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  1. Certainly he does, as he's also far superior to the Imperial version of Sabine.
  2. It's certainly as good 'a design as the TIE Aggressor, which is anything but.
  3. OK, I'll agree @FTS Gecko, that it could actually buff the ship in a vacuum, and assist if you want to run Imp bombers in a mission like @heychadwick's Punisher Mission; but in 100/6, this doesn't allow the Punisher to gain ground on the much better choices when looking for a list in which to competitively fly that uses bomb ordinance. It simply doesn't. What the Punisher gains from this, Nym (of either faction) can use it better. So yep, I agree, and yep, I don't agree. I'm a mess of a guy like that, just ask my wife, haha!
  4. Or, maybe twisting some scummy-ness up in this mission to hunt those terrorists: The Scum 'Our Way or the Highway' Hunt (36) Scum Firespray - Mandalorian Mercenary (35), Intelligence Agent (1) (18) Binayre Pirate - Z95 Headhunter (12), Dead Man's Switch (2), Harpoon Missile (4) (18) Binayre Pirate - Z95 Headhunter (12), Dead Man's Switch (2), Harpoon Missile (4) (18) Binayre Pirate - Z95 Headhunter (12), Dead Man's Switch (2), Harpoon Missile (4) 90 Squad Points
  5. I like this squad, although nobody I frequently play have a U-Wing, nor do we'll need a substitute here I guess. Our group also frowns upon the use of Biggs unless he is a T-65 and Y-Wing only type list, so it's good he's not listed. And the other epic-bender Lowhhrick is never even seen in foam on game nights, so he's not even a thought. I think my first run at the U-Wing (or other ship like that) would be to utilize the cheapest Firespray as they are not the best "hunter" in the Imperial arsenal IMO. Then, I'd want some fast, tough, hard-hitting low pilot skill (to keep from getting blocked and to potentially block) as they get out there fast and get their actions. This At 26 HPs and throwing 9 dice, with one rear arc, two with white K-turns, and getting to know a dial a turn, I cannot see running different hot-rods than these the first go-round anyway: The Imperial Hunt (34) Imperial Firespray - Bounty Hunter (33), Intelligence Agent (1) (28) Defender - Delta Squadron (30), X7 Title (-2) (28) Defender - Delta Squadron (30), X7 Title (-2) 90 Squad Points
  6. But isn't this modification just like every other bomber buff that have been included in great Rebel and Scum Expansions that arguably grant a boost the Punisher, but boost the better Rebel and Scum platforms just as much and therefore keeps the separation between the Punisher and its counterparts the same? If so, considering such upgrades that are open to all bombers as a buff to the Punisher is sheer folly.
  7. There seems to be a somewhat common thread here? Heck, even FFG has to see the issue with that Expansion failure, especially since they currently seem to be in love with bombs and ordinance.
  8. Now that is the most wonderful thing I’ve read on this forum!! Congrats!!
  9. If there has to be imbalance, it should be this. This should be FFGs target, not “interesting game mechanics.” You know, pre-S&V interview, I thought FFG’s goal could be ultimately nurturing the core game ships and mechanics, though I couldn’t understand their obvious errors and delays; I now understand it’s clearly not. So, my focus is on old-school casual, missions and Epic! Can’t touch that with your bad decisions FFG! Woohoo! And ultimately the best part of the game is interactions with friends and family. Question @GILLIES291, how did you get your wife to play you seriously? I’ve tried, I just get smiles and jokes. 🤔
  10. Ain't this just wonderful excrement smeared all over the mat. If you don't like the Super-Biggs-FR2 because it's a NPE, Fly Super-Biggs-Kanan-TLT to deal with it, that's not game bending or a NPE is it!?! Good gravy.....uggggggg. Great game mechanic FFG. "Oh, you need to shoot through my large lumbering ship clogging up most of your ship's viewport and attack that spidery T-65 at range three behind it because, well, because it's fantastically thematic and fun! Then, I'll get my four TLT shots in and melt one of your ships. So go ahead, roll your 3 red dice." I'll just shake my head and put my ships back in their foam and say, "No mate, you can play someone else who actually hates his life. I want to have fun with my down-time. Cheers."
  11. I don't yet have the upgrades as the LGS hasn't let me know it's in....but I'm looking so forward in putting Cobra on the mat again. Sure, he's stuck with an 80 degree arc in FFG's "To **** With Arced Ships of Star Wars" meta, but it will be pint-game fun nonetheless. And @Boba Rick, come on man, this was an attempt at a wholesome and fun thread... until you put that Scurrg in you 'thinking about it' list. How about we ignore the existence of Scurgs and Jumps for a happy while and, how about add a Firespray or a Starviper to your list so the thread can be fun again?
  12. Everyone knows that Kur Kanos is an Elite Pilot. And yeah, it's a Tractor Beam on the Cow when I fly the named guys and not Royal Guard Pilots which is common, my bad. I fixed that one, thanks. Funny thing is, when I drop the list on the table with Kur having PTL with no EPT, no one cares; they're like "I don't mind." I guess I could get a Krayt bounty if I can get it in for a big tournament win, haha.
  13. I don't own an Upsilon as of yet, humbling story behind that haha. Anyway, Lambdas are fun. My favorite build is not meta competative, but hey, all Imperial lists fall in that category so you might as well fly fun in that faction rather than fly just under OP and get beat every time. Anyway, it's a blast to fly; my Prisoner Transport Team 2515: 35 Captain Yorr (24), Rebel Captive (1), Gunner (5), Engine Upgrade (4), Tractor Beam (1) 33 Turr Phennir (25), Royal Guard Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3), Autothrusters (2) 32 Kir Kanos (24), Royal Guard Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3), Autothrusters (2) 100 Points
  14. Oh, crap, if this is true and that meta bender can slip their, we really are in trouble.
  15. I wish I had you're optimism, I heard that Max thought since they made sure Sabine can't ride on the BFF, then throwing bombs out all over with a 5 template is wholesome. I think he just runs the ships and possible upgrades in "play-testing" and never thinks about squad interactions; I mean, how can he and say that?