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  1. Rules thread now, can you use han to double dip into 3po crew? Has there been an official ruling? People in my local store are not sure.
  2. It does seem like there are a few more annoying things out there.
  3. I played triple ups against the vennie list last night. Felt just like 1.0 just with clunkier mechanics. Does Sloane feel like that too? Is that why @Brunas you want to know how people feel about the card? It's got a similar flair to 1.0 crew just with a really wordy passive mod ability.
  4. Still haven't played it. Figured I would take an extended break. Not hating on it, probably will buy in over the next week or two. Looks fun. I can finally use some of my bombers and not feel like (as much of) a fool.
  5. It is also stickied on the ffg forums. Both places. Much more people use the sub than this though.
  6. Check the subreddit, ffg did post an apology with living patch notes. They are doing their best.
  7. If it's legal and too op cant they just make them 41 points? Isn't this the whole deal with 2.0?
  8. Flechette torpedos, better than expected, but still awful.
  9. Nice ep, return to salty content and Travis are your guys’ bread and butter. Good luck at worlds. I agree
  10. Can't tell if this is a troll post or not. They could just do the FO or Resistance treatment to scum. EZ PZ please do not give FFG the idea the community wants another faction for bad guys with bad attitudes that do bad things outside the law.
  11. voted for you guys. the 10 hour epi really put it over the top
  12. My grandson says he likes to bounce the dice over ships when he rolls them
  13. Hi Team, I hope all is well. I know Gold Squad has some great archives of Ghost Fenn games, but I was wondering if there were other spots with some nice games to watch. THANKS.
  14. This most recent episode was interesting. I feel stronger for listening to the full session. Travis "**** you, **** you, **** you - You're the problem with the meta NOT me" Johnson's salt was impressive. Even if you stop playing, please remain on the cast.
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