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  1. Lots of Dead Man's Switch Z-95s Which in real-terms means, I have no idea....
  2. I understand as I look at my lovely, yet unflown, hangar-ed Gunboat fleet and read the flight reports of those brave pilots who have taken these birds into the evil traps of the Outer Rim before me. They usually go on about how LRS is the better way to go, better than the Imperial designed system of Advanced Slam. However, in my theory-crafting, it seems you'd really want Advanced Slam in combat as there isn't very good action economy otherwise on these amazing gun platforms, unless you have a support ship. Am I nuts? I realize I need to get in some actual hours in flying these birds before I completely lean on my typical sarcasm and indefensible pride and look dismissively at seasoned pilots in the briefing room, as they tell us rookies how to set up our systems and computer settings before taking flight to defend the Empire. I best be careful with my unfounded opinions, huh?
  3. My LGS sold all their gunboats in one day. A box just came in the mail from MM.... it is filled with Gunboats I am certain. Excited am I.
  4. This thread is like taking a drink from a fire-hose....albeit a harry one. When I first read your opening statement @Wazat, I really thought it was a troll job. But then I started to peruse in detail the comments, game reports and analysis, and I pleasantly found that there is some real careful thought going into these degenerate lists. I apologize for the apparent condemnation; I mean it with the upmost sincerity. Sadly, I'm a TIE Fighter and Interceptor pilot first, and so this list is in a growing line of degenerate lists set to completely irradiate Waves 1-3 from the mat for good. FFG has pulled back the reigns on a few of the steroid infused new breeds in the race, but they keep adding to the list all the while. OK, salt over, I am at least a salty realist. I do now own an Auzituck, but I don't wish to see purchasing and much less fielding three or four of these, but I now understand the attraction in list-building these powerful ships. You guys certainly can theory-craft and I appreciate the detail and passion in which you try to break the game. It is fun read, thanks guys; consider me duly warned of the impending disaster, haha.
  5. Love your simple setup, nice! I usually pair one set to one side, at a 45 towards the center and one out on the other side straight...let the games begin. He has that way with people.... FFG took a beautiful dog-fighting Star Wars game and made it a card-game where ships unknown to the core cannon run rough-shot over the beautiful fliers. It is a simple-minded, what have you done for me lately, quick cash business decision. Ah well, casual still is so very Star Wars-y, and some recent Regionals have surprisingly sported Vader, some TIE variants and T-70s in some high tables and even winners. Maye there is some glimmer of hope.
  6. Agreed. If the opponent is capable, fly Interceptors as Arc Dodgers; bring a knife to a gun fight. If you can come in the restaurant to make the hit via the kitchen, go fo it; if the front door has the only open lock, go on to the next door/target or cause the original diner to reset.
  7. So that's a Destiny vote? Thanks. What do you like about it for a newbie casual?
  8. "It's not healthy." Truer words have not been better typed my friend. I'll agree with this and lay its disease genesis at the feet of the game designers. It seems that for the past year to date one needs either need Regen (token stacking and Reinforce mimics this), Turrets, or high red dice secondary attack output to actually compete; or best yet, a combination of all three. I too wish the game's core 80 degree, fragile, arc locked ships dog-fighting for position were the average in squads rather than the exception, but the game design has grossly eroded this core of love almost completely out of the game. Maybe, just maybe the game designers see their compounding error, and reign in the triple headed game eating monster of Regen, Turret, Red dice piles, and restore the joy. This I certainly hope will be the case if I'm gifted one; Interceptors are my current and former joy to fly in this game, and for all intents and purposes, this ship should be their king.
  9. So my wife is like, "whatever" when I've tried to get her to play X-Wing. She tried, made some jokes and just didn't get into it. So, I was thinking some other game may be up her alley (she does love family games: board, card, dice) that are easy to grasp all the details and you can just dive in. She likes Pandemic, Batman Loveletter Edition, etc. So what do you guys recommend? I like the Star Wars angle. What about Destiny or Empire vs Rebellion?
  10. If they were Rebel, they'd have a turret and Regen or 180 degree arc and reinforce. ...salt aside, I have yet to get mine. I hope the doomsayers are incorrect and these are very good additions to squads. My other factions squads (especially Rebel) have fantastic adds (Lowhhrick is sick OP with that 180 degree and Reinforce, you kidding me?!? and the bug will be fantastically cheap free actions for a real tough Rebel squad). Imps seem to be, once again, getting simply balanced ships, which don't get the job done. Let's all hope some build with Gunboats get to add to the Imps an OP squad as well, so some balance in games can attempt to come back to the game.
  11. If I invert the OPs inquiry, it would definitely be Wave VII. K-Wings are the least Star-Warzy thing I’d ever seen, and not being an obscure fan, I’d never seen one before. The Punisher looked like an ugly-steroid-popping TIE Bomber at first glance, but it grew on me, so I purchased one. Turns out, the K-Wing was and still is the absolute best ship in the game. The Punisher, by contrast, was and is still the absolute worst ship in the game. These were designed by the same company?!? If I’m real salt comes from the fact that I tried to squadbuild and like the Punisher so much (and got momentarilily and irrationally excited), I purchased two more that were on sale last year (believe it or not haha), but they still lie dormant within their space age plastic tombs. Sad.
  12. Sorry @MajorJuggler, you’re correct, I defaulted. Thanks @Biophysical, very smartly done, yet internally depressing, thread. 😉
  13. I’d still like to try: 36 TIE Silencer on-the-cheap "Blackout" PS7 (31): Trick Shot (0), Collision Detector (0), Primed Thrusters (1) ....I have a good list with a 37 point swivel spot 😉