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  1. Just the one. It was fun to paint, though, I'm going to get another sooner or later.
  2. That TIE fighter mod, man, I don't even. Wow.
  3. Bling. Always two there are ...
  4. Privateer Press has some really good painting videos too, and I'm sure there are tons of good things on youtube that I don't know about. This is a golden age for accessibility in the hobby, really. There are tons of good resources available to help you start out. But the golden rule doesn't change: practice, experiment, look for opportunities to learn, ask questions, and have faith. It'll take a while. You'll get there. It'll be worth it.
  5. I have some Dystopian Wars terrain which would be the right size and probably the right look. Or bits from old ww2 ship model kits. I always keep my eye out for old plastic model kits for just this reason, you can sometimes find them for cheap enough to be worth it just to harvest them for parts for future projects.
  6. Love me some B-Wings.
  7. TIE Bombers in my standard Imperial purple.
  8. That's extremely ambitious, but man, you're nailing it.
  9. If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it's an outstanding landing. - Chuck Yeagar (also applies to mods and repaints)
  10. One more (Heroes of the Resistance) left to go ...
  11. I never play in stores and I never buy in stores. All my FLGSes could go out of business tomorrow and it wouldn't impact me. I'm not a fan of being told that I need to pay more to support something that does nothing for me. You can argue that FFG would have a harder time making and selling X-Wing if it didn't have all the players who got into X-Wing because they saw it in a store, but there's also an opportunity cost for increasing the pricing to support those stores. There's certainly an argument to be made that FFG could do just as well by pricing aggressively and letting FLGSes fend for themselves. But, either way, that's an argument about what's best for FFG, not what's best for me. If you play in a store, then you should support that store. The logic of that argument is clear. Charging me more when I never play in a store and I'm never going to buy from a store is less clearly justifiable, especially when I have brought a bunch of people into the hobby through my own efforts, with no brick-and-mortar store being involved in any way. I don't have a grudge against FFG for implementing pricing policies that they feel will benefit their business in the long run, but those policies are definitely not working to my benefit, and I don't mind pointing it out.
  12. Edit: apparently Youtube doesn't like embedding videos. Look up SteleTV's youtube channel or just google for Stele Open 2017. Edit2: Maybe the videos just aren't online at all anymore? Presumably they'll post them sooner or later.
  13. Yup, currency changes matter a lot more up here. (Don't buy in game stores, don't play in game stores. If they cut off online sales I'd find something else to do.)
  14. The canopy took me *forever* but totally worth it.