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  1. clanofwolves

    Reaper Article!

    This. I did, and I'm now sad I did.....maybe I can cancel it. This too. Yeah, and this ship was designed in 1.0 while 2.0 was being designed. What? If anything it should be made for 2.0 and just been a bit weak in 1.0 as it was to be pretty much retired by the time it got into players hands anyway. This was not smart. Bad design and nerf in the same box. Bad optics. Bad everything. ...where's my tea? err, uh, pint?
  2. clanofwolves

    Reaper Article!

    This. I pre-ordered waaaaay back. Now I'm not happy. They should have at least stuck to this. I thought it was solid for an Imp ship. Seems the Rebellion has scored another point.
  3. clanofwolves

    T70 speculation for 2e...

    Yeah, the T-65 really needed a buff, the T-70 doesn't, she'll be the same bird really for if they buff that ship, all other Resistance and First Order ships would have to be boosted as well, and that would mess up the Rebel, Imp and Scum we already know about in 2.0. There really isn't anything wrong with T-70s now, and 2.0 is a leveling of the playing field by buffing unused 1.0 and nerfing over-used 1.0. Pipe dream this is OP, this bird already hits the mark. ...now where's my tea?
  4. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    OK, I'll bite... If you have the ability to take a turret, and you are guaranteed that you can keep the arc, and no one else can, you take him. Beginners will like the constancy against mates who can guess you and out-fly you and expert pilot will want him to insure that the great fliers cannot choose what you think they will as bate. In poker it's like having a pair of ladies, every hand, guaranteed. Why wouldn't you. Do we think 2.0 will be won by dice or by taking the odds? Over a long tourney, do you want the high=risk, high-reward? Or easy fly consistency? Remember, in the end, the house always wins.
  5. clanofwolves

    X Wing preview

    These X-Wings will truly be the heart of the game now I'm pretty sure. They got the most buffs of any ship (tied with the Firespray IMO) and I found them to be 'just a little lacking across the board' in 1.0 to fly with confidence ...no more mates! I just cannot see buying the models for the articulation --albeit cool-- as I already have five 1.0 T-65s in my fleet.... ah well, suffer in silence will I. ...I've had plenty of tea BTW.
  6. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    @GreenDragoon, you and @Tlfj200 are way too smart for me to insert any nonsense in this discussion; I'm learning though; but I'm thinking this would be a great name for a band, just sayin' ...now where's my tea?
  7. clanofwolves

    IG-88 Brobots/Tribots in 2.0 - speculation, discussion and builds

    This makes no sense to me, they, power-wise, seem to be on the same level. I recall Defenders being over-priced when first released in 1.0, maybe the same thought process in involved at release again.
  8. clanofwolves

    IG-88 Brobots/Tribots in 2.0 - speculation, discussion and builds

    I'm guessing they may just price these and Defenders so that you can fly three in a list naked, without any upgrade, less it's 0 points. I mean IGs at 3,3,5,3 and a really solid dial and wonderful pilot abilities in contrast to Defenders at 3,3,3,4 and a very good dial and the selection of actions, and, let's face it, no pilot abilities at all if we get three in a list. This does cause most every player an issue and causes FFG an opportunity at monetary influx: we'll all need to buy one more IG-2000. Well played FFG, well played.
  9. clanofwolves

    2.0 test games board. Post how are they going mates!

    This. I agree on paper these two ships are top of the heap, and when you have dash and luke abilities, theyre great. Does anyone now if Luke crew can go on Dash? If so, and Luke in the 65 is great, Leebo will trump Dash a bit as he's cheaper too we'll wager (yay Europe) ..and, well, because 360 turret is the best game piece, thanks Luke. Period.
  10. clanofwolves

    2.0 test games board. Post how are they going mates!

    This is a great point, having access to Saw and R2 makes a nice Alpha. T-65s will be something to deal with in 2.0, the game's namesake will certainly make a wave in the first wave. Thanks for the idea mate, I'm gonna give it a go.
  11. clanofwolves

    My farewell tournament to 1.0

    That’s something I love; or better load four with Stealth too; or three mid-tier named pilots loaded; all fun!!! Best SW ship ever! if I can get someone to let me borrow an Upsilon again (my wife gave mine still in the wrapping to my brother in law the day after I bought it right off the truck at my LGS), I’d run: 36 TIE Silencer "Blackout" PS7 (31): Trick Shot (0), Collision Detector (0), Autothrusters (2), Title (2), Advanced Optics (2) 38 Upsilon-class Shuttle: "Starkiller Base Pilot" (30): Targeting Synchronizer (3) Rebel Captive (3), Intelligence Agent (1) 26 TIE/FO Fighter: "Omega Leader" (21): Juke (2), Comm Relay (3)
  12. clanofwolves

    2.0 test games board. Post how are they going mates!

    Autothrusters on Wedge? Hummmm?!? I admit, haven’t attempted to run E-Wings yet or seen them across the mat; love them in 1.0 for some unknown reason, squads of three are fun, albeit not great now. Looks like they got a huge buff; but might be as costly as Defenders and two will be a max with maybe an A-Wing on the wing; I’m guessing. 😉
  13. clanofwolves

    2.0 test games board. Post how are they going mates!

    OK, I'll be first. Luke will be the bomb of the 2.0 world. In an X-Wing he's wicked good. On a turret he gives you perfect attack duty cycle and it'll be the only ship in the game with that ability. Cost be damned. We're calling it out first, it'll be penned as: Luke-Wing!!
  14. We don't have all the goods on the new crack, but I know we've all been trying to mock up games to see how the new 2.0 hotness will work out. Yeah, costs are yet not known --save getting some info gleaned from snippets and dropped statements here and there-- but what do you guys think so far of the coming power ships of the early 2.0 meta? Educated guesses?
  15. clanofwolves

    Luker Gunner costs ~30 pts?

    It's my hope that all the time they put into thinking about what needs to fixed in 1.0, they are going to actually balance the ideas that were in 1.0 that just caused OP issues in game-play that we all had to suffer through. I don't give a s**t if Luke is 100 points, if he creates an OP 1.0 element that the designers clearly stated they didn't like and wanted to remove, he shouldn't even exist. I'm a black and white kinda guy; if the snake is poisonous, you just don't handle it, no matter how good your gloves and jacket is. Maybe that's just me. It makes me scratch my head. His ability could still be cool, and useful, and thematic without the game-play break. I want to like and use Luke in games, he's an iconic mate! Sadly, this ability they gave him will negate him from positive thought and blacklist him from our pint games. You shat on Luke FFG....why?!?