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  1. A quick question - is there any place where you can find scans of all the cards from the supply deck (or at least the text)? I tried the Wiki but most of the cards are not there.
  2. I'm a Wookie player (have 2 in my current list) so I absolutely won't mind if they make them a tad cheaper but I believe they're in the right spot. I can understand why people compare them to TTs but: A) they really are a very different kind of animal (pun totally intended) and should be used differently and B) if anything, TTs are simply a bit too cheap. Things Wookies are great at: 1. Taking out Jedi. 2. Scaring Tauns away. 3. Killing Tauns that don't get the memo and try to approach anyway. 4. Grabbing contested objectives and running. 5. Infiltrating via rapid reinforcements in very inconvenient places. 6. Operating on the flanks as short-medium ranged skirmishers, much like fleet troopers except much tougher and virtually impossible to suppress. 7. Occassionally charging the enemy lines if the opportunity arises, especially if the enemy is already preoccupied with other melee units. Things Wookies are NOT great at: 1. Charging right at the enemy lines "because they're a melee unit AMIRITE", especially if the enemy is not preoccupied with anything else and can just shoot them to pieces on their way in. 2. Pretending to be Tauntauns, except much slower and without the free dodge tokens. They're extremely dependable at what they do. Their effective HP isn't far behind Death Troopers or IRG and unlike those, they're unfazed by pierce, force choke, poison or anything else that bypasses defence dice, since their durability is already baked into their profile and defence dice are just a bonus. They have no bad defence rolls - just the usual ones (no blocks) and the good ones (yay! a block!) - and that's the just the kind of variance you're looking for when you want to get consistent results during tournaments. Overall they carried me all the way to the 2nd place during grands and I don't mean "carried" as a hyperbole - I only had 1 unit of them in my list at the time and that was the only unit in my entire list that hasn't failed me a single time during the tournament, meeting and occasionally wildly exceeding expectations every single game. I've also only lost them once during the 5 games - and that was after they single-handedly killed Chewie and Han and then dealt 6 wounds to a Tauntaun squad, effectively saving the day and turning around a game that was definitely going south for me. I switched to using 2 squads of them after that tournament and so far I have no regrets. As for truly overcosted units, I'd look at BARCs, Pathfinders and the rebel support choices. Every time I tried using them I felt I'm just not getting enough value for my points. Never had the same impression about Wookies, unless I did something stupid and got them killed for nothing, but that's true for any unit I guess.
  3. According to the rules reference, terrain is impassable if it's height is greater than the mini's. Otherwise it's merely difficult. I'm curious whether raised arms / weapons lifted in the air count when determining this. Is it possible that a piece of terrain would be just difficult for the commander Luke model but impassable to the operative Luke simply because the former keeps his sword up in the air?
  4. Can Dewbacks and Tauntauns (as long as they're from different units ofc) provide cover to other Tauntauns and Dewbacks?
  5. It is true that the rules should be more clear and direct in that regard. We seem to be clinging desperately to the "upgrades enhance units" quote so that we can produce a common sense interpretation based on what's written in the rulebook. I guess it's good enough a fig leaf but that particular sentence was almost certainly not meant to clarify the issue discussed and it sounds much weaker than it should be as a result. The rulebook should clearly state that if a unit is defeated, all it's upgrade cards are no longer in play and cannot be used. It's so obvious that it's hard to believe it's not there. And don't tell me it doesn't have to be there because you can arrive at that conclusion using current rules. If you have to go back and forth between multiple entries in a rulebook in order to formulate a semi-decent interpretation concerning such a fundamental matter, it means the rules are lacking. You shouldn't have to formulate anything. It should be written there in plain text.
  6. Just as I thought then. It just seemed too good on a unit that costs the same as barebones troopers AND can potentially score an extra victory point too. They really did want to get those R2s on the tables didn't they?
  7. R2's 3-pip card says: "When R2-D2 issues an order to another friendly trooper unit, it may perform a speed-1 move." Who does "it" refer to? R2 or the other trooper unit? In other words does R2 get to perform a move when it issues an order to another unit or is this card No Time For Sorrows' little brother?
  8. That was my initial thought as well but actually both Reckless Diversion and Inconspicous are "must... if able" effects. RD forces the opponent to attack a unit with a face up token "if able". Inconspicous forces the opponent to attack another target "if able". Let's say the opponent declares an attack vs R2-D2. You may: 1. Check whether Inconspicous works - that is if the opponent is able to attack anything else, other than R2. You may now conclude that because of Reckless Diversion he is not able to do so (he must attack a trooper with a face up order token and R2 is the only one), therefore Inconspicous does not work and R2 is attacked. OR 2. Check whether Reckless Diversion works - that is if the opponent is able to attack a trooper with a face up order token. You may now conclude that because of Inconspicous he is not able to do so, therefore everything else can be attacked but R2 cannot. It's interesting that you decided to automatically assume no. 2 is correct because I thought so too at first. However, the more I think about it, the less I'm certain. Inconspicous does not give R2 a blanket immunity that would make it an illegal target by nature. You need to resolve it's effect before you can claim that R2 cannot be shot at. And trying to resolve it lands us at no. 1. Quite a pickle, eh?
  9. Let's say that during the Reckless Diversion turn: 1.The only trooper unit with a face up order token that the opponent can see is a R2-D2 with a suppression token. 2. C-3PO used distract on an enemy unit but that same unit can also see a trooper unit with a face up order token. Who can or cannot be attacked and why?
  10. Han's 2 pip can be a little tricky, so I'd appreciate if you could tell whether I'm getting it right or not. Let's say a full unit of rogers (7 with regular weapons and 1 with a special) are facing a unit of rebel troopers. However, Han Solo is nearby, he played Reckless Diversion and he can be seen by one (and just one!) of the droids with no cover. Depending on which droid sees Han: 1. If it's the unit leader, he can shoot at Han, who receives no cover. Special weapon droid can split fire and shoot at rebel troopers (he can't see Han so doesn't have to shoot him) and all the other droids don't get to shoot at all because they can't see Han and can't split fire either, since they're using the same weapon the leader does. 2. If it's the special weapon droid, he has to shoot at Han, who will receive heavy cover despite standing in the open, because the leader of the unit shooting at him cannot see him. All the other droids are free to fire at rebel troopers. 3. If it's a regular droid, he gets to shoot at Han who receives full cover due to the fact that the droid leader does not see him. Special weapon may be fired at rebel troopers. All the other droids don't get to shoot at all. Am I getting this right or did I mess something up?
  11. You can fit Krennic, Boba, Bossk, Deathtroopers, 2 Shores, 2 Mortars and another unit (DLT storms or more shores maybe) in one list. Give DTs and mortars comms relays. This will allow you to issue orders to both shores (and give them free aims) and another unit even when you're using operative command cards. You'll get decent activation control too. Whether this will be able to take on a full fledged shore gunline or a Leia Tauntaun list I couldn't say but it sure does sound fun and it will generate tons of suppression.
  12. Actually it would be significantly more difficult vs Palp because you'd have to move him somewhere that's beyond range 3.3 of any of your units. Still, I get your point.
  13. 2xIRG makes little sense indeed. 2 dewbacks with tenacity and NWTMT on the other hand... ouch. Say hello to getting charged by some very angry space lizards from roughly range 3.6.
  14. I guess that depends on the situation though, doesn't it? If I were, say, Grievious facing off against him, I'd definitely prefer him to play might rather than implacable. I get your point though.
  15. His 1-pip does give him jump though, right? He could still get off the building that way.
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