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  1. Defeated an SSD and VSD and Bomber Wing combo with my Sloane SSD Sickness list on the first activation of turn four. Grand Admiral Sloane, Command Prototype, Mr & Mrs Jendon-Steele, Howlrunner, Mauler, Soontir, Dengar. I choose to be First Player and selected Solar Corona. Turn 1 - he Alpha strikes me with Bombers. QLT and Mauler respond suitably. Turn 2 - I wipe out his squads. Begin bombardment of VSD and SSD. Turn 3 - Aces hit VSD. SSD continues bombardment. His SSD cripples mine. Turn 4 - Aces hit SSD. SSD pops VSD and SSD. Lessons: staple DCO and Gunnery Team to your SSD. Consider stapling Kallus and QLT too. Alpha strike super carriers luuuuurve being first player.
  2. Wow! I can only hope that you do someday get permission to publish that! Heir to the Empire is my favourite Star Wars story of all time!
  3. I imagine I am not alone in saying if you and/or @Drasnighta published your proposed points values either jointly or separately lots of us would salute and play accordingly!
  4. Please do! Here's what I took for a spin tonight I’ve run basically this three games now against a Liberty-Raddus list, a double Ackbar MC80 list and a Rebel Bomber Aces List. Won all three without being crippled. SSD Assault Prototype (250)• Grand Admiral Thrawn (32)• Agent Kallus• Intel Officer • Damage Control Officer (5)• Gunnery Team (7)• Leading Shots (4)• Heavy Ion Emplacement • H9s • Quad Battery turbolasers • Ravager (4) • Point defence reroute• Quad Laser Turrets Morna Kee Bossk
  5. That’s a shame! But thank you! We better tell the MotF guys too. I guess Thrawn’s SSD utility just decreased.
  6. Thanks CV! I tried a variant of this just today with @TheCallum: Krennic QBT DCO LS HIE H9 Ravager I used Thrawn CF’s because I feared sliver and having seen Master of the Fleet am liking the fact that Thrawn’s “Reveal” dial stipulation adds the token to the SSD as well. Hope I got that right @Drasnighta!
  7. Hi! Am looking for a way to integrate my two fan favourites here. But, how? And, why? How: what combination of SSD type, upgrades and Thrawn dials could actually add value? Why: would you choose any of these over Piett or officer slot uses instead? All advice welcome please!
  8. “Thrawn...the last command” 👏
  9. Sorry to everyone who may have been interested in this game that I vanished instead of saying ‘can’t do this now! Sorry!’ I would like to play a game of Mafia if someone else is modding. I’ll try and earn back the right to mod one with @ebon hawk in the future. Again, my apologies!
  10. Hi LTD! Thanks for the ping and to @Matt3412 for pinging too. Sorry I’m out for this game but I like the evolution of it and it looks like something I could play down the line. Sorry also I’ve been offline for so long. Work/life has been intense as @ebon hawk and @PodRacer can attest. Would love to play mafia again with you guys though please! Cheers!
  11. Wonderful notes and wonderful play Bertie - thank you so very much indeed sir! I will study and PM thee! (and sorry again everyone especially @LTD for crashing out - will learn my lesson for next time!)
  12. @BiggsIRL am so sorry for your loss Biggs. Hope you’re bearing up.
  13. @Bertie Wooster of course. Sorry I couldn’t play. Being overwhelmed by work at a time when trying to learn a new game wasn’t fun for me and wasn’t cool for you guys. Sorry again.
  14. I haven’t been able to play or be online at all this week sorry guys. Work is very intense. Apologies. Last thing I did was ask @LTD to retreat all my forces to my homeworld. Sorry again.
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