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  1. I can't tell you how to remove them but I can tell you that I painted mine without removing them and without losing the ability to move them. It wasn't a big hassle, the TIE bomber/punisher/advanced is a lot worse to deal with.
  2. When it comes to top-tier competitive X-Wing skill, well ... my ships look pretty, anyway.
  3. Quadjumper. I had a pretty clear idea for this guy: something that dropped out of the guts of a Martian grease factory. Mission accomplished.
  4. The Slipstream.
  5. Some more rebels. First up, the much maligned E-Wing. Looks a lot better with a proper astromech slot instead of the incredibly silly over-the-canopy gun. Next, a U-Wing, which I haven't gotten onto the table yet (been playing and painting other things lately). This guy is only a partial repaint because the stock model is basically in my colours anyway.
  6. I own some of these and they're great. Fantastic service, too.
  7. Just the one. It was fun to paint, though, I'm going to get another sooner or later.
  8. That TIE fighter mod, man, I don't even. Wow.
  9. Bling. Always two there are ...
  10. Privateer Press has some really good painting videos too, and I'm sure there are tons of good things on youtube that I don't know about. This is a golden age for accessibility in the hobby, really. There are tons of good resources available to help you start out. But the golden rule doesn't change: practice, experiment, look for opportunities to learn, ask questions, and have faith. It'll take a while. You'll get there. It'll be worth it.
  11. I have some Dystopian Wars terrain which would be the right size and probably the right look. Or bits from old ww2 ship model kits. I always keep my eye out for old plastic model kits for just this reason, you can sometimes find them for cheap enough to be worth it just to harvest them for parts for future projects.
  12. Love me some B-Wings.
  13. TIE Bombers in my standard Imperial purple.
  14. That's extremely ambitious, but man, you're nailing it.