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  1. Agreed!! I couldn't type or even copy/paste with such elligance!!!
  2. Yeah, I work for a living too 😉 Anybody post any pics? I'm not locating anything pre-pint 😊
  3. Nicely thought and typed. I've often thought all missles should need a target lock but not require spending it. And I've also thought you should never be able to spend the TLs to take re-rolls on ordinance --just have a good pool of dice so variance is higher-- as the ordinance is away and the pilot's abitily to modify the angle of attack is over; whereas when chasing an enemy while holding the triggers down on your lasers, one could modify the ship's angle and vector to manipulate the laser shots; resulting in the game mechanic or re-rolling red dice. I'm over thinking this yes, but sometimes thinking is OK. Power creep is real and gaining strength by the day; older releases will all soon be extinct without errata and FAQs. Maybe they'll just issue ordinance pods at a reduced cost that can only carry older, outdated, overcosted ordinance, IDK.
  4. Well worded.....agreed. In fact, I was there at the release of "Selfishness"....FFG is just that currently. 😉
  5. I'm thinking Cruse-Aces is like Tripple-Deadeye-Scruggs; they are lions on paper, but rarely sighted in the wild. 😉
  6. @Biophysical is correct I'd wager from my experiences thus far, but I have another inquiry that is somewhat related but may be a bunny-trail: why is FG still creating/manufacturing Ace counters anyway? It seems the Age of graceful, expensive, fragile so hard to hit Aces are a bygone era, why all the pile on? And why in the h*** would a bomber pilot be so **** good at flying in that brick of a ship? Anyway, VI Vessery with a tractor makes Nym fly like the brick that he should have been.
  7. Hey now! Fun squad: Valen Rudor (27) – TIE Adv. Prototype, Wired (1), TIE/v1 (1), Stealth Device (3) Sigma Squadron Pilot (30) x 2 TIE Phantom (25), Intelligence Agent (1), Fire-Control System (2), Lightened Frame (2)
  8. I think FFG has to want what's best for the game and their jobs. The rest of the balance FAQ was supposed to be out this summer, maybe the playteater breach messed up the timing, IDK. Let's give them thru GenCon. 😉
  9. I wasn't impressed at all; guess I expected something quite different. Hummmmm....
  10. Good point; I'm schooled. Piling on great points; schooled again. Guess in my games, be they beer casual games or I'm sweating it out and it means win or watch from the distance, they're never been an argument over distance -range- when we both really looked at it. I've never had the issue really; I don't think I'm too threatening of a fellow and I've certainly never played anyone in that category.😉 You guys are correct though, this could be tough at super close distances or could have the crap potentially abused out of it. How about this then: "Other friendly ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if you are in a closer range band to the attacker and they could target you instead." That way only if he's closer than any other enemy ship is he the only shot, otherwise, choice has entered the game again. Without Selflessness this is uber harsh, but with that power, maybe not? I realize this might effectively kill Biggs in lists without Selfishness, as he couldn't just be the meat shield; he'd have to be flown as a sacrificial lamb.....hummmm?
  11. So you're saying, we all must measure range all the time and make determinations that greatly effect the game, but determining if Biggs is closer to an attacker that another enemy ship too hard to accomplish? How many times would it be so visually close that you'd need to use anything to measure? 1 out of 100? If you wanted Biggs to eat that shot rather than Ship A, you'd make d*** sure he was closer, wouldn't you? I think it works......easy.
  12. Biggs pilot ability is so easy to fix, just make it stinking thematic: "Other friendly ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if you are closer to the attacker and they could target you instead." Done. Now where's my tea?
  13. Punisher needs something; I'd think a crew slot would be mandatory on a ship that sized. Maybe a Title that gives it some cool ability to actually work? Maybe: adding a crew slot? an EPT? additional mods with cost reduction? And a bombing tech crew that gives Imps their Sabine bomb buff.
  14. Keep up the good thoughts and work @Kaptain Krunch; ignore the outlier info as that stuff is so common on forums from people who have no life. I think you're doing great in plowing this field, as @MajorJuggler is....I applaud this!! Rebel Regen just needs a cap; akin to rebuild shields to the limit of your original shields (effectively doubling your shield value). Kylo, IDK, he's not seen locally. Shalom
  15. Thanks @SOTL, nice to skirt endless opinions and look at well displayed data; nice job! FFG designers need to get the FAQ ----including making Biggs Jedi mindtrick ability game rational----together quick and publish it while the game is still remembered as fun....make haste guys.