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  1. Are there any restrictions on this spell that I'm missing besides the 100-200 dp that the GM decides on? Can the Monstrosity cast spells as long as the caster knows them? Does it come with zeon right from the start if so? This seems like a crazy powerful spell even better than create being just for the versatility of it.
  2. I really appreciate the answer, and while not as powerful as I thought it would be definitely still going to take it just to jump off a cliff and take no damage.
  3. The spell says: (pg 173)The designated object or individual is made completely invulnerable to any damage not Energy related. It may be applied to as many individuals as the caster wishes, as long as their total Presence scores remain under 60. What does this actually mean when I cast it? Am I immune to any attack unless it falls under energy AT? Could I walk through fire, get crushed by a boulder and not get hurt, or not take any fall damage?
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