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  1. hehe I think sci-fi that's as light on the sci as the Star Wars universe gets a pass for not having a ton of back story. hehe
  2. Another idea might be using the crystal to power an open air reactive plasma armor device... So ... right now many tanks are protected by Active Protective Systems (APS) that range from reactive armor, to explosive systems that effectively shoot incoming RPGs out of the sky near them before striking. What if the BBEG modified their starfighter to include a regenerating reactive open air plasma APS that is powered by a Kyber cyrstal to make it recharge quickly and generate sufficient energy to create the plasma explosion around the vehicle to neutralize any incoming threat.
  3. I'm building an adventure for my son (7) and figured I'd make it a module that ANYONE could use with their kids to introduce them to Star Wars RPG from FFG ~or~ Roleplaying games in general. The adventure isn't particularly long and involves escaping a planet that has declared for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Imperial ships arrive to begin to suppress the population and a family (mimicking your own) must make it on a harrowing journey with a downed A-Wing pilot to the hastily created government escape launch site. Along the way there's some roleplaying, some betrayal by friends, imprisonment, and the discovery of force powers ... the force sensitive kid even meets up with an old friend and gets to relive one of the iconic Star Wars scenes before getting reunited with family aboard a Nebulon B Frigate. It's a jumping off point that aims to do a little bit of everything...combat...roleplaying conversations...planning and escape...skill checks...and creative problem solving. The goal is to keep it accessible for a 6 or 7 year old while introducing the dice mechanics, character creation, and the mechanics of the Star Wars RPG in small chunks along the way. Yes...it's railroady. However, because it's railroady...you get to make the world of Eartos be as eerily familiar to your own neighborhood and town. My rationale is that keeping as much familiar and accessible as possible while soundly casting the child(ren) as heroes in the story will make the experience memorable and leave them hungry for more. All that said ... I have a few questions for you as I begin the editing and review process... Would you want to see a free product along these lines? Do you think you could handle only allowing ONE of your children, or kids that play along with your kid, to be the force sensitive one? Do you think a two 2-hour sessions is too long to retain your kid's attention? What ships (Imperial and Rebellion) do you think would excite your kids the most? Are you concerned about the level of violence in an average roleplaying game session in which you've played being replicated for children? (In a 5 encounter session seeing 1 or 2 of those as small combats potentially for example) What handouts do you think are essential to give to kids? I have one on dice, some suggested actions, and a "catalog" that is a prop serving to contain the array of things that the kids will find along the way so they can keep track of various characteristics about things easier. If you've run such an adventure for kids - what advice do you have? Thanks for reading this and providing feedback!
  4. The Ysalamiri are such an interesting creation in the EU Thrawn Trilogy books ... but ... would you include them in your campaign? Their rarity, difficulty to obtain, and fragility make them an intriguing option to include in very small doses... What I'm curious about is the "range." I was thinking they exert a bubble that goes perhaps to Engaged range, but not any further. It's enough to be a personal bubble, but not to say shield off a squad or a leader AND their minions... Again, I think the criteria here is: - Incredibly Rare - Small doses - Complete powers described in the books - Range at Engaged or closer Any thoughts?
  5. LOL. I love this! Agreed, and it's freeing as a GM to be able to throw down some generic stat blocks that match the general TYPE of encounter vs. the specifics you need to get into when doing something for a d20 based system. It's one of the reasons I'm such a convert to SWRPG. Story first. As a GM...I don't want to be in the way of my players...I want to be a partner in telling great stories set in the Star Wars universe...
  6. How does that flashback imply anything other than her age? She yells, "No! Come back!" She isn't showed with anyone other than the junk dealer in that scene. She isn't handed off by someone we see. You're making just as big an assumption as any of the other theories. In fact, remember in her flashback she sees Ben, who turns to her and takes an aggressive step toward her. That could easily be interpreted as Ben tried to kill her when she was small which supports the claim that she was saved by someone (Luke?) and hidden away. It also makes sense then that Ben recognizes her later since they would both presumably have had a relationship with Luke. EDIT: I just wanted to edit to say that the whole point of speculation is to have fun thinking about the possibilities! Your theory is as legit as any of the others floating around including Rey being the love child of Vader and Yoda....HOT.
  7. Possible, but again we hit one specific snag: Rey knows what at least one, if not both, of her parents look like. Based on what? I don't recall her saying she had a memory of them, or a picture, or anything else. Now ... I only saw the movie a few times back when it came out so my memory is DEFINITELY fading on the specific details...but I'm curious why you're saying that.
  8. The lineage is there for the moviemaker as well... Lucas was a fan of Kurosawa Magnificient 7 was a remake of Seven Samurai by Kurosawa The Samurai influence can be seen in the costume and Jedi code throughout Star Wars.
  9. Why does "showing up" mean direct intervention? I think canon characters SHOULD show up in certain circumstances. It would be eerily ominous if say Admiral Ackbar weren't there if say the fleet was massing for a counter-offensive. Iconic characters are great to add gravity to a situation, stress the growing role of the party within the Rebellion, or even to interject purpose for a specific task or story arc. That doesn't imply, however, that the iconic characters are going to be fighting alongside the party as the sole reason the party interacts with them.
  10. lol. I get it if nobody else does flightmater101... Sarcasm can be tough on the Interwebs. hehe
  11. Since we're spitballing here ... What if Rey and Ben are siblings? The movie shows Ben killing what I assume are other Jedi or students of some sort.... If Luke tells Han and Leia that Ben killed ALL the students and Rey was one then that would be why they never mention another sibling other than Ben. It also explains why Luke left so suddenly...he couldn't bear to be around anyone after his failure so to make sure that Ben never came after him and pried from him the information on Rey's whereabouts he stashed her on Jakku and lead Leia and Han to believe she was dead. It also explains the shock and sadness on Luke's face. It also partially explains the R2D2 catatonic state because perhaps Luke putting his hand on R2 was a furtive plea not unlike his sister's plea from Episode IV. The chemistry with Han, natural piloting, smooth talking and force sensitivity all seem to be reasonable traits of a child from Han and Leia. Chewie's natural acceptance, trust, and support of Rey may be something he just intuits as well. The passing down of the falcon and blaster as inherited gifts from father to daughter. There are just a lot of bits that seem to align and make sense... That JJ says that her parents aren't in The Force Awakens could also be interpreted to mean REY never sees (recognizes) her parents in the film which is 100% true.
  12. I just plunked down the cash for everything released to date that was available through a variety of FLGS, Online Game Retailers, and Amazon. There were STILL things I couldn't find and that's okay with me. Honestly, I know people were bummed out about the scarcity issue, but that's nothing new with FFG releases. Having been in the LCG world and there for the launch of X-Wing there have been more critical shortages going into competitive play "seasons" than there are with Descent 2e right now. The LT packs are on the boat and I cannot wait to get my hands on the ones I'm still missing!
  13. I agree 100%. Given their starting Duty, this seems like a logical story place for them to begin as well. It'll allow you to build up the player's comfort with managing their ships as well if they're basically rentals per Magnus' suggestion.
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