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  1. For me, there are numerous reasons. 1. The overall story is wonderfully compelling and interesting, this isn't Star Trek where everything is shiny, perfect, and humans are all nice and friendly. This is a dark and gritty future, the era of peaceful coexistence ended a long time ago, now it's mankind desperately struggling against all the odds in a universe that desperately seeks to corrupt it or destroy it. It is a humanity that has emerged from the ashes and shouts defiantly at a cruel and unforgiving universe that they will not go silently into the night. And the Xenos aren't that much better, with even the "best" of them being either callous and egocentric manipulators who would kill all humans if they ever got back on their feet, and an expansionist and hypocritical empire who seeks to remake the universe and all it's races in their image, whether they want to or not. It is a universe where the good guys are complicated shades of grey while the villains are the most twisted and vile beings in existence. The themes and tones create a beautiful yet horrific setting that is so compelling that you can't turn away from it, even though you know deep down it isn't going to end well. You continue reading because no matter what happens, humanity will continue to fight on, with the possible vain hope that the Emperor will return and lead them to glory. And it is that hope that unifies humanity and keeps it going. This isn't just a setting about genetically enhanced super soldiers beating up on aliens and each other, it is a setting that celebrates the human spirit to overcome all the odds and to not only survive but thrive in some cases. Of the Guardsmen with his lone lasgun facing vicious aliens that outclass him in every way and inhuman and horrificly mindboggingly inhuman entities from the realm where all your emotions dreams take on nightmarish forms. 2. Great Characters. From the complex and all too human demigods known as the primarchs and their horribly flawed at best father, down to the cowardly commissar who is just trying to survive in a universe that has gone mad but somehow always comes out on top. There are not mere men, these are epic figures straight out of the old classics of literature. We not only cheer at their triumps but also weep at their tragedies and hardships they have to endrure. The clash between Horus and the Emperor is both awesome and terrible to behold, especially considering that Horus was once the best of all men, and the tragic horror that he fell from grace and into darkness, and now has to be put down but a grieving and heartbroken father, who is ultimately wrecked and ruined in the final battle to kill his beloved son. The fact that he treated some of his other sons horribly only makes the whole affair even more tragic, considering that he could of prevented it if head ever seen his sons as individuals with their own hopes and dreams, and not just as weapons to carry out his will. 3. The setting is pretty cool.
  2. On my next adventure, I'm going to have the team go to Fortress Spite, acting as the official representatives for the Deathwatch to Lord Commander Ebongrave. This is also something of a penance mission after their planet destroying shenanigans from the last mission. I want to make sure I get Lord Commander Ebongrave just right, I want him to be properly paranoid, but I don't want to go so far where he's shooting random people in his HQ because his gut tells him that their Tau sympathizers. If you've used Lord Commander Ebongrave's before in a campaign, how have you portrayed him and his personality?
  3. From what I've experienced so far, the Devastator has been the bane of every challenge I have sent against the players. Maybe at the higher levels this changes, I haven't reached that point yet, but right now I would dread my Devastator coming to me with an advanced specialty that makes the Devastator deadlier.
  4. Well, it has been done, today we kicked him out of our group. It was done as amicably and respectfully as possible and he seemed to take it well. I suspect he knew this was coming. I want to thank you all for all the advice you have given me.
  5. As for today's actual Deathwatch session, it went better than expected. There were no overly major incidents for most of the session, until the boss fight, which he refused to participate in because he thought he would be useless. I had to order him to do something. When the psychic/computer memory of an Old One is tossing your squad mates around the room and psychically downloading a copy of herself into your techmarine while possessing an Interrogator, (I'm actually quite proud of Akasha) you need to do something, anything. He just half-heartedly shot at it with his bolt pistol, when he could have charged her with his jump-pack/chain sword. It got a bit better in the debriefing/downtime, but the incident did stick out and took away from any of the good stuff he did in the downtime portion of the session. It's been agreed upon by me and the other GM's that next week is his last chance. If he acts up again we are kicking him out of our group and the different games that we run.
  6. I probably could do a joke thread filled with amusing anecdotes, but it would have to go on the Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. Forum since that's where I have the most experience with him, and his never-ending quest to build the perfect "Stealth Tank".
  7. Also Chaos doesn't necessarily have to be involved, this could be a group of Men of Iron who escaped humanities wrath and has been hiding out on the edges of known space, waiting for the right moment to return.
  8. I would say create some Men of Iron using Necrons as a base, rearranging a few themes to make them unique. Or you could use the Tau stats, and make them all mechanical, and of course changing their appearance, representing the technological levels man was able to reach before everything went down hill.
  9. One more week to go till we get back to Deathwatch, yesterday was Dark Heresy 2nd Ed., and apparently, he did not take anything I talked with him about during our heart to heart, too heart. He threw a fit when we wouldn't let him just randomly switch his characters background to the same as his old characters background (he goes through characters very quickly, usually by deliberate suicide, like yesterday.) So he chose to commit suicide by deliberately putting his character in front of me and my flamer, preventing me from properly using it at a very crucial moment without flaming him, he told me he was okay with me flaming his character. This tendency does not bode well for his Deathwatch Kill-Team. Naturally, I didn't want to die, and I didn't want the rest of the group to die as well due to his stupidity, so I flamed him along with the heretics, and he just merrily went right on to making his next "super bad*** character who won't fail to meet his high expectations, like the rest of his characters", he threw a fit when we demanded that he roll up his stats in front of us, saying we didn't trust him. Overlooking, or choosing to ignore the fact, that I had pulled him aside the previous week discussing this very issue with him. So as it stands, our DnD DM has decided to implement a 3 strike rule with him, our Dark Heresy GM is on the verge of kicking him out if he shows up for the next DH session with a character whose stats don't match up with those he rolled, and me anxiously waiting to see what he does with Deathwatch. He also tried to give his own explanation on why his character disappeared during our last Deathwatch session, essentially saying that he got a hint that a Fallen was nearby and he went chasing after it, in a small tau colony. I'm not going to let him go with that, right now I am going with the idea that he was sucked up into the warp, though I have been thinking of alternatives that I and the other players would find to be funnier. Once again, I want to thank you all for the wisdom and experience you have shared with me over these weeks.
  10. The military doctrine of the Imperium, "Incredibly dangerous target brimming with enemies, small chance of success, highly probable chance of everyone dying, and we've got nothing better to do with our time, what are we waiting for?"
  11. (Here is a series of running jokes my group has been playing around with, Chaos Champions road trips, with Kharn, Ahriman, Typhus, and Lucius.) Episode 1 On the Open Road Ahriman is driving their old beat up station wagon, Kharn is up front with him with their map, while Typhus and Lucius are in the back. Ahriman hears whining from the back coming from Typhus. "Lucius, please don't licking me, it's weird and it's making me uncomfortable." Lucius "Then keep your seeping heap to your side of the station wagon." Ahriman "Okay, first off, Typhus please respect everyone's personal space. Secondly, Lucius, please don't lick Typhus, or any of us for that matter. How can you even pull that off, Typhus is a literal walking plague?" Lucius "I literally take over the body of anyone who kills me and feels satisfaction from it, and you're wondering how I'm able to do anything?" Ahriman "Fair enough, but if you two continue in your childish behavior, I shall have to pull over and have Khorne discipline the both of you." Kharn looks back at them and revs up his chain axe, menacingly shouting out "Blood for the Blood God." Unfortunately this is so loud that it knocks off Ahriman's concentration, leading him to shoving a trukk filled with Ork Boyz off the road. They continue on in silence before everyone hears a chuckle coming from Typhus in the back seat. Ahriman "What's so funny Typhus?" Typhus "You'll know soon enough." Right as he finishes an unbelievably foul odor has spread throughout the vehicle, even worse than Typhus's normal odor. Gagging, they all roll down their windows to get some fresh air, only to be greeted the snarling faces of a group of Ork Bikerz, who were apparently mates of the Trukk they had driven off the road. The Bikerz then proceed to trash the station wagon with chains and choppas, leading to Kharn cutting a whole in the roof and climbing on top to begin swinging wildly at them, while Typhus and Lucius try to deal with an infestation of squigs and snotlings. It's at this point that Ahriman utters that eternal and timeless truth. Ahriman "I hate mondays"
  12. Here's an update, I did have a chat with him today, and I brought up all the issues the other players have been having with him and the way he's been doing all of his rolls in private and trying to make himself the center of attention, he even apologized for storming off. Hopefully, he'll take what I said to heart. Though he does want to purchase with experience the Rites of Battle power armor with multiple histories as signature war gear, so I'm going to have to deal with that. I don't think you can make Power Armor a piece of signature war gear, so I will need to find a way to deal with it. I figure since it's something like power armor, it's going to be far more difficult and expensive for his XP to make it his signature war gear. I at least got him to agree to make all of his rolls in front of me.
  13. I can't think of any jokes off the top of my head, but I have compiled several amusing anecdotes so far from my time as a GM. (Most of my group loves to joke around and doesn't take things too seriously.) The groups Librarian tried to take a ton of books and data slates out of the Watch Fortresses library while the actual librarian pleaded with him to stop, desperately clinging to him while he just kept on walking. He eventually bumps into a Black Templar tactical marine and just keeps walking without apologizing while the Black Templar fumes at him. (The Black Templar now has a grudge against this Player Character.) The Space Wolf Techmarine got himself and bunch of Tech Priests drunk on Fenrisian Ale and he welded a tech priestess's feet to the top of a 20ft ceiling. The Magos was both baffled at how he pulled it off drunk and infuriated that he actually did it. One of the players bonded with an Inquisitor's five-year-old daughter who was climbing all over him by giving her an Astartes knife to play with and teaching her how to use it. The Inquisitor's office itself was filled with toys for young children next to instruments of interrogation and data slates filled with dire news from all over the Imperium. Their Storm Warden Watch Captain, who looks and talks like Sean Connery, greeting them while wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes very badly. The Librarian wildly and savagely shooting at a hologram of a Dark Eldar succubus, for five minutes, simply because he really hates Dark Eldar. Having them hitch a ride in an Ork Trukk on their way to the Ork ship, at first staring awkwardly at each other, and eventually, kind of bonding with da boyz over a rousing game of Gretchen punting, a.k.a. kicking the Gretchens out of the back of the Trukk.
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