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  1. Re: 90 minute rounds and hard time cap I'll take the blame on the confusion on that one. It was something I meant to address more adequately at the front end and simply forgot to do so in my pre-tournament player meeting. For those who weren't there, the 90 minute round comes from the idea of there being the requirement for 15 minutes of set up to go with 75 minute rounds. It really isn't logistically feasible to keep calling out different start times and not create confusion, so we opted to simply combine the two and go from there. Since this creates, in most cases, an extra couple minutes of game time for most tables, we called it a hard end to the round - dice down, ships done moving. This is, again, done to keep the event moving. When we allowed for the one last turn back in the spring, we would see that last extra turn drag on as long as an extra thirty minutes. Players had a tendency to slow way down and overthink compared to their original time. With the volume of people we had, that simply isn't an option. --------------- Re: late start If you're local, you'll understand - I-96 was jacked up, delaying a large number of our Canadian east side local players. We still had 20+ people walking in to check in as late as 9:20 through no fault of their own. The players were amazingly understanding of this, and I don't think it had much of a long term impact. We still got 6 rounds done in 10 hours, which was awesome.
  2. http://flatlandgamestore.com/x-wing-regional-results/ I included Phil's YouTube link. Scanned images are in for all the top 16; I'm not the best coder, so I'm still working on some of the page formatting.
  3. They're coming. Phil had 180gb worth of video, so it may take a little time, but they're definitely coming.
  4. Phillip Horny for the win altogether. I'll have everything scanned in and up on the site Monday/Tuesday, and we already have a volunteer to Juggler the whole lot. I think I speak for many when I say my brain is just mushed from last night, but we'll try to get the full coverage up ASAP.
  5. It's not pretty, but here were final standings. I'll try to get it better formatted coming out of the weekend, along with the ship lists. Edit - wow was that awful. ​Top 16 as follows: Evan Cameron - Imperial Jeff Bizzak - Rebel Alan Fung - Imperial David Semons - Scum Nick Currie - Scum Mark Grawburg - Scum Phillip Horny - Imperial Tommy Adams - Scum Luke Carrington - Imperial Nathan May - Rebel Jeff Berling - Scum Nate Moore - Scum Brian Marks - Scum Matt Ciaramitaro - Imperial Jeremy Trad - Scum Marcos Leggett - Scum
  6. 122 for the official final number. Top 16 ship lists will likely be scanned and up on our site on Monday. We're working on the Juggler side of it as well, hopefully we'll have better luck with it than we did before. We have Phil streaming a match each round here: www.twitch.tv/dark_side_productions
  7. Doors open shortly, dice are rolling at 9. Let's have some fun!
  8. As of this post, we're at 109 sign ups. While there may be some space available for walk ins, it may be dicey. Parking for tomorrow: There will be a staff member outside directing parking. Not every space in our parking lot is available; we have to leave some spaces for our neighboring businesses. Please be patient while we get people situated. We have total parking for about sixty vehicles directly outside the shop. If our parking lot is full, the remaining option is to park at the Menard's across the street. DO NOT park at one of the businesses in the buildings adjacent to us on our side of the road; they will have your vehicle towed. ------------------------------------------- I want to give a huge thanks to the community even before this event fires off. I thought we would have fewer players than the spring regional because of the cold weather; instead, your early sign ups have exceeded our previous event total altogether. I hope you all join me in a rousing round of EJ's Dirtbag Dogs and have a blast throughout the day!
  9. We're at 86 pre-registered, with a reminder that the hard cap is 130. When you drive up to Flat Land Games this weekend, please be mindful of our staff outside who will be guiding parking in. We have to leave some parking for our neighboring businesses. If you are arriving after 8, there's a fair shot you will be required to park at Menard's across the street.
  10. I'm fine with them. If we have real complaint over that quarter inch, I'm not afraid to refund an entry.
  11. We're up to 64 - I'm really grateful for all the early sign ups giving us a better number. If you're likely to bring some mats we can use, shout it out here. I'm trying to get a feel for how many boards I may have to crank out Thursday/Friday night.
  12. If the loaning players are getting irked, encourage them to say no. If it's the store loaning stuff, make sure to let the borrowing player know it's a one time thing. After that, stand up and say no. A lot of this stems from the nerd trend to get passive aggressive. If there's one thing I've learned from running a shop, it's the value in a hard 'no' and sticking to it.
  13. If you or anyone else you know has not yet pre-registered, please do so soon. Based on early sign ups, I'm going to cap this event at 130 so I don't pay for too many extra chairs and tables. As of yesterday, we had 50 pre-paid sign ups, and we usually get a little more than double our early sign ups for large events like this. We also let EJ's know the likely attendance so they can prepare the right amount of food, so early sign ups are helpful to both us and them!
  14. For all those coming out - If anyone has extra game mats that the store can use for the day, that will help us enormously to make the overall game day experience work. Please note - if you bring a mat for general use, label it in some way as yours; it will speed up the day considerably if we can put the mats down as static locations so as to keep the rounds moving. Thank you to everyone!
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