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  1. Thank you for clarification. After re-reading it is not only the card that is very clear about it but also the rule reference states that it is not only when a hunter ends his move here, but also "or otherwise reveals that card" so I don't know how I missed that, but I did. Other than that I think we did not mess up during the first game.
  2. Today we had the first play of the game where I was the vampire and there was a situation where I am not sure I did a legal move. If I remember correctly, the hunters played long night where they could move during the night and one of the hunters ended on my location. I revealed my location and place Dracula in the city. At the end of the hunters moves at night, it was my turn to move and I played the hide card. The text on the card states something like "when the hunter ends his move on this location". My interpretation is that this condition was not met at the moment I played hide, but it may be when a hunter ends his move on this location in a future turn. Hence, I did not reveal Dracula and there was no combat at dawn. Was this played correctly?
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