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  1. How So? Please enlighten me. This should be good.
  2. This is hogwash. The Japanese wanted all of China, Korea and all of the Pacific, and had plans for western USA also. I guess this isn't considered world domination.
  3. Folks they may update the app, but there will be no new expansions, or characters released. Ever.
  4. I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but after talking to the FFG staff and some people at the Legion booth, IA is dead. There isn't any new expansions planned, no Endor mat, they are dedicating all resources to X-wing, destiny, Legion, Armada and SWRPG all in that order, plus new games when resources are available.
  5. Went back on Friday and of course they are sold out of ROS. Some things I found out. Imperial assault is dead. Don't even to bother to buy exclusive FFG stuff unless you have a VIP pass. Turns out they sold them only to VIP passes. I even asked that I have ROS on pre-order and when I talked to a member of FFG staff they admitted they got only a few in from the first run, so don't expect that book ship out for at least another six months at the earliest. As star wars goes Legion, X-wing are what they have resources dedicated to, what's left over will be spent on Armada and SWRPG, followed by any new games in that order.
  6. I should have just bought it and saved myself the shipping costs. Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow and cancel my preorder. Also they sold out in five minutes the exclusive Darth Vader. I’ll try again tomorrow.
  7. Ah ok thank you for the updates! ***update***. It is indeed Allies and not Rise, I cancelled some pre-orders and didn’t scroll down far enough to see that I did in fact order allies that is due out Q2 which just ended.
  8. Can’t help but notice that Allies jumped ahead of Rise, both still show on the boat. I’m thinking both books will ship at the same time? But why would you release part two, before part one?
  9. It states what it is and even sends you a linkly to view your order and make changes to address and or payment options. When you pre-order something it always gives you a number. Since this is the only thing I have pre-ordered I can confirm it’s this book.
  10. I just got an email that it’s shipping very soon. I think I will take it to celebration in Chicago if I get it by Wednesday next week. I take back all my doubts and can’t wait to visit their booth and get their exclusives.
  11. Had to rethink this a bit, I don’t know anyone on here. I shouldn’t be such a Debbie downer, I’ll continue to work on my Imperial/dark side conversions and will upload them here. I’ll stay awhay and just read and not post. Peace and I do love starwars!
  12. So you are saying I suffer from dementia? You are calling me an actual patient of that>boy you are more knoledable than I know. Btw in your post you called me me mid 40’s sorry, and corrected your math. Sorry I had to explain that to you. But I wouldn’t want to you to reread your post and actually think. Yes you got plenty of opinions, and there right accourding to above all else you right?
  13. Oh my goodness, called out a member, and now I’m reported, sounds about right.
  14. So when I tell the truth and call you out and question your posts, I’m reported? Seems about right. Good grief.
  15. What four books has “they” released last year? When you say yearish do you mean 2-3 years?? “They” have relesed only one book over the last year and half.
  16. Kinda have to respond to this because , not only because after reading several of your posts, you seem to think your a big deal (you arn’t Just saying). First your math is off, and making fun of dementia to anyone is really not cool. Shame on you. If the 1st edition rules are so bad why did FFG reprint the original, and I dare you to go over to that forum and say it’s trash. Looks like you have very little knowledge about what was produced during this time. I realize of course this is your opinion, (thank goodness for a quick google search aye?) and that’s all on you. Look forward to you’re response.
  17. Probably not a good sign if a veteran like yourself turned this down. Just because I don’t post often, I’ve been around since FFG got the license. There well may indeed be another book, and I would expect it late early 2020/2021 if at all. I’ll keep bumping this post every six months or so.
  18. I will try and be more positive, right now I am using Imperial assault, Legion and X-wing in my FFG games and I am liking it. Just would hate if this ended. I also mix in a good fair share of WEG, and only very little of WOTC except for dark side talents. Running an Imperial civil war campaign that happens 6 months after Endor.
  19. Check this guy out^^^, was a junior in high school when WEG released their first starwars book, I have every mod and sourcebook since. Look I’m not going to poke fun at you, I see you have a lot of posts, After all everyone has a lot to say right? I’m guessing you never witnessed the end of WEG or WOTC. FFG is doing the same thing (things) that WOTC did near the end of that line. Yeah call me a noob, I’m just getting into this.
  20. If I knew FFG would end up treating this game this way I would have never bought into it. It’s a good game, better than WOTC produced game but not nearly as good as the WEG material. I am expecting to see something like this in late January, “ with the release of ROTS it will bring and end to our adventure”. Bookmark this page because you heard it here first folks.
  21. Most people aren’t students of history and that’s just fine, atfter buying into WEG, then WOTC and now FFG history often repeats itself, this game has slowed down to a trickle, its not a good sign. It’s like you can see the future and there is nothing you can do change it.
  22. Did you know that the ship “Mayflower” would have sailed from England to the America’s four times since FFG listed this sourcebook “on the boat”. I’m guessing they are just lost, after all the company’s HQ is in Minnesota ha!
  23. Sadly no. Unless you stat everything yourself.
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