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  1. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Powerful? Maybe no, but an Interceptor being able to outfly and outmaneuver a brick of a ghost? H**l yes; it should even be close.
  2. IG88E is leaving :)

    Peace to you.....but I agree you shall return.
  3. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    This. You sir illuminate the "what" on this build that pushes it over-the-hill down the slope of "bad for the game" in contrast to being the king of the hill as the previous Ghost Biggs was just quite good and near the crest, never bad for the game, IMO.
  4. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Interesting thread....I think it gets off the rails easy by missing the OP's point, I apologize guys and @Stay On The Leader as I assisted on that replying to miss the marks, if there is such a thing on a forum. The OP @Estarriol states "The ghost is bul#%£&#" in his personal experience. Typical forum patterns are: 1) some reply and say "yes, and here's why I agree X is bad for the game and here's what could be done." 2) some say "no, X is fine for the game and here's why." Then, a few might chime in and say, 3) "hey, stop saying X is bad for the game as that is bad for the game and here is why." and then I said 4) "keep saying whatever you want about what you think is bad about the game because, in the end, that is good for the game and here is why." Isn't this one of the very reasons for the forum? For the health of the game? Again, apologies for any frustration or irritation I caused, sincerely. Now...where's my tea?
  5. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    I'm certainly not driving myself into the ground, on the contrary, I enjoy this game greatly, that's why I care. FFG designers are not apathetic nor hold your thoughts; they have listened to the passionate and analyzed the data and made changes that HAVE assisted the game. The past erratas were necessary, without them the game would have died before now, and I attest FFGs admissions on slight but powerful design problems and their subsequent changes as a direct result and response to the passion of their clients, not their apathy.
  6. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Sure @Stay On The Leader, but if you just give up and give in --like in anything in life from a problem in business, friendship or family-- isn't that just not caring? Have no passion for what it could be? Never strive for the removal of cancer? Apathy? What's the point then? If what you recommend happens, the game is truly dead.
  7. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    Jeff, you're genius, just wonderfully wordy.
  8. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    Turrets..... actually just TLTs really. There, I said's probably a lie, I just go from "wow you're great" to "man you suck" with unknown commonality. But h**l, if I'm honest, it's because I like to fly space superiority fighters like Interceptors, A-Wings, Phantoms, TIE Fighters, T-65s and 70s....that's the actual problem. Now where's my tea?
  9. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    Uh, well, that's a band-aid approach to a single injury to the body. Logic. Another band-aid though applied to more injuries, but it still doesn't assist in healing the patient. The game is based on flying little plastic spaceship designed to illustrate the Star Wars universe. Turrets in general and the TLT turret monster in particular are an interesting add-on to the game that is so very powerful and game warping they destroy the concept itself. I don't understand how this simple fact is so very foreign to so many players. Flying and turning and setting up shots and kill boxes while attempting to avoid your opponent from achieving the same IS the game. Turrets utterly destroy this; they are the adverse, the antagonist; they are completely antithetical, a contradiction to, even paradoxical to our game; completely antipodal, in a word, they are in their very essence the very counter to the very game itself when they exist as they are an dominate play...they should be a minor aside, nothing more.
  10. Punish me Harder

    We have and I personally enjoy them. They, like Y-wings, TIE Bombers, T-65 X-wings, TIE fighters, B-Wings, K-Fighters, etc. work well in Epic against one another as long as cancer is kept out (basic top Meta ships). We find, for the points, TIE Bombers are all around better for Epic lists however. Now we did implement Epic "House Rules" to get classics and unused back in the game that help. Here's a few: 1) Punishers get (2) extra munitions tokens on all secondary weapons and can choose 1 round per game where they can make (2) simultaneous secondary weapons in one attack. 2) T-65s may load (1) Torpedo at zero cost. 3) Y-Wings may load Ion Bombs and (1) Extra Munitions token at zero cost. 4) B-Wings may reduce cost of Secondary Weapon upgrades by (3), but if Cannons are added, no other Secondary Weapon may be loaded. 5) A-Wings may add a Proton Rocket at zero cost. 6) Kihraxze just get the GFH upgrade as that's as good as we once had. 7) TIE Bombers may include any Bomb upgrades and reduce each by (3) points and add (1) Extra Munitions token per Bomb Upgrade at zero cost. 8) TIE Fighters may choose once per game where all red dice of TIEs at range one of each other can be rolled at one time as one attack at a single target (now that's a swarm attack, dodge that haha).
  11. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I can't help @Biophysical with my but-in, sorry. Personally, I don't mind regen as long as it has a limit, R2 should be unlimited on Luke, but max out on original shield values on other pilots/ships. Miranda is absolutely nuts and should be tied into using her main guns and should again be limited use in total number. Arced ships I love, and I think turrets need a serious pull-back in order to save the game; I think in the spirit of this thread, @Brunas promotes this via Krayts podcasts. Thankfully the most recent Waves have had arced ships, maybe we'll get a break in an errata or a real, usable anti-turret --let's just say it, TLT-- weapon beyond Fett crew. Again, sorry, I'll grab my tea....carry on mates.
  12. One Blister Tournament

    I do enjoy this thread. I would think having a tournament of small blister packs one on one ship kinda thing would be great. Obviously the large blister has two auto top 2 that are stagnant, but the small would be awesome.....
  13. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    S**t, should this even be a possibility?!? I know you might just be tongue-n-cheek, but your statement can also be absolutely true. the game really dying?
  14. Punish me Harder

    This is it, the solution that makes them unique: add a title that gives many extra munitions and double-tap on secondaries, yes?