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  1. Totally fair and true. The answer to the question "which is better, Luke or Wedge?" is the same as the answer to most questions: "it depends..."
  2. It's worth remembering that wedge has better average damage output than luke against focused targets with 1 or more agility. And he's 10 points cheaper. And he can take swarm tactics to give you 2x i6 shots. and he pairs nicely with biggs. In isolation i'd prefer luke, but as part of a mixed squad with leia and biggs, wedge is nice and frees up points for the other ships.
  3. Right, but we aren't referring to the article text at all, we are referring to the card text. I believe the only case of incorrect card text we have seen was the init 5 Mace Windu (RIP). Is it possible there is a section in the RR that expands on the buzzdroid rules? of course. But it seems odd to have partial rules on a card. Bombs are a different story because they don't have a rules card, so they need an entry in the RR. We probably do need a RR section on remotes in general to understand how they work (do they count as ships for bombs exploding, and for cards like swarm tactics, etc).
  4. They don't need to clarify that it stays put because that's the standard thing all objects do. They don't move unless instructed to. In any case, as you said we will see.
  5. Your 2 examples are very specific cases of basically the same thing, and most people at the time knew perfectly well that these weren't going to work RAW. In those cases, obviously the TIE aggressor card wasn't going to have somewhere printed on it "cannot take the IG2000 title". So it made sense that it was going to have to be solved by a FAQ or errata. In this case, if the upgrade was designed to "stick", why wouldn't they have written that on the card? Why would they have written partial rules for how it attaches without mentioning the "sticking", then put that bit in the RR?
  6. They deploy with 3 straights and banks, not 2s. Agree with your basic point though
  7. Anyone else joining this group now just to see?
  8. Glad the league is back, looking forward to it!
  9. I read it in Morgan Freeman's voice before I even saw this line...
  10. So basically you'd rather them not have told us now what ships were going to be legal? I mean they could have waited until January to tell us what was going to be legal, but I don't think there is harm in getting the transparency out there now. I don't think there are any official Hyperspace format events between now and January.
  11. People are focusing far too much on hyperspace's balance today. It's mostly irrelevant. I'm sure there will be an event or 2 that use it before January, but the vast majority of tournaments that use it should be after the points rebalance. So stop talking about how Boba will dominate, because presumably boba (or at least han gunner) will have gone up in price.
  12. Keep in mind that the first events with this format won't happen until after the January points cost change... So presumably boba (or at least Han gunner) will have gotten a cost bump before then.
  13. A lot of people have made a lot of fair comments in both directions on the validity of drawing conclusions with the data that we have. There definitely are issues when data just gets taken at face value. BUT often it's the best thing we have, and it is still a good starting off point for interesting discussions. So don't stop sharing your work @Tlfj200! Please do...
  14. evcameron

    T-70 article.

    Double reposition without blue hard turns is much less scary to be fair.
  15. Yeah this is the key. Everyone should be at least a turn ahead when it comes to the leaving options open. Like don't do something that blocks your decloak options, or don't leave your soontir with only 1 maneuver option the next turn that the other guy can easily block... And do think about "hey I want this guy to flank, where do I need to go now to leave myself a safe flanking path but also doesn't over commit if the other guy turns on the flanker". But lots of people act like they know exactly what the board state will be in 2 turns, and that's just not true. I don't know exactly where my ships will be in 2 turns, so you definitely don't!
  16. 3 Americans and 1 Canadian! Your points are bang on though.
  17. I believe there was an email that went out to stores (at least here in Canada) saying that there was a production delay on the season 3 OP kits and that they were delayed. There was no ETA.
  18. Gold squadron is streaming. I believe it starts at 10am central. https://m.twitch.tv/goldsquadronpodcast
  19. The good news is Coruscant is this weekend. Let's see how it gets ruled there and we can move on with our lives
  20. Good thing your embarrassing lash out was in this thread to be preserved for all time! Joking aside, it's just a game of plastic ships, I just want clear rules so I know what will happen when that piece of cardboard gets put under my plastic spaceship!
  21. Wow @LagJanson, disappointing to hear you you lash out like that when I try to articulate what people are debating. I even state in my post that I think it's confusing, I'm not trying to argue something for my own benefit. Can you show me where the rules are "pretty clear"? This isn't petty rules lawyering, it's trying to understand the rules. There is a legitimate debate here. In fact before this non-clarification from FFG, I think the community consesus was that cargo chutes didn't cause stress on drops, and this FFG post doesn't actually address that. It's important for these debates to happen so that a community consensus forms, otherwise we have different judges in different places ruling it differently.
  22. Right so the ship definitely counts as overlapping the cargo chute, but the key question is "what happens when a ship overlaps a debris cloud?" According to the rules reference, nothing (note the lack of mention of debris clouds): There are other sections which address what happens when you move and overlap, or execute a maneuver and overlap, but those wouldn't apply here since you are not moving. I agree their clarification is strangely vague, so I don't know how to take it. But strictly by reading the rules, overlapping a debris doesn't appear to do anything unless you are either moving or executing a maneuver.
  23. Looks like they're doing official rules clarifications over here:
  24. Looks like they're doing official rules clarifications over here:
  25. This is not the only reason to fortress. Sitting your own corner means that the other guy has to approach you within a 90 degree arc - no flanking, and easy for you to get arcs on them. Also, they have less room behind you so the turn after the first engagement can be awkward for them. Fortressing was a very good opening for commonwealth defenders, not because they couldn't win the match but because it gave them a favourable engagement away from the rocks and where they couldn't be flanked easily (and because Kturning defenders are super good at fortressing). Of course these rules don't actually stop defender fortressing, so... *shrug* Still - overall these rules will stop fortressing 95% of the time. That's a good thing. Are the rules perfect? No. They can be improved. Everything is okay guys. Let's celebrate that FFG did move on it.
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