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  1. Suhawk75

    Regionals Results Thread

    Can I ask which nationals you have coming up?
  2. Suhawk75

    Portcullis in Road to Legend

    Bit of thread necro. We played The Archive yesterday and
  3. Suhawk75

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    It’s really not.
  4. Suhawk75

    Han Solo Sculpt

    Then Han will have a huge body and tiny tiny head like an inverse Tyrannosaur Rex
  5. Suhawk75

    Future Mechanics?

    More units - great More factions - awesome More mechanics - hmmmm depends. I really don’t want tons of rules bloat. There is plenty of design space within the framework of the existing rule set (the dual dial system is fabulous for this). I don’t want this to end up like X-wing 1sr Edition with dozens of reference cards needed beyond the core rule set. Just my 2 cents/ euros/ pence (depending on location)
  6. Suhawk75

    Starting the Latari elves

    Oh my.
  7. Suhawk75

    Timeline of Terinoth

  8. Suhawk75

    Does ffg still care about this game ?

    You know, you and your family don’t have to eat EVERY day right? 😁
  9. Suhawk75

    Does ffg still care about this game ?

    The Last Jedi (no matter what we think of it personally) made 1.3 billion at box office. I know Solo is allegedly struggling to match up (only £100 million in four days compared to TFA making over twice that in the same timeframe) but it might have a longer tail than expected (if word of mouth is good). The Star Wars brand is NOT the same as it was true (probably to be expected given the fact we’ve had 4 films in 5 years) but it’s not dead quite yet
  10. Suhawk75

    New article: Spined threshers

    FFG took forever to errata the card for Jumpmasters in X-wing despite it being clearly broken. I suspect we’ll see a Rune Golem “fix” (which will be half a fix) in a future expansion.
  11. Suhawk75

    New article: Spined threshers

    Seriously though, compare Rune Golems (17pts) to Spined Threshers at 18. How did the designers decide that these two units are even remotely comparable in terms of efficiency? This is not a case of power creep happening over 10 waves (see X-wing 1st ed), the base game has barely been out 18 months. 10 damage vs 8 damage to kill one (with a the RG suffering weakness to mortal strikes) A useful, PASSIVE (ie cost free) AOE ability which synergises with their attack to give free rerolls vs nothing at all A white secondary move, turning charge and initiative 4 attack vs the worst dial in the game. For one point! I know people say that Rune Golems are arguably the worst unit in the game and shouldn’t be used as a comparison but you cannot excuse poor planning or design by saying “well this bit of design is slightly less crap” Daqan players don’t have access to another siege unit. Waqar players don’t have access to any heroes even as remotely as strong as Ravos (well no one does). If either a Daqan or Waqar make the Top 4 of a National I’ll eat a nice cake in celebration
  12. Suhawk75

    New article: Spined threshers

    So.... are Uthuk broken? (discussion part 47...)
  13. Only if his magic sword has precisely zero magic abilities (except being really pointy) On the wizard side of things I’d love a unique alchemist siege unit type. As a infantry upgrade he’d be the standard bolt caster (not much different in mechanics to a powerful Fire Tune) but in siege engine mode he’d be operating some sort of arcane alchemy cannon. Tons of threat and damage (red, red, blue ranged?) with a reasonable chance of the cannon blowing up (on double surge?) Would make rerolls fraught with interesting choices.
  14. Suhawk75


    Oh my. One of my closest FLGS is holding a Runewars Regional (Common Ground in Stirling)
  15. Suhawk75

    Legendary Dice

    My son. In every single game!