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  1. I listen in the car or if I’m out for a long run. Having two or three hour long podcasts helps take my mind off the boredom of a long run.
  2. Suhawk75

    Where does Runewars go next?

    Oh and when FFG announce the new Dwarf mercenaries unit for Daqan I’ll happily admit my error and buy 4 boxes 😁
  3. Suhawk75

    Where does Runewars go next?

    Ok deep breath! I’m aware this won’t make me popular but I have a depressing feeling that this might be it for Runewars. My personal impression from the FLGS I visit in Scotland is that the game isnt selling and never really has (local impression, personal experience, single data point etc) Most of the FLGS here have discounted stock and now dropped the game (or never had enough interest to pick it up). My experience is, off course, limited but I’m certainly not the only one who has mentioned this sort of thing in these forums. Common Ground in Stirling was the most active for Runewars support but even they have not ordered any of the new releases (sad face). Our regional in Aug/ Sept got 8 which is decent until you realise that I dragged two other (non-players) there and two came from 250 miles away. So the active local player base is very limited here (and seemingly elsewhere) With the best will in the world, that might not be sustainable for FFG (of course the lack of licence is one thing in our favour) I don’t need to say that I’m hoping I’m 100% wrong. The game is GREAT and (post Ironman) I’m hoping to do some community building among friends. Even if FFG drop it, it’ll remain my favourite miniature game for a long time. I also promise not to post any “has FFG dropped this game?” Threads 😁
  4. I really enjoy listening to the podcast and I’m really looking forward to the community building one. You’re certainly in the top 3 Runewars podcasts 😁😁 The only criticism I have is I do think it’s too long sometimes. 90 (ish) mins is a fair chunk to keep filling with good quality content. I felt the wild speculation part this time could easily have been cut down or taken out as I don’t think it added much. I certainly felt my attention wandering (admittedly after a tough day at work when I was driving home) I hope you don’t mind constructive (hopefully constructive anyway) feedback Thanks for all the work that goes into the production.
  5. Suhawk75

    Seeds of Corruption artifact question

    Apart from or is there anything else that it can be used for?
  6. Suhawk75

    SoC free the prisoners quest question

    We weren’t even sure if the Zombies would attack captive prisoners as it seemed really unlikely that any in the top half would survive.
  7. I’m not sure I’d call it a **** show. 2.0 release seems to be fine overall. The game (2.0) itself is solid. Loads of supply available at FLGS and other outlets. Components in my core set are nice. Some people have had quality issues with some plastic but that’s not surprising in a launch of this scale (and hopefully the FFG returns department will be on the ball) The app IS a mess (by all accounts - I’ve not downloaded it myself yet) but that can be rectified pretty quickly. Issues with the physical launch are much harder to sort and FFG seem to have got that side of things, more or less, right.
  8. Suhawk75

    What are you buying today ?

    Went to my FLGS yesterday (!!) and got the core, Rebel and Imp conversion kits plus extra dice and the promo damage deck. Now I just need time to open them.
  9. New toys = new meta? (Is Runewars is big enough to have a meta?) Be interesting to see the new builds that come out and are proven to be effective
  10. Suhawk75

    Larger than 200 point games

    I really fancy trying a BIG 400pt game on, say, a 9x4 board. Prob have to increase the round limit from 8 to 12ish. Lots more space to manoeuvre and have two commanders per side.
  11. Suhawk75

    Army Storage

    I use boxes. Lots of boxes. And the floor. The floor holds the boxes up really well. We cant use the dining room anymore except for board games but that’s alright by me (and I pay the mortgage). Apparently other people eat in this space??? Once we outgrow the dining room I’ll have to knock a wall down or get one of the kids to sleep in the garage (I’ll give him a sleeping bag - I’m not a monster)
  12. May spend an inspiration to gain Protected 2? Limits the amount of damage mitigation and takes account of the value of an inspiration
  13. Suhawk75

    Rebel TIE/ln : What it is good for?

    This is a game where we push plastic space ships about a board going "Pew Pew Pew". 😀
  14. Suhawk75

    Daqan v Uthuk - Remember Seragart . . .

    Nice match report (and I’m biased as I play as Daqan) 😁
  15. Having just started putting together my GW Elven Union Blood Bowl team I now understand why Ravos is so **** angry.