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  1. Sorry for the delay, was on vacation. The difficulty of the check will be average with 2 setback.
  2. You will need that social check, boost die to it because they just saw you decimate about ten of their number.
  3. One of the pirates groans in agony as you apply presure to the wound. The other screams at the top of his lungs until Teleth walks into the and returns with a pan, proceeding to put the man to bed with it.
  4. What did I miss in my time gone. (I really forgot about the AoR forums, as it wasn't on my "Frequently visited" list.
  5. "Don't think you'll be fixing that anytime soon." Teleth responds with a grin.
  6. "Good idea. But unfourtantently, those people definently aren't the toughest. There used to be a coule Feeorins and four or five wookies in the crew. Not sure if they're still there though." Teleth's voice dies off slowly, "But you're right, we definently need a detealied, or even lightly-detailed map of the town in order ot be effective."
  7. "That's a good idea, Kane isn't it." Teleth seems much more welcoming now than he was earlier, "The Terrentakk cave would probably be the best place for the ambush. We lure them there but don't go in. They get eaten." A savage smirk comes across Teleth's face at the last words.
  8. AS you take out the pirates, the few remaining ones fly away. You look around enough pirates were killed to have their speeders transport the entire group.
  9. 2 more posts till we move on. If you haven't yet, do so now.
  10. They've proven they know how to make the characters fail with competent villains... Darth Vader absolutely schooled them every time they were up against him in season 2. And it was totally awesome.
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