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  1. That is - can a ship have two or more "harpooned!" conditions at the same time? It's not unique so it would seem so, but it caused some confusion in our store recently.
  2. Not this again... Sigh, let's get over this again - you want to essentially rewrite the rules of the game by making sure there's a hard cap on PS9. Ideas like this keep showing up every 3-4 months or so since I remember and they obviously get ignored. Why? Because any developer will ask himself the following questions before doing any changes to a card: Does the offending card make certain ships dominant in a way that makes their cost efficiency way above that of their potential competition? Could reducing the strength of that card make certain ships too powerful by making them hard or impossible to counter? Could reducing the strength of that card produce unwanted side effects that would negatively impact the game? Unless the answers are Yes, No and No, devs won't start messing up what's printed on the cards just because someone on the forums asks for it. In this particular case: No - ships with PS10 and PS11 have their own place in the meta. They always have and they never dominated it because of their PS. Yes, we did have PS10 Poe win Worlds at some point, but he was teamed with 3 PS2s. We also had Dengar win World's twice - and he was PS9 both times. Even looking at regional results there's no flood of ships over PS9 winning left and right. PS11 imperial alpha is an estabilished archetype but hardly a dominant one. Yes - ships such as Whisper, Soontir and Kylo Ren are all countered by PS10 and above. They were balanced with that counter in mind. In fact, back before the nerf PS11 Han was the only reason why Whisper didn't utterly dominate the meta. Counters such as this make certain ships challenging to fly in certain matchups but that's a part of the game not a problem to be removed. Yes - unfortunately X-wing is a game where initiative is binary - either all your ships at certain PS move before the opponent or after him - there's nothing in between. In absence of possibility of meeting PS10 counters, players who rely on PS9 aces will be encouraged to fly with massive bids - something like 47 points Kylo with 42 points Whisper flying with 11 point bid. And if that becomes popular you can bet someone will try to save a point somewhere to fly with a 12 point bid instead. Does that sound like an improvement to you? In the end of the day being able to fly after your opponent is important to some ships, yes. If they can't do it, they have it uphill and have to fly differently that usual. It doesn't mean the game is broken and requires fixing.
  3. A few loose thoughts after last night's testing: - Advanced Optics is so far the highlight of the new wave(s) for me as far as the upgrades go. It's absolutely stellar on Poe (as expected), significantly reducing his greatest weakness - not being able to dish out consistent damage. What's perhaps less obvious is how useful AO is on Kylo Ren. Considering the hit-and-run nature of Kylo, you end up having lots of "dead" rounds where you neither shoot nor get shot at. This allows you to bank focus and then pull off some crazy double repositioning / single repositioning into white manuever / single repositioning and target lock shenaningans. Since AdvS Kylo performs his actions before moving, I never felt the need to use Primed Thrusters on him, so paying an extra 1 point for what was effectively an extra action on the subsequent round(s) was a steal. Without it I'd sometimes have to choose between getting where I want to be and getting the modifications I wanted. With it, it's much easier to set up good attack runs. I haven't run into any stressbugs yet though, so I might change my mind about Primed Thrusters. - Kylo requires absolutely masterful flying to earn his points but I think the fears that he might be **** were unfounded. He does require something to draw attention away from him though. Something dangerous enough that the enemy can't afford to ignore it (and capable of punishing him if he does try to go after Kylo first) but tough or slippery enough to make sure he can't quite kill it too quickly. Double TLT aggressors seem to do the job just fine and they thrive amongst dense asteroid fields that Kylo also likes. I think double gunboats might do the job too, but haven't tested it yet. - Quadruple missile gunboats are legit. They can wipe out a crucial ship quickly. They do find it problematic to shake a mobile ace off their tails and organize another missile run but in tournament games they can usually win on points anyway since it's really hard to finish off more than one while dodging his friend's harpoons. They're cheap too, so killing one doesn't give very many points. - 22 point harpoon Nu is a terrific filler. You can set it up in a flanking position and catch the enemy during or right after the first engagement, then peel off and throw another 4 dice later into the game. It's also a decent blocker with SLAM and at a pinch it can do some work with the primary in R1. It's not a ship you'd want to build your strategy around but it remains a constant threat to the enemy and it's not trivial to get rid of it. It's very presence often forces the opponent to make suboptimal choices.
  4. Paratanni happened. Then nerf happened. Then Nym happened. Lately cruises and harpoons made imperial alpha the flavor of the month and I suppose gunboat and silencer will do the same for this wave. They're still pretty good ships. Very tough as long as your luck with dice holds. But they're also very predictable, have low PS, get shut down by stress and work best when flying in formation with other defenders. In the age of harpoons, hyper-mobile high-PS aces and stressbugs their flaws are all too apparent.
  5. I expect PS wars coming back with a vengeance. Both the silencer and the gunboat will be used at PS9 and Kimogila - if it's used at all - will probably be PS10. Considering that moving after all those ships will be very beneficial (especially the silencer), I expect to see advanced optics VI Poe, RAC with QD or Vader and PS10+ alpha. And the new stuff ofc.
  6. Sorry to rain on your parade but I'm afraid lasers aren't as reliable as some people think. As long as there's only cardboard and the mat between the ships, things are fine. But usually the beam passes through a piece of the side of the plastic base and that's where things get tricky. Plastic is translucent and acts like a prism, changing the path of the beam ever so slightly. On several occasions I had situations where even after perfectly aligning the beam with the firing arc it showed something else than a range ruler did. Ever since, I stopped using laser altogether unless the beam does not have to pass through the plastic base, such as when checking whether a shot is obstructed. I also use it in Armada, where there's no or very little plastic on the outside of the ship's cardboard. In case of bullseye arc I'm afraid the nubs might cause issues. By the very definition the arc will be aligned with them, which means that the beam would have to pass through a small but curved piece of transparent plastic. I haven't yet checked whether or how it affects the beam's direction but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets distorted somehow.
  7. It's not about avoiding getting blocked. It's about not giving a rat's *** whether you get blocked or not. What would be a potentially disastrous turn for Soontir might actually be a very good one for Kylo.
  8. Don't judge a ship until you've played it or seen someone good make the most out of it. This is one of those ships that can perform on a much higher level than their pure stats suggest in the hands of a skilled player.
  9. Fenn? Also, he can avoid being shot altogether in 1v1. Though I do agree that his ability sucks for the price and the PS. He'd be way better off if it was just a special action he could do, just like the crew version.
  10. I think you're being a bit too harsh on Kylo. I've played AdvSensor PTL Brobots, and I have a healthy respect for what they can do. And Brobots have a large base, no barrel roll and no green hard turns. At the very least, Kylo cannot be blocked and focused down. Nor is he as vulnerable to getting taken off the table by one or two unlucky rolls. Last but not least, if it goes down to 1v1, he'll be about as hard to take out as any other ace and he'll cost more too. In that regard at least, he can fortress just fine.
  11. I think Soontir on that chassis would do way better. Being able to set enemy to PS0 is great but: - it only makes sense if the target is above your PS (or same, but has more bid), - you need to get hit first, - you need to get hit by the target with PS higher than you and pray that you won't get hit by a target with lower PS than you before you managed to trigger he condition, - you need to roll a crit and push it through the defense of that target. To a large extent the same applies to blinded pilot, which is the reason why people run Kylo crew. Being able to stop a target from attacking is huge if you've got control over it. If not, the result will often be wasted or the opponent will fly in a way that minimizes it's impact. TLDR: on paper Kylo's ability is great but you have very little control over when it triggers and on whom, which makes it very situational.
  12. Assajj can make Whisper feel bad. Soontir even. Kylo can take a single stress. Not to mention that catching him in arc and in range won't be trivial.
  13. There are 2 problems here: 1) you're vulnerable to getting blocked, while AdvS Kylo is not. 2) you have no bid whatsoever, which is potentially problematic if you face against another PS9 ace, such as Fenn, who does have bid. I for one thing plan to rely on the title to get those re-rolls (admittedly limited ones). The titles also doubles as a protection against that one roll where you completely blank out and lose the game because of dice. In the end game you'll probably be able to get regular target locks anyway as you won't have to dodge arcs that much anymore.
  14. See, that's where our judgement is completely different. For me, having a focus when you'd otherwise have none is potentially as high an impact as can be. Say you're gonna get shot by 2 ships and you can dodge one of those attacks if you reposition twice. However, if you don't have AO, that means that the other ship can shoot at you when you're tokenless. This is actually a pretty common situation when you're facing a turret ship, such as Dash, and an arc-based ship, such as Poe. Having or not having a focus against Dash's shot can be absolutely massive. Anyway, we probably won't agree on this. It's just that I believe that PTs can mostly save your bacon when you screw up. The better you play, the less of an impact it will have. AO is precisely the opposite.
  15. In that case I agree with you. If you really need to shave a point off, this is where you find it. I was mostly asking people who wanted Kylo "maxed out" and chose PT over AO, which is something I find hard to understand.