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  1. Congratulations to @EbonHawk and @CaribbeanNinja! And Ben - your reasonableness made it hard for me to press you!
  2. I read you as Distracted Town throughout. I just don’t think the King of Scum scummarines!
  3. I am 2/2 losses to Scum Ben on this forum this year. Also Town is 2/2 on losses in games as a result of killing me at LyLo. I would welcome feedback on why I seem incapable of persuading you guys to believe me! Seriously, what am I doing wrong here please?!
  4. You’re my TT. fair enough. ##unvote ##vote @Bertie Wooster
  5. I have GNIP as Town too for his posting and sharing and insistence.
  6. I’m fairness to the last minute point, I have been raising this matter for some hours.
  7. Possible. It’s why I haven’t pushed him so far. But it is well within his player scope to be shadowing Town/executing a pocket. But as I say, I jump at Ebon’s Scum shadow all the time! Hence my focus on CNinja instead now.
  8. I might be in a CNinja tunnel here. What do others see when they read his game please?
  9. True. But the tone and feel of it felt Towny.
  10. (Most) of CNinja’s game (missing some early D1 stuff). Any errors were my fault but NOT intentional.
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