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  1. How are things going for everyone? I'm still trying to check in from time to time.
  2. Perception/Streetwise: 2eA+1eD+2eS 1 success Ohh I did it! My boost to perception only affects allies, not myself so this could be either perception or streetwise as it's the same either way for me. @Edgehawk sure join me! Edit: at least that's how I read the talent - maybe it's me to?
  3. No worries dude, I've been busy too. Happy we're still posting, even if not as often as we used to. I picked up Heightened Awareness with my XP, which gives allies in short range 1 boost die when making vigilance or perception checks, and engaged allies get 2 boost. I don't have any credits to spend currently, so I'll spend my free time before we leave wandering the station. Window shopping mostly, but also trying to hear about the goings and comings of life on the stations since it's my first time off-world in a long time. Maybe I can do a check to hear or see something interesting? I was thinking perception or streetwise. I'm not great at either, but even a bad roll could turn up something interesting or just mundane. lol.
  4. Thanks! I'll check them out there. I forget to check that one.
  5. I picked my copy up yesterday, but didn't get a chance to open it. Are the spoilers up anywhere yet? I checked Ringsdb, but didn't see them yet.
  6. yeah, mine just E-mailed me that my copy will be available for pickup tomorrow!
  7. Daska spends his last hour meditating in preparation for what's to come. It's been a while since I've been offworld. Lets hope I'm not too rusty.
  8. Well as confirmed as a Tweet from FFG is. The tweet was written at 4:46 PM on Feb 4 (Eastern) if you want to look at it. it was a reply to someone so you have to dig for it, at least I did on my Android phone.
  9. They seem to be slow dripping the Twitter information. Just yesterday they tweeted that Darrowdelf is also being reprinted in the next couple weeks. Hey if you can sell an AP for three times retail more power to you, but I just think with the reprints being announced it's a bad time for buyers to be paying more than retail for anything, at least until these reprints actually hit the stores so we know more exactly what's coming. Edit: at least for US based customers. I have no idea if the reprints will hit our overseas friends so it might truly be a good deal for someone in Australia.
  10. Reprints are coming in like two weeks. I'm not sure if Dreamchaser is on the reprint list, or if the reprints are US only, but $50 seems like a lot for one AP. Value is determined by the buyer though so if you think it's worth it, it's your money.
  11. Based on literally every game I've played by FFG, the quality of prints, minis, mats, dice, and tokens are one of the most important things to this company, whether it's a tournament game or something you'll only ever play on your kitchen table. If lower quality of a main product line was acceptable, they'd already have signed on with more printers to pump out the out-of-stock product, or used their internal POD system. On their POD page, they call out how to have your local store use it to order you something so competing with local stores is not an issue. I know my local store has asked if I wanted any of their POD products when I've had them special order something from FFG.
  12. If POD was viable to print the same quality as their normal printers, I think they would have already started using that. POD quality isn't bad per-say, but I can tell the difference in my collection between my POD quests and my normal player and quest cards.
  13. He wasn't named before, I think he was mentioned in the post, but not called out as a named character just yet.
  14. Maybe, but I don't see that flying with the existing player base. I know personally I'm only missing one or two AP's from three cycles, and four AP's from Dwarrowdelf. If I had to rebuy everything else from those four cycles because they stopped making the individual SKU's I'd be unhappy. Iit would be great for new players to have the option, but not at the expense of the existing players.
  15. Given the stock situation, adding more SKU's would just slow the reprint schedule down even more. Until they somehow expand their printing capabilities, I don't see anything like this taking off.
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