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    evcameron reacted to Cloaker in What Hyperspace Is Teaching Us About The Game   
    So here we are, a little over a month into our brave new world of points changes and a Hyperspace variant that is the best representation of the intent of the format thus far.
    What have we learned in the last few weeks (besides the importance of knowing how struts, probe droids and discord missiles work)?
    1) Less Means More
    Without the litany of potentially confounding card combinations and neurotic addiction to widely available I6 Ace crutches, players  are having to become more resourceful in their choices of maneuvers and upgrades. There are less bids, and more ships on the board. Newer players are showing more comfort in learning the game through Hyperspace in both OP and local scenes, and getting more reps in flying their ships. More ships and accessories are getting purchased as well, as evidenced by the hilariously fun debut of the Fireball and the Hotshots and Aces pack, with 12 of the 16 pilots and most of the upgrades folding quite neatly into the format. 
    2) What's Old Is New Again
    As prominently maligned as Boba and CIS Swarms both are currently, consider that having both in Hyperspace in the initial meta are what allows everything else to have a chance if flown well. Remove one archetype, and Hyperspace is undoubtedly worse for it. We have 2 ship and 8 ship lists both viable right now.  The olden days of fat non-small base ships and 7+ Swarms can both be enjoyed. That's a helluva thing to get right from a design standpoint, and it encourages player development on how to engage both types of builds. These are crucial skills to learn as a newcomer and relearn as a veteran, ultimately good for the health of the game as a whole.  
    3) We've Only Just Begun
    There are Hyperspace puzzle pieces available to all that are dangling in space for exploration for those that dare to experiment;  Outmaneuver and Intimidate providing denial of those precious defense dice that Boba gets to reroll, or the swarms get to calculate mod. Snap Shot and Foresight, which can deplete force charges or damage defenders prematurely when 50% probability hits are scored. Daredevil and Coaxium Hyperfuel, which encourage risk taking in order to gain more favorable positions both offensively and defensively. Secondary Weapons like Plasma Torpedoes and Mag-Pulse Missiles become potentially tremendous equalizers for both alpha strike lists and spam generics, against 1-2 agility defenders and "shoot last" aces. Supposed current meta staples will have a harder time against the future varieties once such counters are crafted by capable players. 
    4) Choices Matter More In A Vacuum
    Bringing the three smallest asteroids and placing the opponent's preferred obstacles out of play is a valid strategy now more than ever before. Unconventionally angling one's ships during placement can yield new approach vectors in practicing how to avoid the full brunt of a joust. And strangely enough, many more games are going to time less or achieving a definitive conclusion within that time more often. Every round is a scramble for an edge---one that was a bit easier to attain in Extended, but now must be earned just a little bit more. 
    5) There Is Balance In The Force
    At the recent UK and Texas System Opens, 5 of the game's 7 factions made the top 10. 6 of 7 made top 10 at the 69 player Sith Taker HS Side Event, as well as the 35+ players events in France and Western AUS. EVERY faction made the top 10 at the 40 player Brisbane Hyperspace Trial. Over half of the game's factions have won major events, with all placing in the top 4 somewhere along the way. More than ever, it's become about skilled flying than OP certain faction creep. 
    6) Excitement Is In The Air
    Perhaps more so than anytime except for the the debut of 2.0 or the inclusion of prequel ships in Wave 3, there is newfound energy and momentum being gained in Hyperspace events amongst player bases. Seasoned players indulge their inner Johnny and try to decode new synergies. New players are discovering their dormant Spike through an easier entry into competitive formats. And everyone gets to be a bit more Timmy when they make it all come together, and meet more people socially while enjoying their occasional magical 200-0 game where their pew pew sorcery happens. 
    Nothing but potential---After a lackluster start, The Vonreg's TIE scientists are still hard at work determinedly trying to chip away at its tactical offerings. Multiple Deadman's Switch Fireballs promise utterly chaotic mischief for those delicate low HP droids and high HP power pieces. The M3-A, a ship long dismissed competitively, continues to gain credibility due to it's hardpoint and pilot abilities. Jumpmasters are appearing in the wild, proving to be more challenging than anticipated and there are no riots.  Fragile precision chassis like the Fang, Nantex, Aethersprite and TIE Striker offer future rewards to the exacting player. And wave 7 will certainly shake things up even more as the prequel factions ships most likely get added into Hyperspace to bolster their ship count. With Store Championships now in full swing, it now lies upon each of us to continue to cultivate our local scenes and Keep. Bringing. New. Players. In. 
    And Hyperspace does that easier than anything else currently in the game.
    Fly on, and cheers to those of you rediscovering your love of the game through this format.
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    evcameron reacted to ScummyRebel in Losing interest: Hyperspace is stale, and I’m uninterested   
    I can understand if you’re uninterested, but you cannot call a format whose roster has been around less than a month stale.
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    evcameron reacted to Explorator88 in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    Just having structured scenarios is a blast!
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    evcameron reacted to TasteTheRainbow in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    It is incredibly well done. The wing flights are intuitive, reduce clutter and make the whole thing so much smoother and faster while also adding new mechanics to flights of other-wise kind of boring ships.
    I tried epic in 1.0 once and never opened that box again. I have been playing epic 2.0 since it came out to the exclusion of all my other hobbies.
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    evcameron reacted to heychadwick in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    I love it.  I think they fixed a lot of the issues they had.  
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    evcameron reacted to Tervlon in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    I love it. 
    Compared to 1.0 it is a massive improvement. The huge ships are much more intuitive. Wings are a blast to play with. Things like quick build also improve setup times.
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    evcameron reacted to Parakitor in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    It's a lot of fun, but setup is REALLY important. Which is actually a lot like Runewars, which I totally loved as well. If you botch setup, it can be virtually over before it starts.
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    evcameron reacted to PaulRuddSays in Why only two bases in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit?   
    A single conversion kit suffices to get you and a buddy into an Epic game. That’s the design intent. Why would they give you more than you can use in a game? 
    Extra pieces = extra weight = extra cost or lower margin. Good margins are what give us the game in the first place. This was an easy call from the FFG perspective. 
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    evcameron reacted to LagJanson in Why only two bases in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit?   
    That’s not what I meant and I’m pretty darned sure I was obvious about it. I meant that in "most" games with huge ships people don’t use more than two per side.
    And... yep. I’m done here. I can see the sleigh ride is off and sliding into a pit and I’ll have no part of this ride.
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    evcameron reacted to Kehl_Aecea in Why only two bases in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit?   
    Right, but... they consider casual games based around standard X-Wing rules. They can't cater to EVERY idea of  what "casual" is. If I wanted to run a 10,000 point game, I can't hold FFG accountable for NOT catering to my insane whims.
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    evcameron reacted to LagJanson in Why only two bases in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit?   
    Look, @drail14me, the kit is designed to support one fleet on the table in most game encounters. Your rival is expected to have brought their own components.
    Your stated intention is outside the standard play even on epic scale. Not the largest, not unheard of, but certainly more ships than average. As such, the "average" sized huge ship kit is not sufficient for you.
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    evcameron reacted to Kehl_Aecea in Why only two bases in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit?   
    It makes perfect sense. You have five ships, but you can't use all 5 at the same time on the same list.

    This also goes back to the faction conversion kit arguments where people with HUGE collections couldn't convert their entire collection at the same time... it was a no-win scenario. Like you, I also have all 5 ships, but expecting 5 bases? That was expecting far too much... also we knew about the two base thing for a while now.

    Also, from a company viewpoint, they don't want you to share. 
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    evcameron reacted to Kehl_Aecea in Why only two bases in the Huge Ship Conversion Kit?   
    The conversion kit is designed for a single player in mind.
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    evcameron reacted to Darth Seridur in Bitter about event exclusive ships   
    Worlds cost me over a £1000. Nice to have all this stuff as a cool keepsake /memory of a wonderful holiday.
    And for those selling them, it helps keep the trip affordable. 
    Ultimately, none of these alt arts, alt cardboard, alt paint ship has any effect in game. 
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    evcameron reacted to wurms in Bitter about event exclusive ships   
    These people are travel across the country and the world to play for nothing more than a trophy and some acrylic. An exclusive ship is kind of a nice gesture by FFG in saying "thanks for coming all this way for us." 
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    evcameron reacted to SabineKey in Bitter about event exclusive ships   
    I actually think event exclusive ships are a cool prize to have. It’s not that different that the card alt arts we’ve had for a while. 
    Even selling such a prize isn’t a problem for me. I know some guys who sell off what they don’t want (wrong faction, don’t like the art, etc) and it helps pay for the expenses of the event. You do have scalpers who are just interested in getting the shiny thing and getting as much money as they can for it, but I think that’s like everything in life. You have jerks who do their thing. You may not like them, but their actions shouldn’t tarnish something meant to be a positive. 
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    evcameron reacted to Fippo in Bitter about event exclusive ships   
    I dont mind since it only has a different paint scheme. But if it was a different pilot only available this way... That would t sit well with me(looking at you transformers tcg). 
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    evcameron reacted to Punning Pundit in Faction rollback: Resistance, FO, and Rising Skywalkers.   
    What we do is keep playing the game and enjoying having 7 factions. 
    If FFG wants to give us a card pack that brings that Ghost and other ships into the Resistance, I'll be a very happy man.
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    evcameron reacted to Brunas in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    1. does anyone know who's marshalling/head judge for pax unplugged?
    2. i never want to see a match slip again in my life.  I'm halfway through round 2 of 1B and done with 1A, so almost there.  If anyone knows who is filling out https://listfortress.com/tournaments/1206 you can tell them to save the work - I should be done by this weekend uploading it will full standings for everyone including drops, and full matchups as well.
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    evcameron reacted to Tlfj200 in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    you're assuming the devs didn't actually write it as intended...?

    What if they did intend for it to be a secondary weapon as well?
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    evcameron reacted to LagJanson in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    That’s a misunderstanding in what NPE stands for more than anything.
    What a few people claim is that the ship is not fun to play against.
    What other people claim is that it means it’s over powered.
    Neither have a place in a balanced game.
    The Nantex probably isn’t over powered. It’s tricky to make it shine, but a few people can make it do some impressive stuff. It dies when you make a mistake. That said, it creates such a depressing scenario on the mat when you’re hard countered by it. That feeling of helplessness. That’s the not-fun scenario that I myself am concerned about.
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    evcameron reacted to Kdubb in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Whether or not you believe you can pull any real data from worlds results, you have to admit- That was a pretty dang entertaining event from start to finish. 
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    evcameron reacted to SabineKey in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Well, based on what data we do have, what would you suggest to be the healthiest point in X-Wing? Even in the earliest days of 1.0, you had imbalances.
    I’m not trying to discount your point. I’m curious as to your starting point and data you are considering.
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    evcameron reacted to Tbetts94 in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    I gotta say, looking at the cut numbers the game is probably the healthiest it’s ever been. You can play any faction and win and with a game of 7 factions that is huge. Even though the nantex is bull, people have still found a way to beat it and be competitive with whatever their playstyle and faction preference is.
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    evcameron reacted to JBFancourt in Quiting at the final table -Worlds Recap   
    It was nearly statistically impossible for the Z to do ANY damage. Let alone the aces PS killing and arc dodging him... which means at BEST a range 2-3 shot with 2 dice against ships that could both have double modded defense dice with evade focus force or evade force. 
    On a crazy fluke he might do 1 damage against 1 ace before dying. 
    It was a good handshake. 
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