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  1. I know we saw there are promos for the characters, but I was wondering if anyone knew the count of each. Thanks!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/239581703175867/ here's a link to the RW MA group
  3. FFG customer service is amazing. I sent them a request for a new 'peg bit' (the part that pokes into the circle), and they had it sent to my doorstep in 3 days. If it's the circle portion that's too wide, just ask and I'm sure they will send you a corrected bit.
  4. So for Bossk on omega leader then, you can cancel the dice, but then you can't add? Kinda confused here, and sorry if it's not on the CDP.
  5. Try it on Kavil, I believe that's the only contender for this option at the moment.
  6. @D00kies I believe the work around is to avoid making ATC and Omega leader shared. The FAQ seems to clarify that the attack[target lock]: note can be used to simply share TL's on offense. Kind of a weird ruling, but compared to the myriad of backwards wording this game already uses, I'll take it
  7. This thread had a lot of salt, sounds like some parties got smoked by a homing missile proc'd off of a friendly ships FCS . Let's move on and celebrate the age of TIE/SF and how wonderful TS is!
  8. This is so cool. Keep it up. The community for this game has amazing communication and analysis skills.
  9. find new podcast oh look, it's the howards' I'm the captain now
  10. Probably not that closely. I'm sure it was reasonable and well thought out. I on the other hand am not.
  11. Whoa whoa whoa ... you're telling me the FFG is getting THE BEST PLAYERS to check their math? LITERALLY SHAKING. THE HORROR. SHOCK. EBAY SOON. My goodness, surely a playtester won worlds. A person on FFG's team who knew of the deadeye change. Hold up....
  12. @Sunitsa Hey -- I was writing a reply as you posted! Excellent job at the system open!! You did a really good job flying that list!
  13. Didn't rebels just get stolen tie and u-wing? Aren't those both 2 agi ships (u-wing can drop down to spin, so I guess it's not always 2). And then a t-70 expansion bonus through hotr? Am I missing something?
  14. @PhantomFO TY for the input! I think the main goal of mine in seeking videos would be to see how Finn crew is used. Seems very points heavy, but the results prove it to be valuable. I am going to hopefully get some games in this week with the list It looks nasty!
  15. Hi Team. I hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone has links to videos of people playing Ghost Biggs. I plan on trying this squad out, but I also would like to do some research on best practices. Thanks!!
  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaand this thread brought to you by PGS' alt account.
  17. Great job at the system open, guys. Like the hot takes on your squad lists. The returning Travis Foss seems cool too .
  18. We live in a beautiful age where you can auto spawn squads in vassal and competitively play with your favorite plastic toys in person. but.... TIE SWARM PHANTOMS C3pO AUTOTHRUSTERS TORP BOATS DENGAROO X7 PARATTANI REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  19. Skip second, we need X-Wing 360 right?
  20. @Stay On The Leader I'm not going against what you're saying, but didn't phildo won a regionals with juke ryad + rac? I am just wondering if data is missing from juggler.
  21. Nerf everything good and buff everything bad, then once you do that do it again....oh wait, then again..... darn it there will still be good ships so nerf those ones too, and then buff the ships that are bad.
  22. K-Wing list kinda flys itself once you're enough games in. Given that movement is not a way to counter the list, I am fine with people foregoing actions as a tactic to curb the 3k menace.
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