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  1. clanofwolves

    Xwing Puzzle Club 8 - Whisper 101

    Well, Whisper 101 states "input hard 1 and await your enemy's move" but I can see, I guess (grumble, grumble) that a bank might just be a good pick...like a 40% might. But if you are gambling to simply get out of Horn's Arc, maybe a 3 speed maneuver is better on the get outta dodge move? K-turning at a 3 cloaked might just set up a good position as in, if Horn K-turns, she probably bumps; or a K-4 might clear and be the kill shot. But, like Sun Tzu would inquire first, "know your enemy." That would give you your best choice. We all know Horn has to gamble to win in one last-ditch move, so one needs to play to counter the only probable winning gamble that Horn has. He is forced to attempt to get a shot. He's looking for that 2-declaok and 1-hard. So 4-K cloaked would be best for Whisper to counter his probable 4-K which he will more than likely be forced to dial up to grab as much possible arced real estate he can....not that I really ever K-turn a Phantom, but my final answer is such. Yep.
  2. clanofwolves

    4x4 Imperials

    Yeah, that looks like a fun list as long as you spread your arcs to insure Aces cannot fly undetured. I do see FFG nerfing Redline, though it was fun while it lasted; Punishers actually punishing; guess they’ll be put back in their foam tombs.
  3. clanofwolves

    Version 1.0 TIE/LN Gozanti pilots

    So I requested assistance from Asmodee and although they seemed very interested in helping; they no longer have any of that stock. So I'm stuck. I hope someone somewhere is so very into V2 that the V1 TIE/LN pilots don't matter to them and I can buy them......PLEEEEEEAASSEE???
  4. clanofwolves

    taking down aces

    There are always these "whatever's OP-ish I'm in" kinda blokes yes; countering my weird control Lambda with a pair of Mid-level squints build. But hey, those are the weak minded who are afraid to simply "play" a game and seemingly have their entire ego and life's worth riding on the outcome. But there are some having fun out there, just gotta look. Cheers!
  5. clanofwolves

    2.0 Pilots, who will be the most popular for each faction?

    Poe, they'll soon be a metric butt-ton of Poe. Boba, there is and will be a slew of Boba. Then there is the fun stuff, the fun lists; lots and lots of fun stuff.....
  6. clanofwolves

    Three X-Wings: To Biggs or Not to Biggs?

    Fun list there @BlastyMcBlasterFace, but I guess you heard the T-70s are about to come out? So, just as in the case of 1.0 --when they arrive-- you can mothball your T-65s and never see them again. ...was that snarky?
  7. clanofwolves

    Talent for Soontir

    Well done @wurms, and others. I love Soontir, but haven't sported him in 2.0 as I am moving slow due to monetary and time constraints. I love the list structure @SirCormac as Whisper and Redline (I'd love to know your build-out on the other two. Uneducated I admit, but from the peanut gallery, I do like Lone Wolf as I've run it on him lots in 1.0 and the wording/price looks good in 2.0.
  8. clanofwolves

    T-70 article.

    Yeah, this. It actually sucks the life out of the Star Wars themed room.
  9. Fresh off a fun long-range trip to play Epic, and all of my fun TIE/LN pilots were lost or stolen (hope against hope not). Anyone have this set and not use them, pleeeaaasssee PM me, I’ll gladly buy them! 1,0000 thanks!!!!
  10. clanofwolves

    Ultimate Guard 14 pocket card sheets binder?

    I know this is an old thread..... but I'm feeling old. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ugd010847.html
  11. clanofwolves

    Who else hasn't played 2.0 yet??

    This is my position pretty much. The crew I mostly play with are still not converted at all, and I'm usually one of the last ones to pull the trigger; always thinking like a sniper makes one wait till most all the other pieces in the field move first. True, true..... I wish they would have just sold them in small card packs for each ship akin to baseball cards, at a very reasonable price if possible. Sell the damage deck, rulers, dice and templates as a set, sans ships. Starting with a few squads you love would have been a better entry level way to invest, IMO. ...and @Icelom, it does look like fun! Firesprays look nasty....or sound nasty, right @Brunas?
  12. clanofwolves

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I thought about this a bit....albeit after a pint. ...OK, after three; sorry about the clarity.
  13. clanofwolves

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Oh my..... is this thread --of all threads-- becoming educational?
  14. clanofwolves

    Tie Defender Cost? Why So Much??

    I enjoyed the OP's inquiry; and I have to admit, though I haven't played one in 2.0, I'm looking quite forward to it.
  15. clanofwolves

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I feel your anger, let it flow. Plus, I figure they'll get these movie ready and add missile upgrade options so she can be super fat, hit hard, and move anywhere. I know there were days in the not so distant past when heavy Kylo and loaded Quickdraw with a bid scared me....no really.