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  1. @BiggsIRL am so sorry for your loss Biggs. Hope you’re bearing up.
  2. @Bertie Wooster of course. Sorry I couldn’t play. Being overwhelmed by work at a time when trying to learn a new game wasn’t fun for me and wasn’t cool for you guys. Sorry again.
  3. I haven’t been able to play or be online at all this week sorry guys. Work is very intense. Apologies. Last thing I did was ask @LTD to retreat all my forces to my homeworld. Sorry again.
  4. Hey everyone! @ebon hawk and I need 11 players minimum for our scenario please. So four more is needed please!
  5. @idjmv I’ll order everything back to my homeworld again - but I tried last time and that didn’t work
  6. The Preyhold Autarchy would welcome a good, clean and swift death. We would prefer it best if such a fate would come at the hands of @Matt3412 who tried at least to explain this game to me! Failing that, my lords: fill your boots!
  7. ++COMMS OPEN++ ~~GREETINGS MEATBAGS & SUPERIOR ARTIFICIAL LIFEFORMS!~~ ~~It is I, HK/PR-3Y3R with an urgent request~~ ~~Please proceed to Planet Telos, Industrial Zone 64, Manufacturing level 15, HK sub level (designation: KOTOR2) for area unlock~~ ~~NOTE: due to high toxicity atmospherics, Meatbags should wear survival suits. Superior Artificial lifeforms should bring weaponry designed to puncture survival suits~~
  8. Congratulations to @idjmv on his baronetcy’s early and effective rush against my forces. I should have studied the map better and conducted better diplomacy with my neighbours accordingly. Let all know that the Preyhold Autarchy is nigh certain that elimination is imminent having been both soundly confused and soundly beaten! So beware IDJMV’s power! And mine own revenge when (in a future game) I am back to get thee! Bon chance all!
  9. Glad I’m not the only one struggling a bit!
  10. Lord Preyer

    Politics can be Deadly (Mafia)

    Bravo @Madaghmire - also, delighted to see a third party win at last!
  11. My lords! Alas I beg your further forgiveness but my Autarch Empress hath me bound by most solemn pledge to a belated Valentine’s Date and thus my Comms must be black this evening!
  12. Alternatively... the Preyhold Autarchy was trying to get to grips with the game and erred! Sorry if I’ve blundered into somewhere I’d agreed not to be @idjmv but it may indeed be best for you @Bertie Wooster to teach me a lesson now, take me out of the game and then I can observe how to actually play this thing! No hard feelings!
  13. Sorry - was quoting my spreadsheet. Thought that was different. Yes, I requested Industry +3 at a cost of starting force.