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  1. Lightrock

    The curious case of Boba Fett

    While in the absence of metawing we don't have access to any statistical analysis, I'm guessing Boba isn't nearly as powerful as some people seem to believe. Yes, on the face of it he's got access to multiple re-rolls, he can shoot from the rear even better than in front and he can always get his double focus, even if he bumps. That said, Boba is half your list - basically the same price point as Vader - and he's way less slippery. His Achilles' heel is that he constantly stresses himself, which means you can guess his likely movement most of the time. Also, any additional source of stress shuts him down completely. An unlucky panicked pilot can lose the entire game for Boba. Sloane is also a nightmare for him. Also, since he's worth so many points, it gets difficult to find sufficient backup for him. Most people's pick seems to be Guri. Unfortunately, as awesome as Guri can be, taking her means running a 2 ship list. And 2 ship lists - no matter how powerful - have it rough these days. The most successful lists right now are typically either 3 ship aces or swarms of 4 ships or more. Unlike Boba, Guri can't stack tokens and a bad roll or two can spell death for her. That means you need to be very careful with her and much of the time Boba fights solo. No matter how many rerolls or tokens he gets, he won't defend more than 2 damage from each attack (range 3 / obstructed shots notwithstanding). If he gets shot by the entire opponent's list - and with his predictability it's quite likely - he'll start taking more damage than he can dish out.
  2. You ignore obstacles. If the text on Dash's card said something about ignoring overlapping or moving through obstacles, you might have a case there. If you ignore obstacles as such though, it's highly doubtful the in-game situation of overlapping/moving through them can occur in the first place.
  3. If devs did a reasonably good job with Dash, the text on his card would read: "When you move through or overlap an obstacle, you ignore it's effects. You may perform barrel roll and boost actions that would cause you to overlap or move through an obstacle." Unfortunately this is not what the card says. It does not tell you to ignore the effects of the obstacles or to ignore the restrictions on repositioning through them. It says to ignore obstacles altogether. While the term "ignore" is not clearly defined, it implies there can be no interaction whatsoever between Dash and obstacles or he would no longer be ignoring them. Moving through and overlapping an obstacle are clearly defined game events resulting from interactions between two objects in the game (a ship and an obstacle) and these interactions simply cannot happen if one of the objects is ignored. It would be quite different if only the results of those interactions were ignored but again, that's just not what the card says. This is not "stubborn". This is not anyone "fighting to make Dash unable to use his own ship". This is not bad will on anyone's part. This is simply a pretty logical and coherent reading of what's on the card. Far more logical and coherent in fact, than arguing that ignoring obstacles is limited to only ignoring the negative effects and restrictions associated with them when nothing on the card implies such a narrow interpretation. If you disagree with these arguments, fine. I'd prefer Outrider to work with Dash too. But I simply do think that the above interpretation is far more convincing than the one you're trying to promote. That does not make me your personal enemy or someone who tries break a ship you like. Please refrain from personal attacks or throwing epithets suggesting the other party is stubbornly attempting to break Outrider for some nefarious purposes. This is simply how we read the card and our interpretation of it is neither illogical nor unwarranted.
  4. Exactly. No one disputes that Dash SHOULD work with Outrider. Unfortunately according to current RAW it seems he doesn't.
  5. Haha! Exactly. People arguing that ignoring something doesn't make it not exist are omitting the fact that we are not discussing the real world meaning of the word "ignore" but what it means in the game. IRL you can ignore an obstacle in your path but obviously you'll get hurt all the same. In the game "ignore" clearly means "this element of the game does not apply to you" which is very different from the real world meaning. The question is what exactly doesn't apply - the rules concerning obstacles or the obstacles themselves. Unfortunately the rulebook does not answer that question but the wording seems to indicate the latter is true.
  6. It basically comes down to the interpretation of what Dash's ability actually does: 1. He does overlap or move through obstacles but he just ignores that fact and acts as if he didn't. 2. He doesn't overlap or move through anything. Obstacles simply cease to exist for him. In the first case Outrider will work. Dash might have ignored the fact of moving through/overlapping the obstacle while executing the maneuver but looking back it's clear he did so. In the second case Outrider will not trigger. Of course in real life the player could see that the template or the base of the ship landed on top of a piece of cardboard that represents an obstacle but rules-wise, there was nothing there and nothing did happen, even if you look back at it after obstacles are no longer ignored. Considering the exact wording of Dash's ability I'm more convinced by the second interpretation though I agree that it is unintuitive and probably unintended. Needs to be FAQed for sure.
  7. Lightrock

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    But.... but how would you melt faces with your phantoms without Sloane? ☺
  8. Lightrock

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    It IS horribly overcosted. In a meta where everything dies easier than in 1.0 and extra ships tend to be more valuable than extra upgrades, it doesn't seem to have a place. Sure, you can run a couple of them with torps and get a nice alpha but if the opponent flies 4 Xwings he won't be deterred by a couple of torps. He'll jut eat the first salvo and likely trade an Xwing for an Ewing. Not a good trade at all for the Ewing player. As for setting torp alphas, I'd definitely prefer a couple of cheap Ywings, Bodhi and an Awing flanker. Way more ships, way more hull and less prone to cold dice.
  9. Lightrock

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Ahh, I see. Well, after Ginkapo won euro swiss with 41 pts and about 250 MoV advantage over the 2nd player, I considered her to still be a part of the top tier league, although I haven't played her personally since the flotilla nerf.
  10. Lightrock

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    That was a great read! Just one question: why do you consider Sloane dead in the current meta? I realize she's more vulnerable to Slicers than Thrawn is but it just means you go for the slicers first. They typically don't last that long if you can spend their scatters.
  11. Lightrock


    After my first 2.0 tournament I have to say that bombers are strong but not quite as strong as some people suggest. Yes, their jousting value is great but their mobility isn't amazing. Bombs do make up for many of their weaknesses but not all. A good, patient player will be able to outplay them. I can believe that bombers might be frustrating for newer or more casual players though. If your plan doesn' t go much beyond "I'll fly towards the enemy an shoot them", then yes, you will get obliterated. If anything, I find punishers far more problematic balance-wise than the bombers. They are way more mobile and unpredictable. Their very presence might invalidate certain archetypes, such as TIE fighter swarms which is not true for bombers. Either way, it's way too early for nerfs. We're still in the 2.0's honeymoon period. People are testing what's good and what's not and for now they don't get much further than the simple spam of the most joust-efficient ship (and there's ALWAYS one, be it academy pilots like in 1.0 or bombers in 2.0 - at least bombers are less nimble and more predictable). Wait till people actually find the more complex, broken combos of named pilots and multiple upgrades before demanding nerfs.
  12. Lightrock


    Granted, in 1.0 no one would fly this squad at a competitive level even for 100 points because turrets would outfly and grind it down. 2.0 was meant to allow squads like this to be competitive and I suppose it kinda works except bombers are just too efficient. Then again, when it comes to jousting something is always the most efficient. There's a reason why in 1.0 academy pilot was used as a baseline for efficiency for a very, very long time.
  13. Lightrock


    EDIT: Hmmm I was pretty certain Bio said Xwings go first. Maybe just tired then. Still, if I knew I go first, I'd just make sure there's an obstacle straight ahead of me but relatively far on the opponent's side. It prevents rushes like this easily enough.
  14. Lightrock


    You did miss a few things actually: 1. Blindly going 4 straight into boost is suicidal if bombers go 4 straight themselves, so X-wings won't ever do it. 2. After the intial joust Xwings will struggle to avoid the inevitable fireworks left behind by the bombers. 3. While all-bomber lists do happen, many folks bring something else too. For example, I like bringing along a TrajSim Punisher with proton bombs and seismic charges just in case someone gets any ideas about swarming my bombers.
  15. Lightrock


    Put it simply, in a game where double mod attacks are rare and valuable, you can get them en masse on multiple cheap and reasonably sturdy ships by bringing Jonus and 2-3 bombers. There's nothing I can think of that could joust that and win. This wouldn't even be that much of an issue since, as some folks pointed out, TIE bombers aren't exactly unpredictable in their maneuvers and they do need to focus to use their rockets. The problem with that plan is that in 2.0 TIE Bombers are actually true to their name and great at bombing stuff. You can flank them, sure, but it won't last for more than a turn and then you're behind them which is just not a good place to be. I see that people are using proton bombs to scare away the potential pursuers. Personally, I prefer proximity mines with skilled bombardier. They're 3 points more expensive and technically cover a smaller area but they're also more destructive and they effectively create a no-go zone within range 0-2 in the rear arc of the bomber. If you end your move anywhere in that area or even if you're slightly out of it but pointing towards it, you're gonna eat a mine at the start of the next round, which means that exploiting the bombers' low PS and basic dial becomes very difficult to do.