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  1. IT'S HAPPENING (yay flesh ripper article)

    Depends on if the Flesh Rippers come equipped with the “Plot Armour” upgrade. Otherwise “only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise”
  2. New Ship Design for Solo

    You know, post Last Jedi disappointment, I was ready to forget about Solo but that trailer looks pretty good fun
  3. Tyrants of Lothal

    That’s absolutely true. Last RTL campaign I ran a conjurer and apothecary and it was a logistical exercise keeping track of them all
  4. I imagine Descent 3e will use a similar system to IA with the Overlord gaining “Threat” per round (which, if you’re not familiar with IA, is spent to purchase reinforcements). Nice way to balance the groups/ game while allowing different groups to have different power levels (and opens Descent 3e up to having a Skirmish game grafted on top!)
  5. It’s a shame because it’s a great game. Seems to be struggling to get an audience. I picked up two core sets for less than £100 then spent £400 on expansions so I’m sure by some measure I’ve been financially prudent 😳
  6. Ah ok I see the sequence (sorry Bucho) Trail of Riches (1 fatigue spent but actionless) setting off Gold Rush (up to 5 movement points) but still allowing both a move action (5 more) plus her heroic feat (10 spaces) plus remaining 4 stamina to move. 24 movement / spaces (in combination) plus a search and attack without a stamina potion, Elven Boots, Trinket or anything else. Blimey that’s pretty impressive too. Compares to 25 with Fleet of Foot in similar circumstances (5 stamina to get 10 movement points, move action then heroic) but, of course, the Treasure Hunter starts with the Dead Mans Trinket. Of course, this all relies on having a search token 😁
  7. Well not really, trail of riches only widens the search radius. It doesn’t add movement points.
  8. I think her heroic feat is an action so she’d only get one additional move action which limits that combo to 21 iicc (if I counted correctly). Without stamina potion or Elven Boots the Trinket/ dungeoneer/ Gold Rush/ Heroic combo gives 20 but an additional search and free attack added in. Thats the sound of all the dwarves crying btw
  9. Oft yeah that is even faster then. Elven Boots - 1 space 5 stamina - 10 spaces Boring old Move action - 5 spaces (since age doesn’t use Dungeoneer) stamina potion - 10 more spaces Heroic Feat - 10 more spaces 36 spaces!
  10. My gf and I were playing RTL the other day with her as Jain / Treasure Hunter. She had Dungeoneer, Gold Rush, Dead Mans Trinket and Elven Boots which made her outrageously mobile. With a stamina potion and her heroic feat she could get just about anywhere. This got me thinking, is Jain/ Treasure Hunter the fastest hero in the game? With the right load out and just ONE stamina potion I reckon she can use her heroic feat and dungeoneer to attack twice AND search AND move up to 26 spaces! Assuming she starts close to a chest she exhausts the trinket for 1, Elven Boots +1, 4 stamina to move, 1 stamina to activate dungeoneer (first action), gain up to 5 movement points from Gold Rush, Free attack (from dungeoneer), drink stamina potion, use up to 5 stamina to move again, activate heroic feat (2nd action), move 10 then attack again. Add in Survey skill (+1 fatigue!) and Ring of Power (+1 fatigue) and that’s her got an extra 4 movement to work from (30 spaces!) Assuming we limit her to no stamina potions we can only move a measly 21 (or 23 with Survey/ RoP) Can anyone match this? Or even come close? (I’m sort of worried I may have miscounted and/ or made a drastic rules error! You can move as many spaces up to stamina right? It’s not limited to two like in IA is it?) Happy Monday theorycrafting
  11. The Defense of Thelys token behavior

    I opened the door to that section of the map while the rest of the team were miles away. My GF was not impressed 😁 Fortunately, she was playing as Jane/ Treasure Hunter so, with her heroic feat, Elven Boots, Dead Mans Trinket, ridiculous skill set and a stamina potion, there aren’t many places on a map she can’t get to (and back from)
  12. Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    I’m now imagining an Uthuk mum saying “eat up your human or else Ravos will come and get you” ”awww mum....”
  13. Runewars Versus: A Farewell to Arms

    Uthuk ranged will do 4 auto wounds per tray at range 1-5 no LOS needed. 😁 #uthukpowercreep #justkidding
  14. Runewars Versus: Fields of Fire

    Does the left behind faction start with a “D” and end with an “aqan”?
  15. Future Units

    Only available in a 1x1 deployment costing 201 pts