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  1. So is this a dream, and are you saving it...... Im sorry Cubanboy, i dont fully understand your statement.. its not a dream, just speculation.. and.. i am not saving it ? Last 8 secondshttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5N3fmFNSJXQ Yes ! I get it now
  2. Maybe it will be a one attack ship with two crew and four shields..
  3. So is this a dream, and are you saving it...... Im sorry Cubanboy, i dont fully understand your statement.. its not a dream, just speculation.. and.. i am not saving it ?
  4. Just guessing we will get a Phantom II in the next wave, which would be a great time to get a Saw Gerrera crew card.. Any thoughts on how his card will read ? I was thinking something along the lines of.. At the end of the combat phase take one damage to your ships hull to give one ion token to any ship in your firing arc to range 3. (2 pt crew) Any thoughts on stats for the Phantom II ?
  5. similar looking shoulder mounted rotary cannon as well..
  6. fun ! your idea for O-O-O would certainly add a different element to tactics.. since you couldn't attack the enemy you were in contact with..
  7. much better Idea than mine !
  8. BT-1 After you perform an attack that does not hit you may change 3 (blank) red dice to one (hit) O-O-O At the start of the round chose one enemy crew. that crew may not be used this turn. (cannot choose same enemy crew next turn)
  9. Maybe its the Sith in me.. but I think Triple Zero is one of the most fun characters in the Star Wars universe.. Is Marvel considered canon ? I would love to see a Triple Zero Crew card.. any thoughts on how it should read ? Perhaps a Bee Tee as well..
  10. After play testingi have decided to reduce the hull on the at-at to 10
  11. I'm wondering how I missed this thread, but more curious where you got these? What game are you using this hex grid for? Gabe, The N1 is micro machines, the other two ships are Mels.. I was originally going to use the hex for the ground portion of movement for this and my hoth campaigns (you can see many if the small ground units have hex bases above the ffg base) i am still playing with the idea.
  12. this looks like a lot of fun !
  13. I have one.. But i wanted this to be more clone wars in general and not Naboo specific.. There will absolutely be a Naboo mission, but thats not my priority.
  14. I have 3 coming in the mail from england.. Hailfire droids also..
  15. I would also like to make scum options for these ships so they could be used as old tech pirates..
  16. a couple ideas I have to begin with are making missiles and torpedoes range 4 or 5 weapons instead of range 3. I think that will give ordinance the kick that it needs to make it a more viable expenditure. for the Vulture droid, I am going to have it as an "action" convert from air unit to ground unit. each version will have different maneuver dials and allow for different tactics.
  17. Hello to all, I am working on creating an Epic sized ground and air battle for Clone Wars, similar to the battle of hoth that I made at this link https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/230472-my-battle-of-hoth-cards-rules-etc/ I am looking for assistance and inspiration from this group to assist me in this process. The photos above represent some of the models that I have finished so far, and give an idea of the direction I am headed with this. I thought it would be best to start with photos.. Models are a combination of Mels, DeAgostini, and Wotc. (I realize scale is an issue with some of the models, but this is about as good as it gets) Basically I am at the ground level here. I need several pilot card options for each ship and vehicle and all of the dials and special rules for each. I thought it would be more fun to allow the community to assist me in the creation of this project than to go it alone. It is not my intention to create a "we hate the prequels thread" (they are actually very watchable if you skip every scene with Haden and Natalie..) Thanks in advance for helping me fuel the creative process. -Shisno
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