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  1. Thanks, have fixed the bugs. I have also now added all the infantry command upgrades for uthuk.
  2. I appreciate the list, makes it easy to quickly add them in . Looks like it was mostly me not adding anything from the command expansion after initial spoilers. Quick question since I dont have this expansion, is http://runewars.wikia.com/wiki/Latari_Champion a card? With Avenger, Blackthorn and Firstblade that makes 4 champions in the expansion and Latari Champion seems like a generic name. Cant find a spoiler on the internet and the wiki is where I am getting all the info to put into the data files. As always, uploaded the files. On github now or battlescribe data shortly.
  3. Okay, problem should be fixed now with the latest files hosted on battle scribe data.
  4. Thanks So interesting thing... The problem with the archers not seeing any upgrades is because the file version on the website is not the latest version. I don't know why that is, I created a release on github which should have pushed it through. I also checked for the upgrades you mentioned and those were actually missing from the latest file anyway. I have added them and created a new release. Hopefully, this release will go through, with the previously created archer data, and the missing upgrades included. (Takes up to 24hours to be pushed through, In the meantime its possible to get the data files from here.)
  5. Looks like the archers are ****** on my end as well, I'll have a look at the data file later. I can take upgrades for other lateri units, which ones do you see as missing?
  6. I have added all the currently released units, including the Uthuk! (Should be hosted within 24h) Also fixed a few minor bugs. Please let me know if you spot any more. Also, consider helping out if you would like to add new releases faster when I don't have the time :). It is pretty straightforward to set up.
  7. Just listened and I will be continuing for sure. Good work. Please do look at the audio levels between the two hosts though.
  8. Water transfers, from http://www.3vwargames.co.uk/ . And yea they are great. Tried a few different ones before I found some that fit and looked right.
  9. Hi all. Been working on this for a while and got the first block painted up now, with a couple bonus horsemen. I really like how it has turned out, the transfers along with paint scheme really make them feel like Roman legionaries. Its also a fairly simple scheme to paint and a quick wash, which is great as I am by no means a great painter. Feel free to check out a couple more shots here. I have some plans to paint up the rune golems with a marble statue look when I can figure out how. I also plan to purchase the infantry command set and get a proper roman legion eagle standard on them.
  10. That is a fairly big nerf to the amount of upgrades most units can take. Makes Kari / Ankaur's ability's significantly worse.
  11. Everything exists thanks to Lord Hawthorne
  12. Just done a bunch of stuff to bring these files back up to date, and crush a few bugs. Apologies for being busy lately, I know these got a little out of date. Should have everything up to date and no glaring errors. Elves army expansion is also included now. New release should be online within the day as always. Thanks for that catch, fixed in latest release.
  13. Awesome, it will be good to discuss the development with someone. In terms of the hero and upgrade constraint, I believe I have it setup so it will warn you that its not a valid option. The choice of displaying a warning vs hiding invalid choices is a design decision, I guess but I welcome your input.
  14. Hey I have have a look and it looks cool, its nice there is a choice for people. But as Armament said, having a mature multi-platform program like Battlescribe is better for myself. Thanks for the catches. I have made the fixes and the new version should be hosted within 24 hours. Thanks, thats a good idea and I will check it out when I get the time. I moved house recently so have been too busy in the last couple of weeks, but I will check it out when I am able to for sure. I would also say to everyone, the data files are open source and can be found at https://github.com/BSData/runewars . Anyone who fancies a go is able to download the files and make changes, then reuplolad the files to me, or create a merge request into that repository.
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