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  1. It certainly is a h*** of a lot better than the triple Punisher.
  2. This. ....and we could add so much more to the laments of our women.
  3. I just saw the Title on the OP (I didn't really give it too much thought before) and laughed....... "Viable Punisher Builds"
  4. Thanks....well that sounded sweet. Dang.
  5. Ignorance on my part, apologies. How did it effect him?
  6. OK, I'm tracking a bit better UnitOmega....thx!
  7. I'm having a hard time swallowing this one. I know gameing nerds will same gameplay > logic, but it seems the storyline gets all mangled up when ordinance is placed prior to the game start. Wouldn't it be better to give a Bomber free movements prior to the enemy or mid-mat setup instead? It just seems odd for a ship vs. ship combat game....Epic? Sure, it's storyline and one faction usually has the mat to themselves pre-start, but this game is predicated on small ship skirmishes in open space that no one controls, correct?
  8. This. The Punisher should have been THE ship of her Wave, not the overpriced almost. If FFG had any balls they'd sneak a card in this pack that fixed the Punisher but was almost useless to this ship; it wouldn't be the first time. But alas, I can't see it in the preview.
  9. Right now? Playing a squad that cannot take Attani Mindlink.
  10. True, or.....maybe close.
  11. That's what I'm saying, but fun is an understatement. I'll bet the dial is better than the Imps equal upgrade bar ordinance carrier's dial, oh wait, there isn't one. So strike that. I'll bet the dial for this ship is better than the Imps inferior upgrade bar ordinance carriers dial. The power-creep in this ship seems to bear striking resemblance to the effects elicited upon our world by the Jump-master. I fear this ship too will borderline power-creep ridiculousness.
  12. Interestingly enough, I don't have an anti-Whisper squad, I constantly field squads of diversity as I get easily board. I have killed Phantoms with everything from TAP squads to RACs. I just took down an aces squad Saturday fielding the standard Whisper and I used B-Wings...let that sink in, B-Wings. They really do have some sweet pilot abilities that make them Ace counters and Dantels being able to fire missiles outside of arc is fun! ...that's what did her in that game; I took my friend a bit off guard. Conversely, I've also had great ordinance carriers wipe her out fairly easy. LRS Homer Bombers are great, that first pass the homers don't care much about her cloak. Squad Leader Sabacc took her to one hull opening shooting round for me with her fully buttoned up. And what is really fun is when your TIE D gets that first lick on her (it happens, let me tell you) then she can be up s***s creek. Conners are also fun...but I hate flying my K-Wing, I don't know really why. I guess SLAM seems so very too much for such a cumbersome, clunky in atmosphere looking cartoon ship to perform; it's like rubbing a cat the wrong way to me, it just feels wrong. Anyway, be creative. Just remember, in the end, worse case, she's usually throwing four greens when you can't get her to run naked a turn and really, that's not so bad these days. Hell, I've flown her in squads and had her cloaked at range three and thrown just one paint in that pile of greens and had to eat a perfect trio of crits from an opponent. Great Palp story BTW. You did have a great counter squad. Yes, Palp is great, but there again, he's only effecting one dice...just one. If you throw gastly amounts of painted reds on the table, Palp can only bring a band-aid to the surgical suite. I think sometimes certain ships or crew just get in one's head and make one wacky and illogical with trepidation. In the end, when it's dice, it's dice....and they have no master. My beefs are usually against those things that are dice-free effects or gimmes (like auto-hits) that take shields and or hull every time with basically no regard to the open dice exchange (see hot TLT thread trending now). Those you can ***** about freely, they deserve it. Phantom cloaking? In my opinion, no.
  13. I've shot and killed her cloaked, many times. I disagree that you must shoot first or stress her to win; helps? Yes. Have to? No. So you're not "effectively done".....are we playing the same game? Man, and not only LRS ordinance, but now with squad leader and other red dice creep? I think we all need to put our big boy pants on, it's fun.
  14. But the stat line is WAAYYY better...and talon rolls?? Droids or Crew??
  15. It'll never happen in tourney rules, FFG will hold their case. Sure they gave into incessant whining about the X7 after it took Worlds in '16 so easily, and took the auto evade away (like that was better than Attani). But in casual games we run Phantoms all the time straight up old-school; we're not scared little girls. I've been killed by them and killed them plenty of times....I say take off the governors and let's really play this game again. Oh, and please take no offense there heychadwick, I don't want to give you more reasons for therapy, it'll be OK....this was just a bad dream.