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  1. I think Order of Battle would be really cool. Harder if you don't own a huge collection (which I know you do). YUP... EPIC requires (& how cool is dat?!) that you have three to nine of every ship... the good ships that make it STAR WARS. I think it's been an hour since that sweet y-wing cartoon. Would appreciate another
  2. All of this looks awesome. The hype is real!
  3. I get what you mean, but is there any objective data that shows that X-Wing has a better tournament turnout than 40k or Warmachine? More to the point, do we have any objective data to support that an objective based format would make for a lower turnout at tournaments or hurt sales? The answer is of course no, because it's never really been tried. I don't care for change for the sake of change. But I'm willing to consider that objective based play may be a better game, it is at least worth putting a little time and effort into to and see if something worthwhile could be created. Yeah I said arguably because the biggest once a year warhammer 40k tourney gets like 200-300 people (las vegas open)... x has had multiple of those size events this year. And sales wise, I read something posted on these forums a few months ago. I could be wrong, and if I am, that's cool too. Really wasn't the point of my post L O L. But sure, why not.
  4. Based on what exactly? Sales? That doesn't prove it works better only that it sells better. Also the chart we like to point to doesn't actually tell the whole story. I disagree with the basic premise of the OP. Missions may change the meta, but there will still be 3-5 lists that work best in the given environment, so that really doesn't change. The only that changes is what ships make up those lists. But that doesn't mean objective based tournaments couldn't work or wouldn't be popular. Sales and tournament turn-out (If that is even a word? You get what I mean).
  5. L O L this thread has blown up a bit. Let's take something that is working extremely well. Arguably better than any hobby at this time except for magic. Now lets f*** it up fam. Put in missions. While we're at it, throw in magic phase....the force does exist, why is it only represented through dice manipulation? There should be a magic phase. Also, let's go deeper. Turn 0 should be a 'leave the hangar phase', we can give ships advanced deployment or something. That's some s***. Are we goofed yet? No. Not quite. 100 points is too limiting to casual players because it is. Make it 115 points 234 points minimum, but with like 30 points of sideboard cards depending on faction (of course rebels get more because they suckkkkkkkkkkkkk). Oh and true, asteroids aren't actually close in space. Plus, I always hit them. Optional obstacles. Fix the meta without changing a single card. Gimme love team, I did it. edit: some formatting errors, 115 pts too low.
  6. Cluster missiles with Chimps and no focus gives you a 3.5% chance of getting 10 hits. If you can pop glittersim, you can bump that up to 40% of 10 hits, 33% of 9 hits, and 18% of 8 hits. chimps
  7. The perpetrator committed the crime. The victim erred when he knocked over his ship, then gave the cheater range two as per the rules and (misplaced) good faith. Those two acts are unrelated. One is intentional and obviously practiced cheating, the other is accidental. The latter does nothing to justify the cheating of the former. Looking at majorjuggler's numbers, he couldn't have been at range two. With that, the dude was cheating somehow. What I was just saying, was that the nudge really f**** everything up since he replaced the bumped model out of range 1 on his own accord before range was officially declared.
  8. Didn't the lambda player toss his ship back and put it where he thought it belongs? Which was outside of range 1. I am in no way defending cheating, but L O L for a multi-forum witch trial I think we need a better case.
  9. inquisitor = stinky inky ghost = ghosteroni z-95 = z-wing And then a little trend is growing.... darth vader = diggity viggity dengar = diggity dash rengar = dig riggity soontir fel = shiggity lambda = lambdiggity bosk (and bigs) = biggity wampa = wampiggity
  10. Bren is the real deal. And I don't think I am being hyperbolic because it is new. I was playing him with fleet officer and cool hand + 31 point inquisitor + VI, tie/d, ion cannon vessery. Super dope squadron. Giving out free focus to two of the best jousters in x-wing is dope AF.
  11. I can feel your anger. It gives you focus, makes you stronger. BB - 2020
  12. Normally, their customer service is on point. Just send one again with smaller images.
  13. X-wing is incredible right now. Every ship in imperials is being played at an extremely competitive level (except for the punisher...poor punisher), a bunch of different list with jumpmasters (dengaroo, uboats, tel trevura stuff, etc), dash builds for rebels, control builds for rebels, ghost builds, brobots, a-wing swarms, tie swarms, tlt-swarms, scum control lists -- it is amazing! Anyone complaining either has a crap playgroup, or has not looked at list juggler and seen how diverse the meta has become.
  14. I flew tomax+coolhand+fleet office+mk2, 31 point inquisitor, and vessery+tie/d+ion cannon. Super fun, wonky ps8 aces list. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend the list to anyone who enjoys slapping down a butt ton of tokens each turn.
  15. Solid dash build that's seen decent competitive success (not on the same scale as uboats, crackswarms, or impaces, but still some): Dash, PtL, title, kanan crew, hlc, eu -- 58 Lothal Rebel, autoblaster turret, FCS, han solo crew, hera crew (here you can drop the crew and up to chopper, pretty interchangable) Note: it's a super fun list to play. To me, it plays like a cousin to the old RAC+soontir fel builds we saw ~ wave 6/7. Cheers!
  16. Could you post the link to this batrep. Couldn't find it on juggler. Thanks!
  17. Nah the game templates need a fix. I think you should have a template to measure between your ships and your templates. Because, you know, one set of templates lacks accuracy compared to two sets of templates.
  18. LOL this reminds me of how on some of the early waves you could find fingerprints on the models. Super sad, but also hilarious. Classic.
  19. chervorlovesu

    Food Wing

    I like this a lot. Sounds super fun, and ultra helpful. You could also separate donation categories into one time buff types. Loaf of bread: shield token, Bag of veggies: focus chip, Box of spaghetti/crackers/stuffing: evade chip. Again, a donation charity tourney is a great idea, I love it, and will bring it up with my flgs. Cheers!
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