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  1. Bear with me here... I think this could be a very fun list:
  3. speaking of being cheated and floor rules... I still have no gunboat to play on my floor with rules!!!!!!!
  4. You know what would balance TLT? IF FFG MADE A GUNBOAT!!!!!
  5. Boba Fett, VI 2x Black Sun Vigo w/ autothrusters 98 pts :P, obviously not a competitive list, but pretty fun to fly.
  6. Cheating? We've been cheated out of a gunboat expansion for almost 11 waves. Now that's an issue!!
  7. Rebels: 1) Miranda: a) k-wing: actual model and card, ion bombs, plasma torps, extra minutions b) most wanted: autoblaster turret c) heroes of the resistance: rey crew d) ghost/imp vets/tie punisher: cluster mines e) punishing one: guidance chips 2) Jess: a) heroes of the resitance (repeat!): model and card, pattern analyzer, m9-g8, and integrated 3) Biggs: a) red core: actual model and card b) heroes of the resistance (repeat pt. 3!): integrated c) rebel transport: r4-d5 Scum: 1) Dengar: a) punishing one: model and card, plasma torpedos, title, chips b) u-wing: expertise c) most wanted: unhinged mech and k4 security droid d) k-wing/tie punisher: extra munitions 2) Tel Trevura: a) punishing one: model and card, plasma torpedos, chips b) most wanted (contains doubles!): unhinged mech and k4 security droid c) k-wing/tie punisher (contains doubles!): extra munitions d) slave 1, shadowcaster, sabine tie, falcon: veteran instincts Hope this helps!
  8. @AllWingsStandyingBy very well stated !
  9. Alright team, big question here. What is your definition of an omelette? I keep it simple: literally any folded eggs. I take my idea from the homeboy Jaques Pepin, who just folds very runny scrambled eggs to create an omelette. Others believe it has to have stuff in it. I need to know what my x-wing brethren think.
  10. He was given a game loss, right? I do agree they should have given the opponent he cheated against a win, but give the person a loss and move on sounds exactly right to me. If it is a multiple offense thing, consider suspending OP play. Treat this like every other game, ever.
  11. @AllWingsStandyingBy I'm with you that it is powered-up list. But every single person in the day two was playing something that people have seen. Hell, Nand got a front page article about his list. This was a tournament to show skill in x-wing, and Justin proved himself to be the best player at that tournament.
  12. They dice were above average (not ungodly), the 6 hits from the jess/biggs fist volley, to the many rolled evades. Regarding the 2 hard, I honestly think Nand could have forgotten about expertise. Maybe he was banking on just k4 kicking in? Either way, Justin proved himself to be an excellent pilot, and extremely deserving of the title. It's a little sad people will remember this as the year jumpmasters won (yet again), and not Justin .
  13. Gas prices go up, gas prices go down. "Look at dial = game loss" thread still on the front page.
  14. They should also print the gunboat in this pack.
  15. D E C I M A T O R -- it was love at first maneuver.
  16. Hi Team, With store champs just around the corner, I was wondering if anyone had compiled an electronic encyclopedia of rules references and clarifications (outside of the FAQ). Just a noob looking to make sure I am fully prepped to run my first tourney. Thanks!
  17. @Turbo Toker I get what you are saying, but you're extremely unfamiliar with other competitive games and sports/confused about translating to x-wing. Example one: in magic the gathering, say you play a card not in your registered decklist, you get a GAME loss, not a match loss. Example two: in football, if you have an illegal formation/offsides/(insert here) block penalty, the team receives a penalty. If you would like additional examples, I could go on. The goal is to run the game the best as possible, if someone messed up, rectify the issue, and progress. If someone is found to be intentionally cheating, it is a disqualification. FFG banned the guy who was found cheating on stream from OP events. What is the confusion here? If found intentionally cheating you get banned. If accidental, you get a penalty.
  18. Yeah, in mk3 they seem much better. Honestly, I haven't played much since mk3 dropped. They were completely out of control in mk2.
  19. Sure hope not, they ruined Warmachine. Hope FFG doesn't fall into the same trap. Maybe for epic only? That'd be alright.
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