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  1. Opening up a canning factory. I actually blitzed through all these guys in one evening while watching Netrunner streams. Not super complicated but I like the end result.
  2. Two new ships. First up, Firespray #2. Next up, Resistance Falcon. (Actual quote from my wife: "Wow, why is that so orange?")
  3. And I guess that brings 2018 to a close. Here's what I got done this year. Not bad.
  4. One last ship for 2018, just squeaking in under the door, Indiana Jones style.
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. They're a little darker though I think. The original inspiration actually started with the ship from Guardians of the Galaxy. Another X-Wing. This was actually a repaint of a repaint, I had one T-70 done in my Rebel colours.
  6. Okay, so, Resistance. Originally I wasn't going to fly Resistance, or FO. I like the new movies a lot but I didn't have a ton of those ships and I figured 3 factions is probably enough. But then I started playing with my son, who loves Kylo Ren, so apparently I was going to fly Resistance after all. And, it turns out, they're a really interesting faction with some cool stuff going on. Also, and this is the relevant bit, this presents the first opportunity to design a new faction paintscheme since I started playing X-Wing in the first place. Really like how this one came out and I'm looking forward to doing up more ships in this scheme.
  7. You generally don't need to strip X-Wing minis first, the factory paint is pretty thin and you can paint right over it.
  8. My son is a bit younger than your daughter but I'm having luck getting him into the game and he's really enjoying it. It's really nice to be able to share a hobby like this with your kids. Great to see your ships, keep at it! Hope to see more of your stuff. Cheers!
  9. Me: What am I supposed to do with two rebel Y-Wings? Eh? Can you tell me that? Can you? Them: Sir, this is a Wendy's
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