the games so far those 3 droids have done a surprising amount of work because they get ignored while the opponents target the scimitars
  3. Caduceus01

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    I’m currently running both Maul and Dooku pretty stripped down with 3 Vultures and it is very very good. full list is Maul-hate, Dooku-hate scimitar and grievous, 3xtrade fed droids
  4. Caduceus01

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Does anyone know if Dooku crew is intended to work on pretty much any roll or did they just screw up the wording? He seems really powerful at only 9 points if he works on everything
  5. Caduceus01

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    He is not nearly good enough when your opponent just refuses to roll blanks ever! But yeah Dooku with title hate and Grievious is pretty sweet
  6. Caduceus01


    Is anyone else super concerned for the torrents? They seem wildly overpriced but I guess I will wait to see them played. Also 8 Vultures with energy shells is a thing. Not sure if it’s good but definitely on the list of stuff to throw at the wall.
  7. Caduceus01

    Need some guidance with Poe

    Lately I have been playing Heroic, R2 B1 Poe. You will be surprised how little you miss the blue hard 2’s and since Poe tends to have quite a few out of combat turns the weapons disabled is not that much of a problem. It suits my play style at least.
  8. Caduceus01

    Need some guidance with Poe

    Honestly Poe’s best role right now is as a distraction while the other parts of your list do the work. Get him to the late game and he is very strong but if you commit with him to early he just dies. Black One is awesome as a get out of jail card but taking the Ion to shoot is almost always a trap. I am of the opinion that Poe is overpriced right now but is being held up by the RZ-2 in most lists. If the A-wing was not undercosted the Resistance would never see success.
  9. Caduceus01

    Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview

    **** you FFG! All these articles are making CIS look so interesting and fun that I am going to have to buy them even though I really didn’t want to.
  10. Caduceus01

    Wave 5 predictions!

    I would like to see a Ghost three pack with both shuttles. If they do hopefully they make it so you can dock either shuttle in the Ghost. Oh and maybe a better stand!
  11. I think that destroyed ships damage cards are also classified as open information.
  12. Caduceus01

    Strain vs. Stress: what is scarier?

    Does anyone know if a ship that has both a stress and strain performs a blue maneuver will they both clear? What about multiple strain token? Does one blue clear all of them?
  13. Caduceus01

    Double-Tap Vennie

    Vennie wants at least 1 RZ-2 in the list with him to help get the focus result on defense every time.
  14. Caduceus01

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    I think Saesee Tinn is the sleeper pilot from this preview. His ability combined with R4 Astromech means lower IN pilots will never have a chance.
  15. Caduceus01

    They're up!!!

    The article says Advanced Sensors should scale with Initiative but it doesn’t. I wonder if they got it and primed thrusters switched for either the article or PDF? Primed scaling doesn’t really make much sense honestly