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  1. Ten makes for a nice support/jouster if you equip him with Squad Leader. I throw a HLC on him as well, and he adds nice action economy to your list, as well as making your opponent wary of placing their ships in his bullseye arc. As others have mentioned, the 1 Talon Roll is an excellent move that really keeps him in the fray. Have had great success with him so far.
  2. It's hard to use because Thane is so easy to kill. Also, it's kind of a 'win more' ability. If you've covered your opponents list in damage cards, chances are you're already ahead or in a good place. He's good because he's a relevant late game threat, not because he's an unanswerable force. Don't let him get to late game and you'll be fine.
  3. The people at my LGS have pretty much figured out to kill Thane immediately. He dies fast. I might trigger his ability a few times a night if I'm super lucky. He's totally beatable, and often pretty underwhelming in a lot of matches. He's not meta warping in the slightest, as any list with decent firepower has a pretty good shot of burning him down in a turn. Thane is a 6 HP, 2 green dice jouster. I challenge you to find a list that can't burn him down in 1-2 turns. How you can put this guy on the same tier as freaking mindlinked Asaaj, Genius Nym or a Torpscout is beyond me.
  4. We had an SC in Holland recently, one player from Den Haag was flying 5X. He beat Ghost/Fenn and a Deci list handily, then almost beat Faan flying Ryad/Inky/Palp Reaper, very tight match. In the hands of a good player they are very formidable, even against good players with competitive lists. A 15 dice final salvo means that they can force the approach, and thanks to boost/barrel roll, they don't fall prey to Harpoons as badly as other generic swarms. No to be underestimated.
  5. Easiest: Pre-nerf Parattani - I still think it was the most OP list to ever exist. No good target to go for, and it was such a frustrating experience for your opponent to almost kill a single ship, only to see it fly away from the fight and contribute to the Manaroo focus battery. Even its hardest 'counters' were more like 50/50 matchups. A list where I realized that I was winning many games purely due to the strength of the list, not my flying. Hardest: Double Firesprays - So hard to make this list work. I did my damnedest though.
  6. He's pretty nice in a 2 ship meta. TIE Phantoms are the classic choice. Any ship with an EPT can take Predator + Kallus and enjoy pretty good actionless dice modifiers. Kath Scarlet is a lot of fun with these two upgrades and a Mangler Cannon since she can evade each turn and stick around a little longer. Pretty keen to test him on the new TIE Reaper pilot Major Vermel - as his ability lets you change a blank or focus to a hit vs a target with no focus/evade token. That's pretty much full mods vs a ship (after you jam them). You could throw Opportunist on there for a 4/5 dice attack. Not world breaking, but it'll be fun.
  7. 5/8 Imperial! People are really keen to get them back on the tables.
  8. Depends on whether the meta becomes low health/high agi or the opposite. But in most cases I agree that LR will be the safer pick, it will certainly make it way easier to approach and joust. Either way, it will be a glorious time over the next few weeks testing out all these ideas. I imagine that a 26 point IPM/Flechette/LB Gunboat will see play too - IMO it is just about as effective a control piece as a stresshog, You can't get that sweet double stress, but a single IPM can win games, and this ship will actually get to turn around.
  9. 5 Boats, 1 Silencer - Epic is getting more popular in Holland, and I can't imagine anything better than 5 of those glorious boats in Epic play.
  10. Is a buff to the PS11 version for sure, just pure action economy. Not sure that it is better than Sensor Cluster in a Palp list, but it will be a hades of a lot fun to fly, for sure. Clocking in at 37 points, it's a high PS Alternative to Expertise, and vs the Mirandas and Nyms of the world its probably better.
  11. I had some great success with it on a TLT Y-wing alongside 3 Auzitucks with WC's. The Y-wing takes some focus fire to bring down, and it helps you stabilize your damage vs things like Dash and high agi ships. It also makes the list even easier to fly (haha). Am 9-2 with it at the moment, though it is boring as **** to fly so won't be revisiting it I think.
  12. `Anybody else get the feeling that 1 Gunboat may be the magic number? A Crack HLC boat is pretty much built to be a slow rolling flanker, especially since the SLAM allows it to cover ground and adjust position really well on the initial approach. Combine that with a Defender/SF + Pocket Ace and you are forcing your opponent to choose between a rock and hard place.
  13. Jelte is extremely well versed with Palp Aces. Flying against him can be a truly humbling experienced.
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