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  1. clanofwolves

    Rebel Tie/ln Fighter

    Now we all know what Order 66 really is: "The Rebel stolen TIE was and is an abhorrent cancerous pile of bile covered vomit on our otherwise beautiful game. That is reason enough for it to quickly endure a violent removal from all starfields immediately and pitched in the bin."
  2. clanofwolves

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I’d say it lines up on the oppressive target yes. FFG wanted big base double-tap turrets back in the game for some d**n reason; so....we got it. 🙁
  3. clanofwolves

    TIE Silencer: Kylo Ren

    I-5...he’s almost great.
  4. clanofwolves

    TIE/SF paint color

    ...or other manufacturers I just have seen these at my LGS, and another brand I think?
  5. Hey artists, what citadel paint color is the TIE/SF red? I’m gonna do my TIE/FOs with a red quarter cockpit too.
  6. clanofwolves

    TIE Aggressor didn't get points reduction

    Wow, that’s someone who has it bad... ugggggg. Where’s this? 🧐
  7. clanofwolves

    Resistance and First Order Dial Upgrade Kits

    If there was ever a money grab, these things are it (and their ancestors)...
  8. clanofwolves

    Falcon and Poe counter

    Don't have any of that stuff, so..... I can't. I have only the FO 2.0 set, so there is that. So, it trying to get the better Initative pilots would be nuts and a fool's errand. So what about the Zeta Squadron Survivors that run 34 points each. That means you can run 5 at the same I and choose which one to keep options open (and always first) with 30 points left over to fill the list out. Sound OK? What should I add into them?
  9. clanofwolves

    Falcon and Poe counter

  10. clanofwolves

    Falcon and Poe counter

    So in your experience, what the best squad vs. the new hotness? Well, the Falcon and Poe squad; it’s strong. ....thanks in advance.
  11. clanofwolves

    Star Wars: Outer Rim

    A time ago, in a boardroom in a cold North state: "OK guys, X-Wings looking good 'eh?" ...looking down at papers the trio does..."Yeah, but, Wave IV is not generating they hype we really wanted on the 1.0 ships; not anything much beyond B-Wingers really. And come on guys, we know we'll never sell all these re-boxed Decimators, unless we put Sloane in there." ...long silence... "Nah. Hey, what about that smuggler game thing we shelved last year?" ...smaller silence... "Yeah, OK, and lets put some different colour or sparkly X-Wing dice in there too, that'll generate half the sales. Those players are nuts about dice and will pay whatever people ask for them. That way, it doesn't really matter if the game is truly good or not " "Done, tell the printers. Write the teaser...and get those dice in there."
  12. clanofwolves

    Clone Wars play looks very different

    Jim is correct I think and yes, he can dream. If the Separatist ships are as cheap when released as they appear they should be, the strategy to fight it will start with the quintessential, "don't get in a land war in Asia" quip. I'm thinking Coordinate will become a staple of any list going up against it with high priced ships as a "death by a thousand cuts" works on your aces when they are action-less.
  13. clanofwolves

    How Prominent are Triple Ups going to be for the next 6 months?

    It’s an interesting puzzle, and a boogie-man, it’s weirdly good for the game as it causes a stir, especially in the sensitive force-users. I kinda see it as the 2.0 version of triple Intel Agent Scouts.
  14. clanofwolves

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Technically it's really awesome and more Star Warzy, but that's not tourney X-Wing, that game is called Epic.
  15. clanofwolves

    Is 2.0 Corran Horn any good?

    Looks like fun.... one question though: where's Leia? This looks more like something cool (but I abhor selfishness, but that's my only no (and it's a bad reason I know :)) Summary: Horn is paying for that dial and access to the droid. Kinda like Kylo is paying (excessively) for his dial. Neither are the actual game Aces of their faction, and that hurts too. That said, neither work at their current points with a support squad that synergies as a complete package. They're really both just for fun pint lists. I wish the Knaves were cheaper as I always wanted them to work in Epic.... but alas, they are always "almost, but nope."