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  1. That would be awesome. The Mantis file was such a pleasant surprise.
  2. That sounds awesome. It might also be a way for them to break the monotony of the Clan-book-ish format, and get a big Emerald Empire like release out.
  3. Thanks UnitOmega! Glad to see more variety brought to Ninjutsu and Rituals
  4. Praise Bayushi! This is good news. Interesting to see a generic ninja school as well.
  5. Another bit I quite like, as I never got into the pipe wielding gambling master Kaeru family. I like their current incarnation much more and, considering I love frogs so much I got a tattoo of one, this makes me happy
  6. Awesome, loved the reference! And the general entry as well. I love how Kyuden Gotei feels really different now. And in a later chapter there are references to an Africa equivalent. I'm excited to see what lies beyond Rokugan in this edition!
  7. I think people are missing the most important part of the book, which is that Australia is now canon 🤣 (The Mantis NPC is chapter 2 is planning to visit a land of vast deserts, endless coral reefs, and creatures which drop from trees)
  8. Kolat Saboteur, nice! I feel this edition will have much more shinobi content than in the past
  9. Alright, as an mental exercise I've tried coming up with a Bayushi bushi school. Please note this isn't official, or tested, or any such thing - it's just what I came up with using other schools as a basis. The only part I'm not too sure about is the Rank 6 ability, but otherwise I think it's a decent stopgap until an official school is published. Bayushi Enforcer School [Bushi] Rings: +1 Air, +1 Water Starting Skills (choose five): +1 Courtesy, +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Martial Arts [Ranged], +1 Tactics, +1 Sentiment, +1 Skulduggery Honor: 35 Techniques Available: Kata (), Rituals (), Shūji () Starting Techniques: Kata (choose one): Striking as Air, Striking as Water Shūji: <> Feigned Opening Way of the Scorpion (School Ability): When rolling for initiative as part of a Skirmish, you can choose to rush or entice. If you rush, you may reroll up to two dice on your initiative roll. If you entice, you may add a kept (Ring die) set to an (Opportunity) result to your initiative roll instead. Starting Outfit: Ashigaru armor, Ceremonial clothes, travel clothes, daishō (katana and wakizashi), yumi (bow) and quiver of arrows or yari (spear), traveling pack. Rank 1: Martial Skills Rank 1 kata <> Lord Bayushi's Whispers Command Courtesy Design Cadence Rank 2 Social Skills Martial Arts [Melee] Martial Arts [Ranged] Tactics Rank 1-2 kata <> Deadly Sting <> Flowing Water Strike Rank 3 Scholar Skills Martial Arts [Melee] Meditation Skulduggery Rank 1–3 Air Shūji Heartpiercing Strike <> Wolf's Proposal Rank 4 Martial Skills Command Courtesy Sentiment Rank 1-4 Kata <> Silencing Stroke Bravado Rank 5 Social Skills Martial Arts [Melee] Meditation Government Rank 1-5 Water Soul Sunder <> Bend with the Storm Rank 6 The Killing Blow: once per session after inflicting a critical strike, your character can spend a Void point. The target cannot reduce the severity of the critical strike through a Fitness roll.
  10. I think the Kaito Shrine Keeper is a great example of what the new system can accomplish in terms of schools which break the mold.
  11. Can we not bash FFG in this thread and just keep it to Invocation names? Thanks
  12. The Kuni shugenja school mentions they use utilitarian names - but they don't seem to be explicitly stated in any Invocations. Does that mean the main name is the utilitarian one?
  13. Personally I would look at Invocations and see the ones you like best, and focus on the relevant element :) it's nice having balanced stats and all but if you like your magic it's better to have a strong ability for it!
  14. The Tortoise yeah? The Mantis also got their rules in a PDF on this site.
  15. For me one of the biggest reveal of the core book is that not only we're getting a new official Minor Clan (the Cat), but that we're also getting confirmation DOZENS of other Minor Clans (including the Bat and the Moth). This is huge to me as previous editions had often danced around the fact that there might be more Clans than the commonly known ones (which is why I sneaked some more in 4th edition while I could ;) ). I hope we'll get some rules to create Minor Clan school at some point - a la Chapter creation rules from Deathwatch. It would be nice to populate Rokugan with more Clans.
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