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  1. So in the coop I can’t see anything that says we are actually classed as loyal to the Star faction? Thus we are struggling to see how we can complete 237, as we are not loyal. we have proceeded to assume we are loyal but I can’t find it anywhere that we are.
  2. games


    How are people thinking of basing their units. You going with one scheme for all or going to mix it up?
  3. Love this game so very much. Recently moved and have no one to play with, gone from 1-3 games a fortnight to zero Help me Obi-wan your my only hope Anyone in or near Cheltenham UK?
  4. I disagree, combat would occur but AFTER the base has been moved. You would draw your cards, pick a new base, put that in the probe slot, give the other player the old card and place the units in the old system, then resolve your combat.
  5. Interesting read. Personally, I do have some disagreements, but that's from my experience. For example, I have yet to fire the super laser, and this has in no way slowed me down from winning as Empire time and again. Similarly I have found that if you concentrate your forces too much during deployment you can loose a system or two on turn one, depending upon your starting planets. I would also say that I think you can recover from early mistakes, this game can change very drastically very quickly and the dice gods can be immensely cruel when you need just 1 success with your 5 dice and they all come up blank lol! Or even crueller, you have 6 dice and a +2 and your opponent has 1 dice and he BLOCKS you! I've found its a very different game each time I play and that my strategy changes dependant upon lots of factors; starting locations, early missions draw, leaders selected etc.
  6. Tracking building is a fantastic idea, top points
  7. Planetary Conquest has won me a few games
  8. Where are these stands from and did you glue the ships to them,quite like the idea of have the space units on them, so they A take up less space in the region and B are over the planet/ground units
  9. Yes Rules reference, page 1. Quite literally the first bullet point
  10. I would say you can only play with the 89 listed in the reference book.
  11. Fairly sure one player can pass and the other still gets to go.
  12. Internet issue, double post.
  13. Hi Guys So possibly playing a team game tonight using the actual team games rules and is a resolution to the below referenced anywhere. If a team has both an Admiral and a General on the same mission and lets say the General wishes to pass can the Admiral still play this mission on his go?
  14. Hi Shaunmerritt I think you misunderstood this thread, its for posting Official Responses from FFG and not for asking for official responses. However, to answer your question. Each ring can be active at the same time. So you can have a Turned leader, a Frozen in Carbonate Leader and a Captured leader all at once. If you Turn, Freeze or Capture a new leader the previous one is rescued/redeemed. For the purpose of any rules relating to a Captured Leader, these apply to a Frozen Leader also, but not a Turned Leader. Hope this helps, Lewis
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