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  1. Significantly fewer. You don't contact nearly as many things with your knuckles, which is the source of all those germs on palms and, especially, fingertips. Do you use your knuckles to type, use your phone, eat, or rub your face? I certainly don't. Sneezing or coughing straight onto your knuckles would be pretty inconvenient.
  2. I always try to offer one, ESPECIALLY when I lose. But always at the start before the first dial is revealed, and after the last attack (whether it goes to time or someone's last ships are destroyed). If I'm meeting them for the first time, like at a bigger-than-store-tournament event, I shake when we first meet up and introduce myself. Common courtesy increases everyone's enjoyment. If they don't want to shake for germaphobe-type reasons, I'll offer a something else like a fist bump. Just be as polite as possible. There's no reason not to. I don't think it's necessarily a make-or-break kind of deal, but I value other people's enjoyment of my favorite tabletop.
  3. When I first got the K-Wing, I flew a Warden with Adv. Slam, Proton Bombs, Prox. Mines, Extra Munitions, and Bombardier. Coupled him with a TLT Roark HWK and a tricked-out Tycho. First faced a Decimator + Ace list (don't remember who the ace was... maybe a pre-Veterans Defender?) and absolutely chewed through it. Tycho was able to tuck in close to the Decimator and unload his Proton Rockets and keep his Autothrusters, and the K-Wing dropped a Proximity and both Proton Bombs on the Decimator. It was the cleanest sweep I've ever had against a Decimator list. Miranda is also fun. She has a lot of options, some of the above options are ones I really like. R2-D2 crew is great on her as well.
  4. Trick Shot is in HotR. 2 copies.
  5. That's my goal as well. I always try to follow the rules as best I can and avoid interactions on my list that can cause problems. For example, before I learned about the concept of nested actions, when flying Jake in the A-Wing, I would always focus to reposition first before I used Push the Limit, because I wasn't sure when the stress token from Push kicked in. So I got around it by just not worrying about it and doing things in ways I knew for a fact followed the rules. At the time I was mostly playing with a friend who has a LOT of board games and is REALLY good at keeping complex rules straight in his mind, and any interpretation differences we had could always be solved civilly. Again, all in the name of keeping the game fun. Likewise, if I'm playing with someone less experienced or flying a new component, if I know I'm tracking the rules better than him/her, I'll do my best to help them without outright giving it away. Case in point: just this last Saturday I was playing a casual match with a friend at the FLGS. He was flying his TIE/sf for the first time. The first time he attacked out of the front arc, he rolled only 2 dice (at range 2 or 3, can't remember which). I first said "You sure that's all the dice you get?" He answered in the affirmative. I asked him again: "You're positive? Check your title card again." He sort of glanced at it and said "yeah" again. I paused for a few seconds, said "All right, if you're sure..." and hesitated for a few more seconds, then announced "Okay, and my green dice" and rolled them. Immediately after the attack was resolved, I walked him through the TIE/sf title, and he sort of chastised himself for missing that. The reason I did it that way is that I'm a big advocate of learning through doing, making your own mistakes. He's a smart player, and he's pretty good at the game (we're pretty much evenly matched, at least, I'd say), so I wanted to give him the opportunity to use the list that he brought to its potential that I knew it had. He definitely never forgot that extra die out the front again after that, and he **** near almost beat me in that game (came down to an Ion /D Defender vs. Norra... had to make Norra's defensive dice mods work REAL hard to avoid being ion'd), and he had just tossed that list together. But for me, it just seems not nearly as much fun if your opponent is just walking you through your own list, unless it's a brand-new player. This guy was not a brand new player, so I gave him the hints without telling him the answer, but at the same time, didn't want him to make the same mistake again. Even in a competitive setting, I'll give away an opportunity I noticed my opponent missing. When I'm expecting something to happen and it doesn't, I slow the pace of the my list's components, dropping hints like "All right, that's all you're going to do?" And if they're sure, I'll move on. Then when we move on I'll let the opponent know what they missed.
  6. On that note, one of my recent successful lists: Fenn Rau: PTL, AT, Title (34 Points) Old Teroch: VI, AT, Title (30 Points) Zuckuss: VI, Electronic Baffle, Ketsu Onyo, Mist Hunter, Tractor Beam, Glitterstim (34 points) Total: 98 points This list has a lot of ways to screw with your head. All of these ships move at the same time and at PS9. Everything has repositioning capabilities. Teroch can take all of your defensive tokens. Zuckuss can pretty much always have the option to just get rid of stress, AND he can tractor beam you onto an obstacle or out of the way/in someone's face. AND you may not be able to remove those tractor beams. Fenn Rau and Old Teroch's favorite spot to be is staring you right in the face.
  7. You've pretty much nailed it. It's not possible to get better at something without putting the time in actually doing the thing, whether it's a musical instrument, technical skill, or miniatures game. You have to play a variety of different people to really "git gud" at this game (or any game, really), and have experience flying and flying against a lot of different types of lists. That said, your listed practice methods are really solid. All I would recommend is keep trying to find people to play with if possible. You never know who's hiding in your social groups that may have an interest in playing the game. I know this isn't very helpful, but.... that's just kind of the way it is.
  8. All true. Would this be an adequate trade off? Title TIE Punisher only. Your action bar gains the Reinforce action. When you assign a Reinforce token, you must also assign a Weapons Disabled token. Cost 0 It needs to joust, though, so this would completely eviscerate its offensive capabilities, since it has sh** for action economy. Honestly, the Punisher gets mauled SO much that adding that reinforce wouldn't turn it into too much of a monster. Maybe the title that gives you the Reinforce takes away some upgrade slots?
  9. I disagree. Because when another ship (let's say Norra) treats Bey's target locks as her own, Norra is resolving all effects regarding target locks. Bey is not spending the target lock, because when she's not the active ship, she can't spend target locks. Only Norra resolves the effect, so only Norra can reap benefit (or suffer consequences) of resolving that effect. If R5-K6 read something like "After you lose a target lock" instead of "After spending your target lock," then Bey could resolve R5-K6. As it is, though, Bey does not spend her target lock to reroll Norra's dice. Norra spends Bey's lock to reroll dice. Bey doesn't actually do anything, so she doesn't get to trigger R5-K6. On the other hand, if Norra had R5-K6 and used Bey's target lock, then Norra could roll to acquire a lock after spending Bey's lock.
  10. SgtSmithy

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! I have yet to try the TIE/sf, and I haven't yet played *every* new pilot, but I absolutely love Wave 9. The Shadowcaster's mobile firing arc is a lot of fun to use (and isn't as difficult as I anticipated, at least with the Gyro mod), and HOLY HELL it is fast. The Protectorates are such amazing knife-fighters. The Title and Fearlessness make it quite unlike anything else in the game: something that loves to be both at range 1 AND in-arc. Its least favorite place is range 2, by far, and I love the challenge that presents (do I hang back and let my Autothrusters carry me, or can I make it to range 1 if I charge in?). And then there's the ARC. It can be difficult to make work, but oh my god. So much fun to use, and its dial is probably the easiest-to-use of all the 1-agility ships. And then Heroes comes out next week. I am so excited to breathe new life into my T-70s.
  11. My Bossk/Kath list below vs. Palp defenders (x7 VI Vessery, x7 PTL Ryad). Made some stupid mistakes and still walked all over them.
  12. I agree that you should stick to the core box. Both of them have missions that you can try if you want to do something other than just a straight dogfight. Also, I found a list that seems fairly balanced and is extremely simple, with 2 T-70 X-Wings and 3 TIE/fo Fighters. I've been using it for 2nd and 3rd games with new players, after they start to grasp the basic mechanics. Rebels: Blue Squadron Novice, Red Squadron Veteran - 50 Points Empire: Epsilon Squadron Pilot, Zeta Squadron Pilot, Omega Squadron Pilot (plus Veteran Instincts) - 49 Points This scales up the points from the core box's quick start scenario, halfway to tournament competitiveness, but also keeps things extremely simple and mechanically very similar. There are no pilot abilities or secondary effects to remember (besides Veteran Instincts, which changes exactly 1 number), and keeps the alternating activation order from the quickstart: first, the PS1 TIE, then the PS2 X-wing, the PS3 TIE, PS4 X-wing, and finally the Veteran Instincts TIE. Opposite order for combat. Plus, it's a little more balanced than you get in the quickstart (which has 24 points for Rebels and 31 for Empire) at 50 vs 49.
  13. I think you are wrong (read: I disagree with you), but I do think your criticisms are still valid. The timing is a little suspicious, but I think they were really worried about its impact on World's. Sure, quite a few competitors will now undeniably be pissed right off, and they have every right to be if they've been practicing that build for months. And though we saw in the Nationals series that U-boats can be dealt with, triple-JM5K lists definitely hit the worldwide meta like a damned wrecking ball. It pushed many previously-viable lists completely out of the competitive scene, and I think for the sake of Worlds, FFG made the decision they thought would ultimately be best for the scene as it is right now. I'm looking forward to seeing more diverse lists, and JM5Ks will definitely still be used (Dengaroo, anyone?), but they'll find a new niche. However, this does set an unsettling precedent. FFG have been so good about not having major errata in their FAQs, the obvious exception being cloaking. Now, though, the precedent is set for numerous errata to come in the future (3 major errata, of which Biggs has previously been clarified in the opposite direction). That is what worries me: that the FAQ will become a confusing and insurmountable behemoth that is a pain to go through in official events.
  14. I agree with the sentiment: they are brilliant in a casual setting. In particular, the IG-2000, Punishing One, and Rebel Aces missions are my favorites. Also, don't discount the core box missions! Both cores have 3 missions, and they're all different!
  15. I certainly don't think it's a bad idea on principle. There are a few things I wish Fantasy Flight sold on their own, like maneuver templates or damage decks, and I don't think new cards would be unreasonable. That said, I doubt it'll happen. I think it's more likely that FFG would release an X-Wing 2.0 big box, which basically just has a sh**-load of cardboard and cards in it. Like re-vamped turrets, alternate ship/pilot abilities, and tweaked costs, or something similar.
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