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  1. You re-roll it using your target lock, hopefully.
  2. Thought about this and Engine (by dropping Scavenger Crane), but I figured you almost always want to Reinforce, so I thought the Hull Upgrade would be better. Could certainly try the others out though!
  3. Biggs in an x7 sounds insane. Ashoka in a YT-1300 would be cool. Vader in a Protectorate. Soontir in a StarViper (think Adv. Sensors and s-loops). Dash in Striker!
  4. So I have a bit of a different take on Boba and Nym- I know conventional wisdom is to follow the Genius+Bomblet route on Nym but I was intrigued by utilizing Minefield Mapper as a way to funnel people the way I wanted, so I put Bomblet on Boba, and I think it might be pretty good! Boba Fett- 49 VI, Bomblet, Cad Bane, Engine Captain Nym- 48 VI, TLT, EM, Cluster Mines x2, Havoc, Minefield Mapper, R4-E1 I've only been able to play 2 games with it, vs ps 11 QD and Vader Cruise Missiles and vs QD, Vessery, OL. Both times being able to place 2 Cluster Mines after place forces made the opponents fly exactly where I wanted (jousting Boba) and allowed Nym to kite for several rounds.
  5. Probably a pretty good idea, gives you another point on the bid too!
  6. This doesn't work like you might be intending. Snap Shot says you cannot attack again this phase, so I think you might be able to utilize these points more effectively. This only triggers Double Edge if you miss both TLT shots, but it is the best turret by far, so IDK if you'll want to keep it. I might go with Ion Cannon Turret instead as if it misses you can trigger your Unguided Rockets. It would also help set up Snap Shots if you choose to keep it. I'd probably strike Gunner for either Recon Specialist or Agent Kallus to help you survive a bit longer against PS 10 and 11. Probably wouldn't change this at all. It's possible to change the EPT out for an offensive modifier since the difference between PS 6 and 8 is negligible in many match-ups (this depends on what your group plays most often). All that being said, I think it may be worth swapping Double Edge for Lt. Ketsal. DE's ability, imo, works best as the top pilot with a mini-swarm as a token stripper, where Ketsal can be another high priority threat to push damage through via pilot ability. Perhaps your intial list could be altered in this way to be more effective- 98 points PILOTS Lieutenant Kestal (31) TIE Aggressor (22), Veteran Instincts (1), Twin Laser Turret (6), Lightweight Frame (2) “Whisper” (41) TIE Phantom (32), Agent Kallus (2), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) “Duchess” (26) TIE Striker (23), Veteran Instincts (1), Adaptive Ailerons (0), Lightweight Frame (2) I switched Sabacc to Duchess to give you someone who can out PS Dengar and maybe you have enough points in the bid to move after Nym. Combined with her pilot ability VI makes Duchess very difficult to pin down. Whisper takes Agent Kallus and assigns it to 1) any ship with PS 9+ or 2) the biggest threat. The problem with flying any Aggressor with these two other ships is that it will be the easiest thing to hit, and it cannot absorb many punches. Maybe that is the strategy you want though? Offer up an easy target and let Whisper and Duchess (or Sabacc, probably with Juke or Lone Wolf) hit from behind? If not you can get a properly kitted PtL Inquisitor for the same points and try to play a real feint and flank game, which sounds fun (and insanely difficult). Or you could be boring and take a Delta x7 Defender and have a 5 point bid to ensure Duchess moves last.
  7. I'm probably playing Navigator and VI on Boba. Then Intensity on Vader. I'd end up with- Boba Fett- 50 VI, Andrasta, Bomblet, Navigator, Engine Darth Vader- 36 Intensity, x1, Engine, Adv Targeting Comp Academy Pilot- 12
  8. Wouldn't play the Patrol Leader. Would add Autothrusters to both Interceptors and then add Upsilon-Class with Weapons Engineer and Targeting Synchronizer.
  9. I've tried Boba+Cad. It is interesting to be sure. I'm currently planning on trying him with a Minefield Mapper Nym- Captain Nym [48] Veteran Instincts, Twin Laser Turret, Extra Munitions, Cluster Mines x2 (for a total of 4), Havoc, Minefield Mapper, R4-E1 Boba Fett [52] Expertise, Bomblet Generator, Cad Bane, Engine Upgrade You could switch Nym's bombs for Proximity Mines to gain a 2 point bid, or you could lose Expertise for Veteran Instincts on Boba for a 3 point bid. Do both and it frees up room to give one of them a copy of Cruise Missiles and still keep the 2 point bid. I think the Engine Upgrade on Boba is great here since Nym's ability allows for a pseudo Countermeasures ability. I haven't been able to try this out yet, so I've no idea if it works.
  10. I think I've said this before; I'd write Thrawn convincing Ezra and Kanan to join him in fighting some outside enemy in uncharted space. This neatly removes the two pseudo-Jedi from the scene before the events of Rogue One (where they absolutely would have been used if they were around) while still leaving them in play for some other adventures (read: money making opportunities).
  11. Not playing Latts Razzi on Asajj is a mistake in my opinion. The synergy is too good.
  12. I know, I've flown him that way many times! The trouble is putting the action bombs on Boba doesn't work very well, I've tried it. I'm hoping they'll work better on Nym with Minefield Mapper. The idea is to use the two sets of mines to block a lane so Boba can utilize them as extra cover (via Nym's obstruction ability). Boba can move pretty well with the Engine Upgrade and Expertise plus his native rerolls should make him a dangerous offensive weapon. Nym still has the ability to drop bombs on people but turns into more of a TLT carrier which is being protected by the obstructions and Boba.
  13. I think I'd try this for Rebels: 100 points PILOTS Jake Farrell (29) A-Wing (24), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2), Intensity (2) Tycho Celchu (30) A-Wing (26), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Rage (1), Autothrusters (2), Push the Limit (3) Luke Skywalker (41) X-Wing (28), R2-D2 (4), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Expertise (4), Vectored Thrusters (2) You'll have excellent maneuverability and action economy from your A-Wings while Luke can do a green move and barrel roll every turn while still having modified offense and defense. Probably have to use the A-Wings to block for each other against Vader, Soontir, and Han while Luke tanks some damage. This list should do well against swarms though. For the Empire, assuming there are no restrictions on crew members, I'd try this maybe: 100 points PILOTS Darth Vader (36) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Intensity (2), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (1) Omicron Group Pilot (31) Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Electronic Baffle (1), Emperor Palpatine (8), Tactical Jammer (1) Tomax Bren (33) TIE Bomber (24), TIE Shuttle (0), Crack Shot (1), Lightweight Frame (2), Kylo Ren (3), Rebel Captive (3) You'll have great action economy and push crits with Vader while you use the Omicron to block and use Tomax as must kill threat that is also annoying to shoot at. You can use Palpatine to help push crits for Kylo or you can use him in combination with Lightweight Frame to keep Tomax alive longer. I chose Baffle over Collision Detector or FCS (if you drop Jammer) so you could stand some chance of turning around or if you had a favorable blocking position you could keep revealing speed 0.
  14. You can't actually do this; you can only drop one bomb each turn.
  15. I've been thinking about this some but I think the 5-6 dice Cruise Missile will average more damage than the 6-8 dice Cluster Missile. On the Cluster Missile you won't get any re-rolls and you can only use Guidance Chips on 1 die throughout the two rolls whereas the Cruise Missile allows you to use the TL to re-roll blank results (past the 1 you can change with GC). A 5 dice F+TL+GC attack (equivalent to speed 3 Cruise Missile from N'Dru) against a 1 Agility ship with no tokens is expected to do something close to 4.6 damage while an 8 dice Cluster Missile attack with F+GC is expected to deal 3.3+2.6 vs a 1 agility ship. The 6 dice Cruise Missile from N'Dru with TL+F+GC is 5.6 expected damage. If we change the defender to a 2 dice ship with no tokens we get 5.2 expected from the 6 dice Cruise and 2.25+2.9 from the Clusters. A 3 dice defender with no tokens is expected to take 1.9+2.6 from 8 Clusters and 4.8 from 6 Cruise. So it looks to me like Cruise Missiles are close enough in expected damage against low agility ships, and better against high agility and/or defenders with tokens that, considering the other benefits inherent in Cruise Missiles (being able to fire from range 3, then close to range 1 for N'Dru's normal 4 dice primary vs firing from range 1 or 2 and being unable to shoot the following round, being a point cheaper, being easier to trigger N'Dru's extra dice and focus fire with another ship) I think I like sticking with the Cruise Missile.
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