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    Cultiststeve reacted to Budgernaut in Alcaran   
    I was reading the Runewars boardgame rules and BattleLore 2E rules this morning, mostly for the lore snippets in the beginning. What was neat is that the Runewars lore is told by Alcaran, the same guy who tells the story to Astarra in the new Lore Guide. BattleLore takes place some time later because Alcaran is already dead. I just thought it was something interesting to share for our new lore sub-forum.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Tvayumat in Glue before or after painting?   
    I started off doing the whole "glue after painting" thing years and years ago.

    It's only really worthwhile on particularly large models, like the Rune Golem, and that's mostly so you don't have to handle your newly painted surfaces as you move the model around.

    These days I'm lazy as hell. I glue everything before I paint. You're lucky if I even bother removing mold lines. I'll just paint right over em. Nobody ever notices.

    If there's a tiny underspot that will be blocked off by attaching a limb, I question the wisdom in bothering to paint that spot anyway. Nobody will ever see it.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Tvayumat in Kari's special   
    For the record, I hate her ability at the moment.
    If it doesn't require LOS, it's insane.
    If it does, it's undwrwhelming.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to rowdyoctopus in Kari's special   
    Hahahaha.  Hello can of worms!
    Based on the fact that we have multiple abilities that say the do need line of sight, and we have  those that lack that language, she does not need line of sight.  Some have taken the line of sight rule in the RR to be absolute in delineating that ALL ranged effects require line of sight, but this is not the case.  She will probably get an entry in the FAQ just to solidify things.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Lyraeus in The Strength of the Core Waiqar   
    So it seems some people are questioning the Strength of the Waiqar. Well here are my thoughts on this.
    What do the Waiqar Bring to the Table?
    Blight. Literally. ALL THE BLIGHT!!!!
    If you think you have enough Blight, you are wrong. To paraphrase an old game "You must create more Blight Tokens". Blight not only boosts the meat grinder called Ardus (when in range of a Lancer) but it also makes you more survivable. Each token is 1 less die your opponent can rely on and if you can stack 2-3 tokens on a unit they will never be able to push enough damage through.   
    Carrion Lancer:
    Ok, partial joking aside (seriously, you need more blight). Some considerations, The Carrion Lancer is one of the best units you can take. Seriously, take several. They are resilient (needing at least 9 damage to take out in one go) since they can Blight and boost Defense at the same time. It leaves the unit stationary when it does so but the advantage is pretty big. 
    Next we have the Reanimates. The few times I have used them, I have held them back, allowing them to be charged while they are in a defense boost. Now you can get away with charging with them, you will want them to have blight tokens on an the one you are charging. Since this is Core box you wont have access to the Standard Bearer from the Infantry Expansion (see card image below), you will have to be creative with how you apply all that blight (Hmmm Carrion Lancer Special on a 4 Init Rally seems fun or 4 Init Attack seems legit if you ask me). Minimizing the amount of damage that the Reanimates takes makes them not only more survivable but with their Regeneration you can extend their ability to fight back. It makes up for their slowness.
    Reanimate Archers:
    These are decent damage dealers and work well in larger numbers. I like to cheat though and think that they are best in 2x1 groups with Ranked Discipline. A red and a Blue for damage is not a lot but placing more Blight, weakening your foes as they close in, and proving to be an utter pain in the butt to take down is amazing. 
    The Meat Grinder, The Whirlwind of Doom, Mr Destructo Axe and his Fabulous Antlers himself. This monster is decently easy to take down at times but if he hits the right targets (Cavalry,  Hero's, and Rune Golems just to name a few) he can slice and dice his way with maddening ease. The reason you don't want to pit him against a unit like Spearman or Reanimates is because they can take all of his damage with and still maintain their capabilities to strike back. They also limit the ability of the Moral Strikes that Fab Antlers gets from a nearby Lancer. Those Mortal Strikes are great against Multi Wound models like Golems and other Hero's but unless you have an Accuracy you cant hit those Champion's that are embedded in those big bricks of Infantry. 
    In the End:
    Watch your targets and let the Blight Flow, after all the Blight must Flow Free!
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Zetan in Custom Terrain Cards   
    As mentioned on page 23 of the Learn to Play book, custom terrain is encouraged for this game. My intent is to make cards for many of the terrain elements at my local store. I've created a Photoshop template for people to use creating custom terrain elements; just hide and unhide layers as necessary and edit the text to suit your needs.  Huge thanks to @SirWillibald for all his help; this template wouldn't have come out nearly as nice without him. Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2OYzQ4YZGLcT3dScnRXd3ItcFk/view?usp=sharing
    In case you don't have Photoshop, here's some resources for you to recreate a similar file in GIMP or whatever:

    (click the image, then click "Full size" on the bottom-left to get to the full 600 dpi version)
    Terrain type
    Almendra Bold
    UglyQua Italic
    Removing the Moire Pattern: https://www.thoughtco.com/remove-moire-patterns-from-scanned-photos-1700238
    And finally, here's a couple of sample cards I made for the terrain at my local store:

    Haven't tested these yet; the house may be a little OP, but it seems like it should provide more cover than the forest and at least as much fortification as the crumbling wall, so that's what I went with. The "Infantry only" restriction seems realistic and helps some with the power level (no way a Rune Golem is fitting through that door) and at 3 trays max you're not going to be sticking a really deadly unit in there.  So I guess we'll see.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to SirWillibald in Custom Terrain Cards   
    There you go:
    Terrain type
    Almendra Bold
    UglyQua Italic
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    Cultiststeve reacted to marinegrunt01 in Winter Undead   
    I started this thread to showcase my simple work and keep me motivated on this path I have started. When my buddy and I got our core sets at Adepticon (FFG rocks!), he took all the humans while I took all the undead. I have always loved playing regenerating armies so it was the obvious choice for me. 
    My painting style is simple as I just block paint then use lots of wash to  make it look tabletop quality.  I have been painting this way for 10 years or so. I love washes and sing their praises to anyone who is in earshot whenever painting comes up at the local game store.  
    I now present my first completed tray of Reanimates. This is the first time I did winter basing and I cannot say enough how awesome Citadel's valhallan blizzard is for making snow bases. I used a sculpting tool to apply it to the tray and bases and it went on very smooth.  

    My next tray to paint will be a tray of archers. I plan to have them done by Wednesday. 
    I also started to paint a carrion lancer, but that is a big model to paint and will work on it as I paint the infantry models.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to eilif in Eilif's Daqan (5/24 coming back for more?)   
    UPDATE: Going to turn this into a place for ongoing updates as I paint my Daqan.
    Last week I assembled the entirety of my two boxes of Daqan. I Just put up a blog post about my experiences assembling them, some easy conversions that can be done to mix up the poses a bit and my overall thoughts about the sculpts after having had them in-hand for a while. 
    Just a couple teasers.  Here's a set of 8 of the same spearmen bodies. Instead of all being identical, only 2 are assembled stock and there's some limb swapping and repositioning to give a much wider variety of poses...

    ...and you wouldn't want your golems to look alike would you?

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    Cultiststeve reacted to Budgernaut in Humans: What am I missing?   
    It's not misleading at all. There are three classes of units: infantry, cavalry, and siege. Each of these is represented by a different icon. Infantry have a helmet icon, cavalry have a horse-head icon, and siege have a broken-castle icon. You can find these icons on page 4 of the learn-to-play guide. Certain upgrades also bear these icons, meaning you can only equip those upgrades to units that have that upgrade on their unit cards. These aren't arbitrary descriptive terms, these are game terms.

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    Cultiststeve reacted to FatherTurin in Rune Manipulation Design Space   
    I know that we are still in Wave 0, but I've been thinking about the energy/rune mechanic (one of the most interesting ways I have seen to handle magic in a wargame, btw), and the design space that opens up.  Here are some ideas I had:
    1) upgrades that allow you to cast X runes by exhausting them.
    2) upgrades that simply flip a rune to the other side.
    3) upgrades that swap mentions of one rune on a unit for another (although Rune Golems with the potential for Brutal 4 may be a little bit too much)
    4) upgrades that can be exhausted or discarded to add 1 energy of a type to the pool for the round
    I'm sure we will start to see these with the command expansion and the Waiqar caster hero, but I'm excited to see what they do with it.  Any other thoughts?
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Click5 in An FYI on the Rune Tokens   
    I'm sure most people on here who have dabbled with the Arkham Horror LCG have thought about this, but coin protector capsules are a great way to bling out your game experience.  Someone (genius) recommended them for the Chaos token bag in the LCG and I immediately bought in, having a few left over my mind jumped to the rune tokens.  I think they are slightly smaller than the LCG tokens so there was a bit of play with the 26mm case, but once closed there was no rattling.  The 25mm would probably be a perfect match, but would be difficult to remove, buy at your own risk.  
    They add just the right amount of heft to make it a more satisfying experience.

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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from Orcdruid in Runewars data files for BattleScribe (Army List building software)   
    Yea. My thinking is that its wave 0 at the moment because that is the only complete wave. Once the complete spoilers for wave 1 are on the internet and added to the data files then I will change the name to wave 1.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to JasonGlass in *Grumble Grumble* Why aren't the rest of the expansions on the boat yet?   
    The forum powers worked!
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Budgernaut in *Grumble Grumble* Why aren't the rest of the expansions on the boat yet?   
    I should put "confirmed" in quotes. He's on the poster below. It shows all four factions and a picture of the heros. We see Kari Wraithstalker, Ardus Ix'Erebus, and Aliana. The Uthuk hero is clearly Ravos from BattleLore: Command, and he's mentioned in the Lore Guide.

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    Cultiststeve reacted to Vineheart01 in Clarification of removing wounded.   
    Accuracies straight up allow you to ignore any "Cant hit this model" rule, thats what they do. Figure upgrades are replaced when they die with normal models from the back (for some reason thats in the back of the Learning book, not the actual rule book, for siege guys while the Heroes is in the regular book)
    Issue with Accuracies though is you need 1 per model. Its difficult to remove the Golem since it has 4(5) armor, so you need a strong attack AND an accuracy to even hit the guy, but the random schmucks with 1 armor you need more accuracies AND damage. Also, once the golem takes a wound the accuracy goes away so now you need another one.
    For ref: Figure Upgrades (specifically 38.7) in the main book or the Siege entry in the back of Learning Book (its so annoying how split up the rules are...)
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Vineheart01 in Clarification of removing wounded.   
    Regenerate would be rather insane if it wasnt heavily restricted. If you had to take out the entire back row in order to remove a tray (row as in line of dudes) Regenerate would be as stupidly overpowered as Reanimate for Necrons in 40k - you practically have to 1shot the unit to stop it from coming back. As it is, its powerful but has thresholds to keep it from regenerating half the damage you just did EVERY round. Theres only a ~4pt difference between them and Spearmen, and all spearmen get is a blue die swapped in and potential free inspiration tokens... oooooo!
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Vineheart01 in Regeneration...   
    i had that mechanic come into play quite a lot in both my games.
    My opponent called my charge with my rune golem so he buffed up his defense, as a result i only killed 2 guys instead of wiping their faces off the board with Brutal2 attacks. They came back due to 2 natural runes.... - next round i only had brutal1, killed 2 again due to bad roll, and 1 came back. He killed me before i could strike a third time and it was full strength by the time it countered something else.
    Its a hell of a lot better ability than the spearmen. Inspiration tokens are pretty meh considering its so easy to get them as it is.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to jek in Slurms Mckenzie Rides Again (Aka the Battle report)   
    Hello! I have returned with The Runecast Episode 1 The first 200 pt battle report! The lets play we put up last week was our episode 0! Here it is full of random stupidity and and sarcasm.  Please enjoy and if you enjoy you should subscribe to the channel for more biweekly battle reporting goodness!
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Orcdruid in Blight focused wave 1 waiqar   
    ++ Standard Army (Waiqar the  Undying : Wave 0 (2017)) [200 Points] ++
    + Infantry +
    Ardus Ix'Erebus [42 Points]: 1 Tray, Ardus' Fury, Reaping Blade
    Reanimate Archers [44 Points]: 2x2 Trays, Combat Ingenuity, Wind Rune
    Reanimate Archers [44 Points]: 2x2 Trays, Combat Ingenuity, Wind Rune
    + Siege +
    Carrion Lancers [35 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Master Crafted Weapons, Rank Discipline
    Carrion Lancers [35 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Master Crafted Weapons, Rank Discipline
    ++ Total: [200 Points] ++
    Created with BattleScribe
    The plan here is to use the Lancers to protect the archers then use Wind Rune if necessary to dodge.
    Also blight the heck out of my opponents, using the accuracy blight combo on the lancers to take out figure upgrades.
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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from Lyraeus in Street Date April 13th   
    Nice. I actualy ended up getting my preorder delivered on the Thursday.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to ausknipsr in Templates for digital testing   
    Yay. Subforums. I did those to fool around digitally before painting the real units and i figured that someone else might find them useful, so ill post them here. Sadly, there is quite an upload limitation here. Please PM me for PSD-Files/larger JPGs or visit the Discord channel!

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    Cultiststeve reacted to rowdyoctopus in Reforming while engaged.   
    Are the Daqan getting a Martin Luther hero?
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    Cultiststeve reacted to flightmaster101 in Reforming while engaged.   
    FFG gonna be mad at me!  I wasn't supposed to spoil that!
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