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  1. Errr thanks but no thanks. I've made a mistake of playing xwing on a desert map once and I don't plan on repeating it anytime soon. Asteroids have similar colour to the background and it plays merry **** with your ability to judge distance. Normally I can tell whether a certain maneuver will make me clip a rock or not even if it goes down to a milimeter difference between one and the other. That one game both me and my opponent would keep running into asteroids as if we were drunk - even when we were 99% sure we were safe. Never again....
  2. Rey - To engine upgrade or not?

    EU is worth it on almost any large base if you can afford it. You could try and take bomblet generator on Miranda instead. It makes her less vulnerable to aces and restricts the opponent's movement options somewhat but I'd still take EU on Rey anyway.
  3. Standby action

    Couldn't say without having playtested it, but standby might simply be the action that is meant to draw fire away from important targets. You position your troops in strategic locations (ie near objectives), your big guns somewhat back and if the opponent's heavy hitters want to ignore your troopers and go after the big stuff first, they're going to suffer.
  4. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    This is a very decent list, actually. Just remove Jan Ors from Fenn. You don't really need her. Rex has access to evade anyway and for Rey focus is probably just as good as long as the attacker is in her arc (granted, it might be hotshoted away but not every list will have hotshot fenn around). That means Jan would mostly benefit Fenn and even then only if he doesn't coordinate Rey. Considering that the latter is probably the main reason to bring Fenn in the first place, you're better off getting a 2 point bid instead and making sure that you've got the final repositioning. This should be able to beat ghost more often than not. The question is whether or not it would be able to defeat all the other powerhouse archetypes. It should do well enough vs dash lists. Arc dodgers typically dislike Rey with a passion too. Not sure about Nymranda though. Rey might be forced to eat a few too many bombs while following those two around. I also expect to see way more of timewalk Assajj due to her (admittedly time-limited) immunity to Fenn's shenanigans as well as extra defence when the attacker is stressed. Unfortunately she shuts down both expertise and white sloops quite easily.
  5. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Engine upgrade would work indeed. It would also leave about 38 points for a wingman IIRC. That's not much. You could go with lowhrick I suppose, though the need to remain in R1 of him might defeat the purpose of EU in most cases. Also, PS11 boost sadly still beats PS8 boost. And no, you won't have the time to kill fenn first. If you don't go all in on the ghost, you'll run out of hps before he does.
  6. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Inflexible might be too strong a word but I know what he means. Rey is a large ship with no repositioning options, so the only information you have while setting her final position for the round is the one you have during the planning phase. There's no way to fix the choice you get to make at that point, based on whatever lower PS ships do. Lack of repositioning also restricts her ability to control range in order to either chase or flee (or ocasionally both at the same time), which is an important aspect of flying the other large base turrets. On top of that, Rey's efficiency in both offence and defence tanks considerably if she cannot keep the enemy in arc, which makes her moves somewhat predictable. Now, Rey's (effectively) white sloops and excellent in-arc stats make up for these shortcomings but her options are still somewhat limited compared to han, dash, RAC and now ghost (especially supported by fenn). Much like defenders she relies a lot on one trick, that is admittedly very powerful and often hard to counter, but it is one trick nonetheless.
  7. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Rey will work rather well if the ghost goes for a joust and stays in her arc. She can be expected to do 4-5 dmg per round in such a scenario, which will be evaded to 3-4. Her wingman will likely add 1-2 more. It's the PS11 boost that's the problem if the ghost player is good. Rey who can't get ghost in arc will typically roll 2 dmg per round which will be evaded to 1. Meanwhile ghost will do 4-6 dmg per round to Rey depending on whether he's got her in arc, the range and the quality of Rey's green dice rolls. Taking fenn out would solve the PS11 boost problem but it would be a fatal mistake to attempt it. Even if it only takes one round to do so, that gives the ghost enough of a headstart to win the damage race. People who only know the list from theorycrafting often fail to realize quite how quickly things move when ghost/fenn is on the table. After playing about 15 games with it (including 8 at regionals) I can safely say that the average game length for the list is around 30-40 minutes but the outcome is often decided in the first 20 - the rest is mop up. None of my games with this list went to time or even got close to it. For example when facing Dash lists, about 50% of the time Dash would die in the second round of shooting. So would fenn, most of the time, but at that point it wouldn't matter anymore. You can expect rey to die in 2-3 rounds of shooting if ghost has her in his arc and she doesn't have him in hers. On the other hand she might survive as much as 5 rounds of shooting if the opposite is true, which is quite enough to nuke the ghost down. That's why skill is so important in this matchup. Unfortunately Rey's lack of repositioning options and Fenn's ability to coordinate boost stack the deck in ghost's favor mostly.
  8. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    In a straight up fight the Ghost might actually lose but it has quite a few options of not making it a straight up fight. Thanks to boost it can ensure it will only exchange fire with 1 or 2 wookies at a time, at least in some (if not most) rounds. Obstacle placement and players' skill levels would be decisive i think.
  9. Is Soontir Alive?

    He can still do a lot. Forget the 35 point stealth device version though. 3 dice with a single modifier won't cut it anymore. He needs targeting computer. With it,he can TL, focus and either evade or reposition in a single round. He's even squishier than he used to, so you need to fly well and get the most out of him while he's still alive.
  10. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Thing is, in the first round of shooting fenn will be at R3 and if he's good, he'll only get into range at PS11, when the opportunity to apply Kylo has passed. You might be able to crit Fenn in the second round but meanwhile you're gonna get shot for two turns straight. RAC might be in a poor shape at that point.
  11. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Dropping Fenn to PS0 isn't a half bad idea but you'd still need to dodge his arcs or he'll just block inquisitor's mods with his ability, reducing his damage to almost nothing. Still, RAC with inq might do better vs ghost/fenn than some other lists. Not sure how it'd fare in harpoon/bomb/stress/PS10+ heavy meta though.
  12. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    TT triggers on activation, not on attack. It doesn't matter who ghost intends to shoot.
  13. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    That would work alright. It might be hard to do while staying out of ghost's arcs though, especially if the opponent is aware of the danger. Good idea though.
  14. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    So far starvipers didn't put up much of a fight when I played against them. Fenn can shut down 2 (1 with hotshot, 1 with ability). Since Fenn can make one target tokenless, even with autothrusters they melt under modified TLT fire. And even more so against R1-2 primary shots which are not that hard to set up with a PS11 boost. Haven't tested against silencers but I doubt they'do that much better.
  15. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    True enough. Unfortunately such a non-formation, multi-ship, TLT-resistant, non-token based list also needs to make sure that it can set up a good first engagement against ships that can reposition at PS11. Or it will simply lose a ship very early and then... it's not that multi-ship anymore, is it? Frankly, I'm struggling to come up with a list that fits that description. Expertise wookies are probably the closest but that's just 3 ships, they do tend to fly in formation and their ability to resist TLTs depends on whether they can correctly set their reinforce tokens - not an easy thing to do when facing a large base turret with boost. Also, tacticians have very limited value vs maul/ezra variant. For one thing, ghost can usually avoid range 2 band rather easily. For the other, maul+tlt is a very efficient combo for stress clearing. Missing a single reroll (or even 2) isn't a huge price to pay.