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  1. Nantex can’t use outmaneuver unless it’s on a snap shot. No front arc.
  2. I just looked it actually comes with 4. I know it doesn’t mean for sure it will have 2 slots but it’s a good bet I think.
  3. I am convinced that the ship was designed around ensnare so I believe the lowest generic will have one talent slot and the others will have 2. Why else would the pack come with 3 different Talents? No one ever said the A-wing would be the only ship to ever get 2 talents
  4. I think this is a fair assessment. I have been thinking they will probably have two talents as well. It makes sense because the pack comes with so many of them.
  5. How can people honestly believe that sun Fac will be anywhere near Fenn Rau level pricing? Fenns ability works on offense and defense, he gets Concordia, has great linked actions and his ability works on any ship not just small bases. If Sun Fac with Ensare is anywhere near that cost he will be terrible.
  6. Caduceus01

    Overlooked ships

    I played a with a Delta a couple weeks ago and it was phenomenal alongside Vader and Soontir. My opponent decided to try to kill the defender since he could catch it but 3 rounds of shots later he still had not even scratched it.
  7. I play CIS swarms a lot and I have been using weapons disabled tokens to show which ships have already fired. It helps both players keep track of what is happening. I will also sometimes put the ESC charge next to the ship so my opponent knows who still has them and who doesn’t but that is a lot of additional tokens to move every turn.
  8. It doesn’t appear that huge ships have different halves anymore
  9. It’s on stream happening at the UK SOS and it was in the top cut so I assume no one called him on it all day.
  10. Just as a note Sear’s ability is primary only so you can’t use it on ESC shots. I’ve seen quite a few people make that mistake
  11. When a ship gives up half points put a crit marker on the pilot card. Any ship with a crit token on the card at the end counts as half points.
  12. Top cut faction breakdown from GSP chat: 2 scum, 2 empire, 2 FO, 3 empire, 3 republic, 1 CIS, 1 rebel
  13. Well I guess I can live vicariously through through him and be happy at least one CIS list made the cut.
  14. How did he end up? That is the list I was going to play but sadly couldn’t attend GenCon this year
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