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  1. Why not only over 8 hp. Only affects k-wings/punishers (womp womp) and doesn't limit design in the future.
  2. Huge sleeper hit. I love countdown and sabacc and the title.
  3. I know Asajj and Ketsu are doing well at a highly competitive level, but I want to know where the sabine caster lists are. She seems great. Lets take some time to discuss builds, tactics, and batreps of our favorite girl in one of our newest fleet additions.
  4. You can print them off of the website as well as many other sources (x-wing wiki comes to mind). These are fully legal for tournaments as they are classified under 'official documents.'
  5. Can't tell if this is a troll post or not.
  6. Aside from the major notables, some other top dogs were Inquisitor and Mind-link.
  7. While the shifting nature of the general meta (if there's really one you can put your thumb on) may box out some brobots players, I really think burnout (playing same list too many times) has a lot to do with it. The list options have not changed very much since they first came out.
  8. Yeah... I have six tie bombers and really have only flown one a handful of times.
  9. I listened to it all over one sitting. Really liked the part where judge rulings were discussed.
  10. The only thing these two things have in common are the crew slots + system... I think they will serve different roles. For instance: you can take two u wings with some upgrades and a lean dash (Jeff Berling's 2015 nationals version), and that sounds pretty cool.
  11. Got mine for the reclining seat RPX at Fenway park
  12. Just make it so >3 stressed you cannot shoot. Simple. Tycho errata FAQ.
  13. Just be a good person and tell him what's up. Don't jump to conclusions, freak out, or snap-ban from the store. Just approach the individual and say, "Hey, lots of people think you've been cheating. Clean your act up." If the person is just sloppy (trust me, I know a person who is completely removed from the games he plays), just let them know to not play in high-level tournaments where that kind of behavior is 100% unacceptable. Easy. Most people aren't trying to be bad people. Just be deliberate, clear, and concise. You will know immediately from the person's response if they had nefarious intentions.
  14. Can't you play it with one of the upsilon's w/ coordinate so rac can take EU and kylo and still get both actions?
  15. There's a reason why a subset of x-wing tournament goers wished the championship coins were made of soap...
  16. Paul Heaver lost worlds. Democrats lost presidency. Jumpmasters lost deadeye. Cubs won world series. Europe lost Britain. Forums lost PGS. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which side you are on, this has been a year of extremely surprising and contentious results that we as the FFG forum dwellers can not really influence.
  17. Push the Limit - because design limitations- ruins design space for ships and contorts our perspective of what makes a 'good' ept. Dishonorable mention: autothrusters - because of prohibitive cost - 'Hey kid, you like star wars x-wing and want to play tie fighters? Well good, now you need to buy starvipers that you will never play until they are fixed.'
  18. Fuzzywookie no questions asked. Almost every time he posts I die laughing.
  19. I also have his stuff, it really looks great! Just takes a LONG time to ship from overseas. I agree with the list from Khyros above, but get 5 critical hit tokens and actually use them. You will lose a token or two here and there, so I bought pleny extra when I got mine. Are the target locks the same dimensions (or very similar) as the carboard ones?
  20. Nurgle's influence stretches beyond the grimdark future... it also goes back to a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away....
  21. Probably should give a cleanliness award, too. Hand out bars of soap shaped like challenge coins and sample cologne packets shaped like acrylic tokens.
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