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  1. clanofwolves

    Corran Horn, no force ability????

    I see what you did there, well played, well played. The mouse sees: 1) the movies as absolute concrete cannot reduce abilities cannon; 2) their cartoons as just almost like the movies and must follow cannon, and sees 3) the books, comics, games, campfire stories as take it if it makes $$ or leave it, no biggie at all. Corran is squarely in the 3rd. He’s no Jedi in their eyes.
  2. clanofwolves

    Preorder damage deck from online retailers?

    I inquired that very question from Miniature’s Market, they stated they haven’t heard anything from their distributor about the bonus damage deck; so no, I guess/assume not.
  3. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    This. This. Yeah, we must wait to really understand what the designers are going to give us truly and whether or not they're going to issue OP thinking they can up-price it to make everyone OK with it. That said, we must not berate those who are passionate about policing 2.0 for 1.0 cancer like @ficklegreendice is as he is attempting to insure that arcs and dials matter again. Rather, such analysis should be lauded actually. Whether you agree on the specifics of the assumed Luke card, the game will be better for us all if the cancer it alleges to hold isn't allowed to spread into 2.0; in fact. we must all insure it doesn't happen even if it's a single tumor. Now, the question is: do we have any power to insure this? Yes. Voting. I personally have chosen to waiting for the details on the game before voting with my cash, even though I am quite excited about it. This is how we vote, and it's the only votes that count at FFG. Patience mates, let's keep our eyes on our beautiful game's future issue, and take them to task if they f-ed up. ...now where's my tea?
  4. clanofwolves

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Pilots' Lounge

    OK, I'm so out of my Gunboat loop; stayed in sick bay I guess and have missed all the meetings. What's up with the 2.0 ships anyway? What's the scoop???
  5. clanofwolves

    I proxied 2.0 Vader, here are my thoughts...

    Liked your write-up @SirCormac, hope it gets a little better somehow for the most iconic figure in the Star Wars universe. I Love TIE Advanced, had some real surprising success running 1.0 squads (back in the day) of: Darth Vader (Unique TIE Advanced PS9 (36): Title (0), Juke (2), Adv. Targeting Computer (1) + Engine Upgrade (4) Tempest Squadron Pilot -TIE Advanced PS2 (22): Title (0), Adv. Targeting Computer (1) Tempest Squadron Pilot -TIE Advanced PS2 (21): Title (0), Accuracy Corrector (0) X2 So VI wasn't a loss because we eliminated that card on pint nights, so no foul. Hope the squad still works, it'll be cool to see. The one problem I see is that typically the AC Tempest took evade actions, which isn't a possibility now [sad panda?]
  6. clanofwolves

    YT-2400 2.0 the new Jumpmaster?

    Oh, and @Jadotch, you might be correct. “This piece of junk have a torp slot?” “Hey, who you calling a piece of junk?”
  7. clanofwolves

    YT-2400 2.0 the new Jumpmaster?

    Yes, the very smell of an effectively 360 arced turret should bring out the torches and pitchforks to be sure. Everyone knows this freighter is far more manuverable than a TIE/In, an A-Wing, am E-Wing, a TIE/Ln etc. Were not stupid ya know. ...is it 5:00 BTW?
  8. clanofwolves


    This. It cannot be stared enough, let’s hope their day is over 😊
  9. clanofwolves

    Gunner Luke is a geinus design decision, awful PR decision

    These threads on Luke are like ping pong. One side says no 360 Turrets (effectively in Luke) and hits the ball; the other side say 360 Turrets are not so bad, could be wicked expensive, great for newbies, etc (as in Luke) and hits the ball. ...rinse and repeat. What does this tell us? Well one, guess FFG designers want Luke to be great, which is absolutely cool, even if he breaks their own stated rules. Maybe that is the definition of greatness? Kinda like 1.0 Palp and his unlimited range. Two, maybe the designers want the Falcon (new movie huh?) to be great and do something the other large based turreted ships cannot. Three, the designers have already reduced his ability (in card text or some dark-side force ability) that lowers or negates Luke assumed power. Anyway, let's hope this is all for naught, and Luke really isn't going to break the game and send the ship he's on back to 1.0 abilities. And, if you think Luke is fine, if he actually breaks the games "Arcs matter" theme, then I guess you'd be OK with a single faction getting a crew that makes a selected ship move last and shoot first regardless the ships posted Pilot Initiative? VI for one faction only? Guess you'd be OK with that, it's a force user by the way, sure.....
  10. clanofwolves


    This. I waited a long time to finally fly mine back in the 1.0 day, but when I did I rekt stuff easy and was soooo amazed at that dial and revenge shot; it was stupid broken even without Torps and the droids/crew. It was sick. I needed a bath afterwards, literally. I agree, this Title ability is a real head-scratcher; guess you'd have a specific build to be hunting to run it....very specific.
  11. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    I see your point, but allowing one turd in the brownie mix makes the whole pan bad.
  12. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    And you are absolutely incorrect when Luke is involved. Add Luke to your 2.0 turret and you get to chose what to shoot in a 360 degree arc regardless of previous mobile arc setting, regardless your ability ability to take an action or no, regardless the state of ship stress or blocking. You sir need to think a bit more... and maybe have a spot of tea. Or your simply trolling... then maybe a pint would better bring you into the fold.
  13. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    I think this thread boils down to two camps of players: Camp One: NO 360 degree turrets on any ship for any cost for any reason. Camp Two: 360 degree turrets are OK as long as they are not too powerful and can be counter-played in some way. With my tea this AM, I'm a B&W loving kinda guy on this, I hated what they did to the 1.0 version. I'm in Camp One, I don't care how effective or ineffective a 360 turret is, I want them all gone and all turrets action dependent. Slippery slope FFG; don't go there. And sorry there Luke, we love you, but you weren't that great of a gunner in Episode IV anyway. Let's make him do something different with that force point.
  14. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    It doesn't matter in my mind. Fact: 360 turrets are 1.0 cancer. Fact: (as we understand it) Luke creates a virtual 360 turret regardless of counter-play attempts. Fact: Therefore Luke's cancer. Opinion: It matters not if he's great or easy to kill, he breaks the rules. Fact: He breaks one of FFG's stated design rules for 2.0. Fact: If the above is true: Luke should be revised so he is not automatic, but has REAL counterplay.
  15. clanofwolves

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    ...and simply complaining about those discussing concerns is assisting what exactly? This is the only point, this shouldn't exist in 2.0, even if it is our beloved Luke. (gameplay > fluff) I think @ficklegreendice is making this simple point very well. I see your statement @FTS Gecko actually referring directly to the contrary debate. This. Therefore, if 2.0 is to be clear of 1.0 problems (ie the worst offender: 360 TURRETS), then Luke is NOT good for the game, regardless his cost or usability in tournament meta. This is very, very simplistic logic. Easy.