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  1. Lightrock

    Cover for an AT-RT on top of a building

    I just played my first game and while most rules are simple and intuitive, I found one thing baffling: my opponent used AT-RT's ability to climb on top of a small building. While the elevated position gave it an excellent view of the entire battlefield, it was also very exposed there... or so I thought. The building was small, but it was tall enough to make sure the troopers below couldn't see the AT-RT's base (though they could see pretty much the entire model otherwise). My opponent's rationale was that because LoS to the base is obscured and the intervening object is a part of the building (it's roof) then the AT-RT gains cover from the building. Also, while the building seemed like a complete shot blocker if you stood behind it, he decided to treat it as a heavy cover. As a result, an AT-RT standing perfectly visible on top of a building in the middle of the battlefield would gain heavy cover from all shots coming in it's direction. Is it really the letter of the rules or was he misinterpreting something?
  2. Lightrock

    The Ketsu Slingshot

    Much as I like Ketsu, this method of using her seems horribly gimmicky. If I saw her get activated, sent towards me early on and Talloned, I'd have 1) kept the most dangerous fighters I have inactive until the last moment so they could hit her if she tries to approach and 2) spread out the rest so she can't tie up too many. Either way, Ten with some escorts, Adar, Yavaris and possibly Toryn and/or cotrollers is a much stronger counter to Sloane blob than Ketsu could ever hope to be and you don't need to throw a 22 point squad into the middle of the enemy formation to make him work.
  3. Lightrock

    Hera crew Store Championship ruling.

    I can understand the confusion but it seems pretty clear cut to me. FAQ says that if you reveal a red maneuver while stressed, unless you can somehow change the maneuver to a non-red, you perform a white 2 straight. Period. If you read it verbatim and try to apply the rule, Hera simply doesn't work. Not just in case of U-wing. She doesn't work at all, because A) you're stressed and B) you revealed a red maneuver, therefore C) you perform a white 2 straight. There's no part of that section of the FAQ that is in any way compatible with the text on Hera's card. No "you cannot execute red maneuvers while stressed therefore you must perform a white 2 straight" which could then be superseded by Hera's "you may execute red maneuvers while stressed". The FAQ doesn't say anything about whether or not you may execute red maneuvers while stressed, only what happens when you reveal one and there's literally no place where you could point at the text and say "Aha! That's the part of the rule that Hera allows you to ignore!" Since we all seem to agree that Hera in fact does work, the only logical conclusion is that the rules concerning revealing red maneuvers while stressed simply do not apply to a ship that has her on board. If you choose to apply any part of that rule you cannot ignore other parts of it because, again, there's absolutely nothing on Hera's card that would allow you to ignore a single word there. Only by dismissing the entirety of it can you escape the case where Hera simply doesn't work at all in any situation.
  4. Lightrock

    Where to get games in Warsaw

    Sadly I live quite far away from Warsaw, so I won't be able to come myself. There's a decently sized armada community in Warsaw though and I can help estabilish a contact if you tell me when you're coming and how to reach you.
  5. Lightrock

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Incredible. I made a very similar list (with Yavaris instead of a Pelta though) just a few days ago while attempting to create a viable Leia build. The idea was to activate as many Y-wings as possible using Leia to inflate the number of squadron activations. Can't wait to see if it works in a tournament setting.
  6. Lightrock

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Fair enough. If you aim to spam generics you don't need Yavaris. I've seen this work before the flotilla nerf, with an ungodly number of flotillas (6 or so!), Admonition and a huge bid. Obviously it's not viable anymore, but if you can find some way to command 10-12 squadrons in a cost-effective way, you might try a no-Yavaris squadron fleet. You might also try a medium-sized squadron presence, in which case you might not need Yavaris either, but these are rare these days and for a good reason.
  7. Lightrock

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    The list does very well in current meta, where people take either full squadrons or none at all. In the former case Ruthless strategists will just wipe out pretty much the entire squadron presence, leaving the enemy carriers unprotected against the ISD. In the latter bombers have a field day.
  8. Lightrock

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Call me narrow-minded but I consider Yavaris to be the base of any Rebel squadron heavy fleet. Everything else is a matter of preference. Yavaris is not. It's not just that it provides very cheap attacks. It selectively boosts the part of your roster that is the most useful in any given situation. Any squadron based fleet aims to do 2 things: 1 Win the squadron minigame as early as possible. If you lose it or you take too long, you'll probably be overwhelmed by enemy ships. 2 Destroy the key components of the enemy fleet before they can do too much damage. Typically each squadron you have is very efficient at achieving one of these goals but not the other, which is a particularly acute problem on the imperial side. Rebel squadrons are more versatile, but with perhaps the exception of Ten Nunb even they aren't truly efficient in both roles. Wedge is a squadron killing machine but you're definitely overpaying if you use him just to attack ships. Keyan is an absolute terror to ships, but he's got lower anti-squadron firepower than a lowly Z-95, that is nearly 3 times cheaper. What makes Yavaris so powerful is that he effectively multiplies the part of your roster that is best suited to the task at hand, allowing you to take a balanced composition of fighters and bombers but act as if in fact you had either abnormally large anti-squadron escort or an unusually big number of bombers in your fleet, depending on what you need. There are only 2 other cards in the game (Adar and Jendon) that provide something similar and both are much weaker and more expensive (although somewhat easier to use). In my eyes that makes Yavaris irreplaceable. If you're planning on building a rebel squadron fleet and don't start with Yavaris, you're probably doing it wrong.
  9. Lightrock

    European Championships 2018

    No worries, I'm not offended :). Considering this was my first Armada tournament outside Poland, I'd be genuinely surprised if you had any info on me at all. I also had quite a bit of luck to have made the cut in the first place, let alone win the entire thing. And yeah, we totally need a nerf ;).
  10. Lightrock

    European champs day 2. (hair of the pod! )

    Thanks mate! It was the very first time I've seen this archetype in action (btw, I think we need a proper name for the Thrawn-bombers-flak demolisher-Ruthless strategists combo as it's quite a mouthful to spell it out every time). I was unlucky enough to encounter it in my second (you) and third (Eric) rounds and I was beginning to think there was some major shift in the meta that I completely missed due to being isolated in local Polish meta. Using bombers as essentially guided anti-squadron munitions triggered by flak fire was an ingenious idea. I had massive problems keeping any squadrons alive against that onslaught and the 6:5 and 5:6 results in those rounds nearly knocked me out of the cut. I'm certainly going to give this concept a try myself! Thrawn seemed to me like a potentially fantastic admiral with no good archetype to put him in. Well, you may just have found one!
  11. Lightrock

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    Err... no? Poe usually flies with either Dash or with Lowrisk and Ezra. Both lists have little or no bid. QD flies either with triple Nus or with RAC. Neither list has any bid at all. Vader is rare these days. I've only seen him with triple harpoon lists and again, no bid. It's possible a PS11 list with a bid will show up here and there but they're definitely not common which is precisely why not filling last 3 points in these lists makes little sense and isn't seen much.
  12. Lightrock

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    Oh? Any examples of popular PS11 lists with large (or any) bids?
  13. Lightrock

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    It just won't matter. Kylo alone could solo many lists by the sheer ability to kill something and not get killed himself (I believe some guy in Australia won a local tournament doing just that). If Kylo has another PS9 ace next to him and enough bid to go last, he's golden. The only things that stop lists like that right now are nymranda and it's ridiculous bombing shenanigans, ghostfenn (thanks to even more ridiculous firepower and the ability to PS11 boost in the early game) and other PS10+ counters such as Poe, RAC or QD. There's a broad consensus that both GhostFenn and Nymranda need to go. That leaves only the PS10+ potential of some ships to keep in check some potentially OTT aces such as Whisper or Kylo.
  14. Lightrock

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    Threads like this keep popping up every couple of months or so and every single time they get to one conclusion: capping PS9 would lead to massive bid wars (think double digit numbers) and natural PS9s arc dodging everything. That would not improve the game so it won't happen.
  15. Lightrock

    Dear FFG: the Ghost and Miranda

    2 Mirandas circling each other will indeed result in a stalemate if TLT is all they've got. The same can usually be said about 2 Poes though or pretty much any 2 regenerating ships. That said, from my experience the situation when game goes to time and Miranda wins due to being worth more is an exception rather than the rule. It's still a 1 agi ship that can only regen if she stays in combat and exposes herself to even more damage, which I find less frustrating than Poe's disengage-and-regen-to-full-in-safety approach. If Miranda's ability is changed so that she can only regen when she's exposed to enemy fire AND she can't really hit back, it will become practically useless to do so. With just 1 agi and one shield regained, she'll effectively have 1.375 to 1.625 damage mitigation per round, meaning she'll keep taking 1 to 2 points of damage in a 1v1 fight against most opponents while not being able to do pretty much any damage in return. That's basically suicide unless there's very little time left. The proposed change would make her ability situational to the point of being near useless.