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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to mouthymerc in What sold you on Star Wars?   
    In the 70s here in the Great White North (Ontario specifically) there were only 3 ratings; (No classification), Adult and Restricted. Star Wars would have fallen into the (No Classification) category at the time. I remember going back to see the movie many times with just my siblings; me 10, my brother 9, and my sister 8. We would stay all day at the theater hiding and sneaking back in to watch another viewing. Did this just about every weekend after it opened.
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to Nightone in Alternate timeline exercise   
    At the end of the Clone Wars and the near annihilation of the Jedi, the disturbtion of the force was to immens for the kyber-crystals, they lost 90% of they powers.
    Therefore the empire found a way to use the remains of the crystals to augment Vibroblades and Exo-Suits.
    In particulla the ones for Darth Maul (left) and Darth Vader (middle)
    In this alternate Galaxys Vader found out about Sidious former pupil and used him to destroy his Master, but since Anakin/Vader never was the kind of political leader the empire broke down and he took of with the remnants of the fleet and his new found pupil/ partner in crime Maul and becoming more of a warlord than an Emperor, just living to bring havoc to the galaxys.
    Since the empire was no more as well as the republic, a lot of fractions build up theire powers and the the galaxys is in an permanent state of civil- and border-War.
    one of these Fractions is the Alderaans Freedom Corps, lead by Bail Organa. he united about 15 systems around the alderaanian sector, when he found out that the infamous Warlord Vader has plans to take over some sstems near to his territory with somekind of Superweapon.
    To find out more about this the Alderaans Freedom Corps sets out to a undercover mission but is detected and destroyed by the sith-warlords. only a tiny (well known) R2-unit is able to escape just be found on Tatooine, where two farmers (Owen and Beru Lars) had found him and are slaugthered in the process of Vader finding the droid. The leftovers of R2 are rebuild to an table (middle) in the most beloved cantina of the Warlords.
    finding out about this the adoptiv son of the Lars, called luke, decides to get his revenge on the Sith, therefore he went to the Alderaans Freedoms Corps (since they also have a lot of grudge against the Warlords) where he finds out about to things: first he is a overly gifted swordsfighter and that his new Squad commander Leia Organa is his twin sibling... (since Bail is still alive he was able to tell them).
    Later on they met an correlian freelacer called Solo who had lost two things to Vader: first his jar due to an strike of the vibroblade and second his best friend the wookie chewbacca that tried to save his friend... vader took the wookies fur as trophie of that day. (to be seen right behind vader as the fur is used to soften his seat!!)
    The Alpha-team decides to bring vader and Maul finally down and set a trapp in the formerly mentioned cantina, where (from left to right) Han, Luke and Leia engaded the to Sith-Warlord Maul and Vader (sitting on the remains of Chewie and R2).
    Since the cantina is not soly used by the Sith (even so the symbols on the celling declaring it as theire territory) we can see a wandering bard... Boba Fett, he decided after the cruelety of the clone Wars he had to see in his childhood that he don´t want to be like his father and rebells by went on with Jizz-Rock musik. Right now he is on an galaxys-wide tournee with an well known Bith-Jizzgroup ^^)
    and that is the scene we see here the moment the trap close, and the Sith-Warlord beeing fully aware of it... let the battle commence!
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to Blackbird888 in Question about some Sourcebooks   
    Depends on what you need or are looking for.
    Keeping the Peace is a pretty good overall book, but it is the Guardian Sourcebook, so if you don't have anybody who'd be interested in that then you'd probably won't want it. Armor crafting is nice, though. Pretty good gear section, and it has the VCX-100 (the Ghost's model). Lords of Nal Hutta is pretty much a lore book, and it condenses much of the details from Star Wars on Hutt Space. It's a good inspiration for some, but if you don't plan to include the Hutt Cartel or Hutt Space, it might not be worth it. Nexus of Power is also a lore book, but it covers stuff that has a lot to do with the Force; certainly can be used by all three game, but again, it depends on what your plans are. The gear section is slimmer than the other two, so if you just want player options, you can probably pass.
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to KungFuFerret in The Darksaber   
    Oooh!  you could even call the group  "The Custodians"  !!  
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to KungFuFerret in The Darksaber   
    Hmm, that gives me an idea for a small cult, or lost order of people, who have zero Force ability, but have trained to use the Lightsabers, and are familiar with the Jedi teachings.   Holding on to those teachings and lore, in the hopes that some day, someone who actually could harness the Force (or perhaps one of their members someday) and make use of the weapons and the teachings.   
    Perhaps one of them was a mundane person working at the temple as an assistant, and he watched them train every day with the sabers...a Sweeper perhaps, just sweeping up the dust, don't mind me.  He survived the purge, because he wasn't a Force user at all, but he squirreled away a few sabers, and what bit of the lore he could steal away, and found some other people to teach it to.  Hoping just by sheer odds that one of them might have Force affinity, but if not, at least the knowledge was preserved.   
    An interesting group for a bunch of Force sensitive PC's to run into for their sabers and training.
    Yesss.....yeeeessssssss......*steeples fingers*
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to Sturn in What sold you on Star Wars?   
    I built an AT-AT out of plywood large enough to have a cockpit for my AT-AT drivers and a large area in the body for stormtroopers. It was painted white with an instrumental panel inside the cockpit and I stole a piece of my older brother's window tinting for a see-through windshield. BUT, the legs were a huge problem. I tried, but at my young age I couldn't figure out how to get it to stand on 4 articulated legs without falling over. In the end, it was a modified ST-AT - Snow Terrain Armored Transport with two large skis under the body. I think it's still in my mother's basement somewhere? I gotta go find that thing. It probably doesn't look as cool as I remember it though.
    Edit: I also made a small jedi / rebel base thingy (more of a castle) out of gravel and cement. I had battles in it with my Star Wars miniatures. Until I looked out one day and some distant cousin (visiting my grandparents next door) was pounding it to dust with large rocks. If I had a true lightsaber I would probably be typing this message from a detention block library computer.
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to Sturn in What sold you on Star Wars?   
    An 8 year farm boy in a world without home computers, smart phones, Ipads, or VCRs and only 2 channels on TV walks into a theater in '77 and sees fabulous special effects tell a story of space magic, knights with glow swords, space pirates, awesome space battles, rescue of a space princess, and it all ends with the farm boy discovering his magical powers and saving the galaxy at the end. It would have been extremely odd if I didn't instantly become a fan boy.
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to Ricky Olie in What sold you on Star Wars?   
    I think I watched all the Star Wars movies and loved them before I was 5, around when Episode 1 came out. 
    I don't remember why or when I liked Star Wars, I just sort of always have.
    Oddly enough when I was a little kid all my friends liked the prequels the most, because they had fancy CGI battles, yet something about ANH always vibed with me and has stayed my favorite to this day.
    I also thought the romance scenes in Episode 2 were lame as a kid, even more now that I recognized how poorly written they were, which might have affected my opinions of that movie, if it was all Obi-Wan being a galactic space detective I would have loved it. But the Ani-Padme stuff was just not my thing.
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to DarkHorse in Character Artwork Thread   
    More than anything, this thread is reminding/encouraging me that I should investigate getting a few commissions done somehow.
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    Mandalore the Ultimate reacted to Drathen in Rebels Season 2 Sourcebook "From the Ashes" in the making   
    Thank you GM Chris!
    Of course it means a lot to hear that from you and the community
    I am sure Jaspor or myself will reach out to you guys of course !!
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