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  1. They were quietly replaced by cybernetic copies when the Jumpmaster design was hatched; those designers should be tapped for Imperial design corrections and expansions. 😂
  2. @VanderLegion, yeah, you did sir, true. But you way, way undersold my estimation. That difference is why you see them everywhere and Soontir is all but retired. And that my friend, sucks for the game, and sucks for all of us who play it. Arguably he, and perhaps Vader, the greatest pilots in the Star Wars expanded universe cannot be competitive in a space fighter combat game....let that amazing fact sink in.
  3. Love them! If only they had been designed by the FFG crew that designs Scum ships, boy they'd be great!
  4. You forgot to really push hard the real difference besides free focus, and that the difference IS nuts!! Finn has an auto-hull upgrade card and unlimited Proton Rockets at ZERO cost.
  5. To win? TIE/FO. Why? Omega Leader; the best 26 point ship (with upgrades tailor made for it that comes in the blister) in the game even if it is an Imperial chassis.
  6. I get that it's a business and you do what you can to make jack, like sell people an $80+ dollar Epic for a crew card. However, this is not the case for the Jumpmaster Expansion. In FFGs defense, they needed to give the Scum faction something besides 2 Aggressors to take to tournaments. So, they made a wishlist ship, under-tested it and then under-costed it. Intent for the faction and sales? Good. Intent on holding game balance? Poor at best. It is being playtested for a nerf to the actual chassis, that's true. Yes, it's taking a long time, this is the actual mystery for it was broken before it was ever purchased or played and it seems such a simple fix from this side of the game, but alas; I've been told the Jumpmaster and Biggs nerfs are tough for the head designers to pull the trigger on....for some reason. I'm thinking the designers wanted Selflessness to at least be announced, digested and Vassal-ed before Biggs gets the hammer so Biggs lovers would not mutiny too much; but they will, we all love salt. Right? Perhaps the same is true for the Scrugg, IDK.
  7. This. Plus, the other factions have strengthened their powers; Rebels (tanky, flexible, great crew, hard-hitting, regen), and Scum (cheap, maneuverable, hard-hitting, tanky, flexible, great crew, great gimmicks) while for the most part they have also adopted the strengths of the Imperial faction with added prepositioning, evade dice and maneuverability. The Empire now is an over-coppied shell of itself that is now having to rely on Rebel design cast-offs (TIE/SF design, Aggressor design, etc.) to work competitively at all.
  8. A few moths ago we all put or Lambdas in one squad on a pint night. It is weird and quite the squad if they run in an offset conga-ish kinda formation; weird dice chunking, tanky fun!
  9. Every time I see a Sabine TIE post I die a little bit.....
  10. This is power-creep and it's lopsided and therefore breaks the game in a tactile way. Let's break it down using another type of crayon and see how this Scrugg fits into the game, fractionally speaking: Blue team has a crappy playing piece that's lousy at making pancakes in a game where pancakes makes your team really better. Red team has an awesome piece that is fantastic at making pancakes in a game where pancakes can make your team win and win. Orange team didn't really have a a piece that could make pancakes at all, but now they are slated to get a great pancake maker almost as good as Red team's pancake maker and therefore can get better and hopefully win. All-the-while, everyone knows that Red team is actually getting the same model pancake maker that Orange team is getting, possibly better even. why would Blue team care at all that Orange is getting pretty much what Red team has?
  11. I think it'll be interesting to see which, if any, ships hit the meta from this Wave....I'm betting the Scrugg has the best shot. I request @Stay On The Leader update is cool and informative list that he did back on April 25th and see if and how it has morphed to now:
  12. I think the Wookie Gunship is incredibly tanky and the arc with the good dial for that stat/cost (the Lambda and HWK continue to weep), that it's really good for the points and is following the tanky power creep to keep up with the red dice; it's also another death-nail into 2 dice attack ships (the A-Wing and TIE hates it). And you gotta admit after looking at all the stuff you get with the Scrugg, it surely is one of the best ships in the game; look at its flexibility, it's behind the stupid Jumpmaster sure, but every ship is. What ship is more versatile for the points? List please? FFG is upping the power creep in the Scum faction where it is already way up --and their bumping the Rebels a bit in another 'I will not die easy and it will suck to play me with many of the ships you have' way. And, not to be too glum, but the Empire gets a throwback Y-Wing that's more fragile but mid-level TIE evasive to spam some turrets on as its base naked cost is way too high in the current other words, blah. I just don't have that excited Star Wars space battle feeling about this expansion at all; less than the last expansion, and that's saying something, haha! where's my tea?
  13. I think the Wookie Gunship and the Scrugg are designs to keep up with the Jumps; least they seem to be really, really good statistically over most all other ships, except the JM5K, right?
  14. Haha, how can you not? It's akin to being a baseball team owner a few years ago; everyone knows your star player takes steroids, but he wins you games. You tried for a while to defend his claims that he doesn't do it, but everyone knows. But you're winning; other teams players do it We all throw good after bad and play him until no one else can have one either; when the lights and cameras are on us, honor and fairness don't measure up to our pride.
  15. Greatest. Troll. Ever. Every time today when I scanned topics, I laughed when I saw it; well played!