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  1. ...yeah, this. They certainly are hard to kill and man, they look more fun to fly than my FO's.
  2. Yeah @ficklegreendice, you are correct on all points, but it's still that "almost" kinda thing. It will add a wrinkle to see how the missile+passive sensors buff some pilots.... but. It still seems the FO was not all that thought about --in comparison to other factions-- when they were diving into 2.0.
  3. The cue ball coming quick in makes a heck of a destructive asteroid.... plus that added bonus of no need to roll for damage.
  4. I was dragged by mates to be all in on 2.0 First Order, and I consequently have the entire build-out (if one counts TIE/FOs pained with the SF red bands as TIE/SFs, haha) but the FO just don't live up to their awesome looking chassis. Kylo isn't quite the Ace we are looking for... so I am at a loss while gazing into the 2.0 world; cannot find a real hook. ...but I'll always keep trying, and looking for my tea.
  5. And to you sir. Question for someone who has been absent from the game for a spell working at camps: where is the points lists of ships/pilots and their subsequent changes? Hasn't anyone produced one? Yeah, I know.... I'll get my tea!
  6. It's fun to check the official Forum and see that the angst and vitriol level so low that, players, are now talking, about.... dice? variance? Nice. ...now where's my tea?
  7. I agree with Iain's summary and raise my pint in agreement, "SO - in conclusion, knock it off." ...now where's my tea?
  8. Agreed, but why the fire? Some like to win above all, some like to play above all, some like to hang out with friends above all, some like all three. I'm saying let everyone have their selected draught and move along. This is a strategy issue, not a rules issue IMO. Live and let live. If you know the guy likes to wait you out, make a list that can go in and nuke him, or, get another pint and wait him out. :-)
  9. I think maybe you're specifically talking pint games vs. tourney games. In both you could have fun, but only in the former is it the only reason to play. Everyone likes winning, for it is a game. Everyone wants to have fun, for it is a game. But.... Maybe the difference is between those simply love our game best by simply "playing the game" and those that best love "winning the game"? If you get me, what's most important to the specific player. Intent is ultimately impossible to define, but implementing the best strategy to win the game (if your in the latter camp) even if it is to avoid playing, is the actual correct strategy? Heck, some could argue they have fun not playing? I don't land in the latter camp, but I understand it, but I don't get that at the same time. ...now where's my tea?
  10. This just hurts. ....and you typed it even.
  11. Agreed, good analysis, TIE FO's are simply missing something to make the swarm work. I think that the pricing breakdowns for the added shield and good dial work on paper, but they simply need that swing item like a Howlrunner or other potential offensive support. I had great luck with a TIE/SF swarm as they hunt aces really well, Poe hates being hunted by five of them, let me tell you. But against other lists that don't have that one high priced prize, they are meh at best. Yeah, agreed, but left feeling so wanting....
  12. I want a price decrease so that I legally can run my 3-fives list legally: Proton Torps Redline, Juke Brath, and Juke Whisper. (sorry @heychadwick about the dark lady and the nightmares she gave you so many years ago)
  13. No, he and the other Punisher pilots should get a point decrease if FFG holds to their typical "up" when good, "down" when bad approach. I do think they will keep Trajectory Simulator and Proton Torps will hold at their previous increase. I do think the designers want Punishers to be field-able at top-ish tables and they will get some respite from the slightly heavy-handed increase they received before. The toys do help, but they will be priced accordingly, so the chassis simply has to come down so they could make moderate sense in fielding without upgrades, akin to a B-Wing chassis in usability, kinda?
  14. Tariffs are not simply a weapon of protectionism, they can be quite the opposite. The Tariffs are to force other countries to reduce their tariffs, and then both countries can be on the same tariff level playing field. Consumers of the country raising tariffs may --at first-- have to pay a bit more from the tariffed country (like China for instance as they are the one in question, who has had stiff tariffs on American goods as well as many other 1st world ones for years), but rather quickly one of two things will occur: 1) the newly tariffed country reduces it's tariffs so there is balance, or 2) a new manufacturer of the good from another source country will fill the previous price point and thus the units can be purchased avoiding said tariff. Short term balancing of tariffs may pinch. but they are logical and necessary. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have seemingly sold out countries like the US, England, Ireland, etc. since the late 80's and I believe it is high time to finally attempt to better level the playing field, no matter your political bent or ideology one has). Who knows, if the American colonists were able to purchase oversees goods at the same tax/tariff rate as other countries, maybe it would still be an English colony? Um, nah, probably not; I mean, what American wants to eat baked tomatoes and spice-less sausage for breakfast? Now, back to real X-Wing talk which is far more fun..........and where's my tea?
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