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  1. I'm about to try a very similar list but a scum one with Nym and 2 black sun assassins with snapshot ^^
  2. Foxtr0t

    PS 9 Pilots

    I'm hoping for the Volt Cobra (Sana pilot, Solo pilot?) or Lady Luck (or both). But before Solo won the Falcon he surely had another ship so wiat and see! Don't get me wrong I love the Falcon but we don't need a third one, if it would come to scum just print some cards in a Most Wanted like expansion.
  3. Good idea! Another thing : why did they invented the U-Wing for Rogue One when there were those cool gunships in Shattered Empire?
  4. If you add a crewslot to the Y-Wing, you kill the HWK-290... Hope there will be good pilots with EPT for the Y-Wing (even if I only play scums)
  5. Foxtr0t


    What about Bugatti? ^^
  6. If the Consortium would appear why wouldn't they put some in Guns for Hire? Skeptical I am...
  7. Only 2 cannon slots and 1 is used by the upgrade we're talkin about so if it makes you fire twice it would be primary+cannon.
  8. Probably not the Illicit as it seams to be "when you become the active ship" then it's uncommon to have tokens to throw away with jam at this moment ^^'
  9. Or put it on a Raging ship and Rage twice (or 3 times if Shadowcaster)?
  10. Maybe it does but it's not written on the reference card so you need it printed on the base.
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