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  1. Errr... did you miss the "discard" part or? EDIT Nvm, I get what you mean - one for each ship in the fleet right? Except you'd need to have enough ships with offensive slots (that do not need those slots) and that do stay in range 1-5 from friendly squadrons. Honestly, right off the bat I can't think of a fleet that would want to do that. Anyway, this is most effective on interceptors as you effectively get 2 of them for 14 points - less than regular TIEs. There's a caveat though - you can't really use "both" of them at once and they do not come back fully healthy. It's an ok upgrade and definitely worth putting points in, but not a game changer by any means.
  2. That's what I've been looking for! Thanks a lot man. I still think the wording could have been better on those, but at least it's cleared up.
  3. I'm still fairly new to the game and I'm having trouble finding the information concerning the interaction between the Impervious and Immune:Pierce keywords. Impervious says: While a unit with the impervious keyword is defending, it rolls a number of additional defense dice equal to the pierce x value of the attack pool. Immune: Pierce says: While a unit with the immune: pierce keyword is defending, the attacker cannot use the pierce keyword to cancel block results on defense dice rolled by the defender. Sabine has Impervious and if she gets a darksaber, she also gains Immune: Pierce. Let's say she fights Luke - does it mean that she rolls 2 extra defense dice (since Luke has Pierce 2) on top of being Pierce immune? It sounds a bit ridiculous, but looking through the rules reference it's pretty clear that Immune: Pierce does not remove pierce keyword from the attack pool, it just means pierce cannot be used against that particular target (it can still be used against a guardian unit for example). What's the consensus on this? Has it been FAQed in some way?
  4. Interesting concept but I have to wonder: how do you modify your attack dice? It's over half of your list for an admittedly slippery ship with mediocre firepower.
  5. X-wing superficially resembles armada - similar models, obstacles, artwork, custom 8-sided dice etc, but in reality it's a very, very different game. Where armada is all about planning a battle between huge, lumbering giants (and yes, even corvettes have poor maneuverability by X-wing standards), X-wing simulates the chaos of second-to-second engagement of small starfighters, where ships routinely change course by 180 degrees. As a result, the mechanics of the game are much more simple. Planning is far less important, there are no missions, so it's a simple dogfight, range between ships also matters far less, there is no squadron minigame (obviously) and being a first or a second player isn't nearly as decisive. What does matter a lot is how you maneuver. Since ships are far more unpredictable in X-wing and the maneuver you perform is chosen in secret at the beginning of each round, X-wing is a game of constant guessing and mindgaming, which makes it very engaging and entertaining despite it's simplicity. It's a quick, high-octane experience that is a nice break from the careful and deliberate planning of battles in Armada. In other words, do get it - it's a lot of fun.
  6. The problem is that at this price tag Ani doesn't do enough damage. The entire appeal of Olie is that as long as he moves fast he punches well above his weight. Ani can probably match or exceed Olie's defense but not his offense.
  7. Kudos to @Ginkapo for once again proving that underappreciated squadrons can do well in good hands. That said, I feel that the problem doesn't lie in the aces per se but in the snowball-like nature of the squadron minigame itself. If you manage to strike first and strike hard, you'll win 90% of the time. Even assuming that generics are just as cost efficient as aces, they aren't as activation-efficient and that's a problem for 2 reasons. First, if you bring more squadrons you need to bring more ships to activate them, and those are not free, meaning that generics are actually LESS cost-efficient after all. Second, it will take more ship activations to put all your squadrons in action. A list that can unleash more than 80% of it's anti-squadron firepower in a single ship activation has a massive advantage over a list that requires 2-3 separate activations to do the same - because by the time they get there, the squadron force they were meant to activate might no longer exist. I'm not sure how to resolve this without completely overhauling the squadron minigame. I don't think it will be possible in Armada 1.0.
  8. Well, judging by his MoV, he sold his soul to the devil in exchange.
  9. Nope. Not that I gave up on them mind you. It's just that I heard all the stories of how terrifying the Thrawn 2 ship lists are and wanted to know what the fuss is all about. Since no one seemed to fly one around here, I figured I had to find out by playing it myself... and it turned out half of the room had the same idea. I ended up playing 3 mirror matches against the other Thrawn SD + Quasar lists (well, technically one of them was a VSD and a Raider instead of the usual ISD but that's about as much variety as I got). Thankfully, lady luck was with me and I managed to win all three (the last one was close though - Przemo almost managed to destroy Squall on the Pryce turn, which would prevent the double tap and probably win the game for him). Either way, I learned a lot more about the archetype than I had intended :) . I don't think I'll be running it again any time soon but the experience I gained will be useful.
  10. Actually, Composure says: After you fail an action, if you have no green tokens, you may perform a action. While the relevant entry in the rulebook is: After a red action fails, the ship gains a stress token. In other words, it seems like the timing window for both effects is the same, which would allow the player in question to resolve them in order of his choice. It's definitely something that needs to be clarified in the FAQ but for now as per RAW I see no reason why that combo shouldn't work. EDIT: Nevermind, I guess I got carried away. Stress token is a game effect, not an ability, so it goes in first. Too bad. Would have been nice on L'ulo.
  11. The ambush part of FA is more of a liability than opportunity. Even with relay trying to activate squadrons in turn 1 is a sure way to overextend them and leave them stranded outside the activation range in turn 2. And if you aimed to activate them in turn 2 you could probably position them the old fashioned way. The strength of FA is the insane capacity to score extra points since it's way easier to do than in case of either precision strike or superior positions. You don't need to get behind the enemy ships, spend dice or roll crits and contain tokens won't help the opponent. Just shoot the enemy ships like you would do anyway and watch the token stack grow.
  12. Sounds like you need new dice! And yeah, their variance is quite high, even with Sloane. Against ships, the damage output of 4 Phantoms is typically between 3 and 7 per round, which is quite a spread. Then again, even the lower of these values is still about what you might expect from 4 blue dice aces on a good day. Also, Maarek+Jendon are super reliable and stabilize the results a lot.
  13. You're mostly correct in your assumptions about my list. Also, of course I was inspired by Ginkapo's Euro list. Not only did he win swiss in a spectacular fashion, I was almost certain he would crush me in the semi-final and was quite surprised my desperate attempts to keep my squadrons alive actually worked. I learned a lot from that game and decided to try something like that myself - except I went all in on Phantoms. They really are underrated (the first time I asked a friend if he could lend me a couple of them so I could test my list his answer was more or less "Sure. But why?"). They're fragile and require careful play but they're incredibly versatile and potent against all targets. Sloane's ability to reroll crits effectively increases their damage by about 25% and helps a bit with variance. And yeah, my name could be translated as firefly (also: "will-o'-the-wisp" or "skylight"). Really laughed at "Demon Shoemaker" :D. I guess Czart just got himself a new nickname.
  14. Hmm. I wasn't contacted by FFG either (yet). Not sure if they're funding tickets/hotel for Euro champion. Oh well, we're gonna have an X-wing System Open Series tournament in Poland next weekend. I might just go ahead and ask them in person there.
  15. Well, they used to be ;). Anyway, good choice. Nice city with some stunning medieval architecture. There's also a thriving armada community there.
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