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    Cultiststeve reacted to banjobenito in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    Armada now plays at 400pts, but on Saturday I played in the finale of a Corellian Conflict campaign - 3vs3, 1500pts on either side. OOOOOooooh boy, it was glorious.
    But it also took seven hours. If you and five friends want to get together and run a mammoth game on a 12ft board, the game lets you do that - hell I wouldn't be surprised if it encouraged it in campaingn play, further down the line.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Tvayumat in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    I don't think you've actually played Runewars much, if your complaint is that you want to fill up all the space on the board.

    I'll say again; there are games for this. Go play them if that's what you want.

    Runewars is a game of position, maneuver, and bluff.

    Pretty hard to maneuver or bluff if the entire board is covered in trays. The table size exists to give you options, not for you to cover.

    EDIT: The list you put forward is also pretty much terrible, both at straight combat AND at most objectives, so... I guess I'm not seeing the issue. Are you complaining that the game lets you be bad at building lists?
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    Cultiststeve reacted to jek in Has anyone heard anything official??   
    I posted the video a while ago when another person asked about it, and I shared it in the RMG facebook group around then also...it took a lot of scrolling but here it is...
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Willange in Dragonlord faction?   
    My opinion is based on these points:
    1. A faction's theme is often watered down by neutral units.  You may say, "Well then don't include them" but I have no control over what my opponent does.  Do I want to play against the Daqan that have beastmen neutrals (which were present in the board game)? No, I think that looks silly.  Also, point 2.
    2. Neutrals, when overpowered, can show up in any army making them a lot more of a problem and they can quickly make the meta more stale.  Now you could say, "Well then FFG shouldn't make them overpowered" but the fact is that if they make enough neutrals, then eventually one of those will be overpowered.  When you have an OP unit in just one faction, then it doesn't show up as often and causes less problems overall.
    3. They give a tool to every faction.  For example, the initial box of Latari elves has no cheap melee infantry.  They might get them in an expansion at some point, but for now that's part of their identity and playstyle.  In the future, they will probably get Darnati warriors, but those are likely to be beefier than Reanimates or Spearmen.  If you make a cheap infantry unit that is neutral, then suddenly Latari have part of their identity taken away and they could end up playing much more like Waiqar by using the neutral as a cheap tarpit unit with archers just sit in the back.  I mean, it's impossible to say what will or won't be fair about hypothetical units, but I think we can say that the differences between factions are what make them cool.
    4. Some neutral units might as well just be given to a certain faction because no one else will ever use them.  Often, games will make neutrals balance more on the side of underpowered due to fear of point 2.  That means that the neutral often only shows up in certain niche armies/decks/whatever in 1 or 2 factions.  When they do, it's often to fill a gap as mentioned in point 3.  If you want to give a faction a new tool, then just give it to that faction.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Orcdruid in Reasonable army size from 2 core sets?   
    That sounds about right.
    For the unit formations as they come and leaving out the extra hero the base points come out to
    155 for the undead
    166 for the humans 
    By combining units and using figure upgrades(I.E. FLRG) you can bring those base costs down, which results in more flexibility. 180 is probably the max that i would go.
    Of course you could just play the 100pt skirmish game. This could help with setting up and practicing with "fireteams" for when you can play 200pt games.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to xero989 in Dragonlord faction?   
    So I'm really liking the game right now it's really fun and I feel like it has a lot of depth especially when more expansions will come out, as of right now it looks like I'll probably end up playing the elves once they're released but for now I'm content with my Army of Undead.  After reading the Lore book  I got kind of excited and really want to see a dragon lord faction. This would depend on the success of the game but I think it could be a really cool and really fun faction.  Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts, as dragon lord seem cool to me and I think it would make for a cool story in the lore if they did return to reclaim the shards.
     They could have some dragonkin footman as Infantry, then have some of those Dragon Kin riding like dragon lizard things for Calvary, then a dragon as a Siege unit. There units would be expensive, but would be tough normal Infantry would have 2 armor, they would not have any Archers, but most units would be able to do a short range breath attack.  In relation to that breath attack you could spend surge icons to give the unit you're attacking a burning name and when you melee attack you could spend  surge icons to inflict a wound to a figure with burning, or it could be if you have a burning bane at the  the end of the activation phase suffer one wound, and discard a burning bane.  This is all just fun speculation, but once I saw the possibility for a dragon Lord faction I could not help myself.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Muz333 in Has anyone heard anything official??   
    There's also a video around somewhere from Gencon where during an interview they specifically said you could collect only one faction and have access to all the available upgrade cards for it.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Orcdruid in Has anyone heard anything official??   
    Go through the expansion previews.
    Shield wall for example is in the waiqar infantry command box as well as the oathsworn cavalry box.
     Fire rune comes with Daqan infantry command and the carrion lancers.
    Dispatch runner comes with the reanimates and oatsworn boxes.
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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from vtarin in Regeneration...   
    Its more of an incentive to blight a unit fighting your skeletons, reducing their damage per round so more skellys regenerate.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Lyraeus in The Strength of the Core Waiqar   
    RR 13. 1:
    Inspiration: Before a unit with an inspiration token reveals its command tool, that token can be spent to remove one bane from that unit or to ready an upgrade card on that unit.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Budgernaut in Map of Mennara   
    This is a map of Mennara from the Diskwars era. I recommend you download the map so you can zoom in and see the names of places more clearly.
    As @Hidatom noticed, this map does not seem to match the descriptions of Mennara from the recent lore guide, but considering lots of time and 3 great wars have occurred between this map and the current state of Mennara in Runewars, it's hard to say how the land may have changed. It's also worth noting that cardinal directions are not indicated on this map, so we are only assuming that North is up.
    Let's list some of the descriptions from the lore guide for you to compare to this map:
    "The Aymhelin -- the greatest forest in all Mennara -- stretches from the south of Terrinoth and west of the Ru to the southern ocean." "East beyond the careful watch of Hernfar Isle in Terrinoth's northeast, and as far south as the edge of the Aymhelin, the sunbleached steppes of the Ru gleam across the wide Lothan River." "Something stirs in the north. Long has the thirteenth barony lay dormant, but now, each day another village is swallowed into the mists." (From the learn to play booklet) The Aymhelin does not appear anywhere on this map. Is it the same as Lotharia, the home of the elves during the first darkness? If so, it should border the Ru Darklands, which it does not.
    The Ru appears to be norhtwest, rather than northeast. Perhaps North is to the left of this map? That would work for the relative position of the baronies to the Ru, because that big green area in the right-center is where the Knights of Falladir once dwelt (though Knights also lived in the Thelgrim Peninsula to the left).
    During the first darkness, the Thelgrim Peninsula was lost to the Uthuk and the undead of Farrenghast. Could that be the northern Mistlands now?
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    Cultiststeve reacted to KryatDragon in So X-Wing vets should join the Runewars because...?   
    Coming from X-wing and Armada... all I can say is this.

    I wish these were the mechanics for X-wing.

    Seriously. This game is an obvious improvement on the lagging, sagging, aging, and ever unbalancing warhorse X-wing.

    First off it removes the terrible, awful, hateful, spiteful, little green dice.
    Secondly it completely obliterates the improperly, and utterly unbalanced, initiative system that has actually hurt X-wing since the early days.
    Thirdly, Flanking actually matters!

    I would die of happiness if this game model transitioned to X-wing 2.0...

    I can imagine the cinematic feel of a Tie Fighter with a good defensive rating, but only 1 hull. One hit and it explodes, just like in the movies. But also like in the movies, it is not so easy to hit.
    And a variety of options for maneuver that would affect how ships fly! Imagine that... I can, and it is amazing. An X-wing could set a speed 4 maneuver which is 'White' and then set its action to be a 'white' 'Angle Deflectors Forward' increasing its Defense Rating against attacks originating in it's front by 1. Tie Fighters could do a speed three 'green' maneuver which it could set it's action to be a 'green' 'Turn + Barrel Roll'

    I know I've just gone off on a major tangent... but you can take this away. I really like the system. Really like it.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Orcdruid in Reanimates unit ability   
    This is a question of timing.
    Empty trays are removed from a unit as part of step 10 of an attack, or after any other game effect would remove the last figure from a tray, most of which happen during the activation phase.
    Regeneration happens at the end of the activation phase.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Elliphino in Where to get stuff   
    Rune Golems are in the core box.
    So far I haven't seen reports of anybody actually playing with any other minis. The first set of expansions (reanimate archers, oathsworn cavalry, and both command packs) are slated for release in Q2, which probably means late June if not early July. Expansions for the other Waiqar/Daqan units that we know of, plus their heroes are slated for release Q3, so probably late September.
    For some of the army lists you've seen that do include those expansion pack minis, the rules/points have been gleaned from all of the various news articles and forum posts. It's tedious, but we're that kind of nerd. 
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    Cultiststeve reacted to banjobenito in So X-Wing vets should join the Runewars because...?   
    Right, I've played a few intro games of Runewars now, on both sides. Here's my review, as an X-Wing lover and part-time Armada Admiral, as promised!


    I'm going to break this review down into positives and negatives, to make it easy to read and simple to argue with. . .

    +) The game's main mechanics are elegant, simple, nail biting and superbly formative of the experience. It really does play very well, I'm impressed.
    +) RMG does the thing that X-wing does well even better: Bluff and hypothesis! The hidden initiative is my single favourite thing about this game. At first I thought it might grow stale as I learn the dials. Now I think the opposite will be true, as perfect information on both sides allows for bluff and confounding expectations, in much the same way as X-wing. Big plus.
    + ) Big columns, flanking cavalry, kick-ass heroes: just what I've been looking for.
    +)  The upgrades that have already spoiled suggest a very promising and wide vista of design space for the game to expand into. It really feels that FFG have learned a lot from X-wing and Armada. Fingers crossed.

    -) The figures. They're good enough, and once painted they look the part. But two things are problematic: the material and the mould lines. The PVC is way flexible, and hates filing/sanding. It also seems like it will represent a very real barrier to figure design and complexity. A real shame in my book, as I like the aesthetic, and miniature design is central to the success of a miniature wargame. Look at Sigmar: distinctly average rules kept buoyant by dazzling miniature - design and execution. Finally, the mould lines are more of a nuisance that I'm used to - they run deep in places, making them hard to erase, and as mentions filing them is a no no. 
    -) It's shaping up to be an expensive game, which is a real shame considering the other negative I've suggested. UK prices are £25 for a standard expansion - that's $31.4. That's pricey, and it will inhibit my personal capacity to buy into this game. A shame they couldn't have priced it a bit more competitively.
    Overall, I'm really impressed with this game, and have bought a core set to try and rope my friends and fellow pilots in with. I'm already busy, painting away, trying to get my Daqs table-ready, and really really hope the game takes off and soars. Consider me sold!
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    Cultiststeve reacted to jek in So X-Wing vets should join the Runewars because...?   
    YES...a great rule system makes the game, then great models (and I think these models are great in the grand scheme of miniature games, not fantastic like some of the corvis belli stuff but I would put them squarely around a 4/5) make the game so much more interesting, and easier to grab people attention in the store.  GW makes just very...detailed models, and those details are crisp. But they also seem cluttered to me...I like that the RW models have less stuff on them but that stuff is clean and distinct and lacking unnecessary extra stuff... 
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Klaxas in Inspiration Clarification   
    Ok I see your point now.  They could have worded it "spend from an allied unit to have that unit X"
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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from Budgernaut in Inspiration Clarification   
    But what part do you mean? Its more ambiguous but the card is not at all incorrect, when you take into account the proper definition of "ally".
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Budgernaut in Inspiration Clarification   
    Right. But all the entries on the reference card under Banes and Boons use the phrasing, "Spend from an allied unit," or "Spend from an enemy unit."
    It's not so much contradictory as it is ambiguous because of how much they wanted to fit onto a single card. If you're familiar with the rules in the rules reference, the reference card is a good reminder. If you're reading about boons and banes for the first time from the card instead of the rules, you could be led astray.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to WWHSD in When is the Morale deck reshuffled?   
    I'm not finding anything either. Without guidance from the rules, I'd say that reshuffling the discard pile to create new Morale Deck when the Morale deck is does not have any cards in it and you are required to draw one is probably the way to go.
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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from Budgernaut in Regeneration...   
    Yea, it doesn't seem easy yet. Hopefully it will get easier (thereby improving regeneration) as more unit choices are released.
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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from Parakitor in Regeneration...   
    Its more of an incentive to blight a unit fighting your skeletons, reducing their damage per round so more skellys regenerate.
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    Cultiststeve got a reaction from kaffis in Regeneration...   
    Its more of an incentive to blight a unit fighting your skeletons, reducing their damage per round so more skellys regenerate.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to Budgernaut in Where to get stuff   
    People are just buying multiple core sets right now to build up their armies. No expansions are currently available.
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    Cultiststeve reacted to noteclado in Alcaran   
    We should try to create a timeline with the known information and most important events...
    Something like this:
    <------------------------------- ----------------------------1st darkness  ----------------------------------------------- 2nd darkness ------------------------------ 3rd darkness----
         Llovar pacts with demons                               Uthuk atack                                                             Waiqar betrayes Timorran             Dragonlords atack    
                                                                                   Waiqar is kidnapped and tortured                      Waiqar becomes undead                          
                                                                                   Uthuk forces are defeated                                    Waiqar is defeated
    ------Margath reappears----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Runewars------------------------------------------------------------------->
            Runebound 3rd Ed. The assendance of Margath?                                                       The factions learn about the existence of Dragon Runes
           Rune Age: Resurgence of the dragonlords escenario?                                                Runewars BG? Rune Age: Runewars scenario?
    I know there are a lot of missing events (I don't have the lore guide yet) so feel free to complete or create a new more easy to read timeline! that is the idea of a community!
    PS: Sorry for my english
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