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  1. You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    Hey, it's been a while. Some new stuff. A-Wing number 4: All four of 'em. I had to switch the paint I was using for the purple, and it's *slightly* different, but nowhere near as much as it looks here, which is strange. Next up, TIE Phantom. I stuck with the white panels and gold canopy of the rest of my Imperials, but switched out the purple for black, using purple accents on the cloaking generator to tie it in with the rest of the fleet. Sadly this makes it look like a First Order wannabe, but you know, whatcha gonna do.
  2. Prepainted?

    Personally I don't think the lack of prepainted miniatures is going to hurt Legion. The various GW games and Warmachine have built a huge following for that kind of game, and Runewars is doing pretty well, as far as I can see. There are a bunch of people in my group (including me) who greeted the initial announcement with "God, finally, just take my money, what took you so long". Legion is going to do just fine. I'm not opposed to the idea of prepainted Legion models per se, but they add no value for me or a lot of other people, so if they went this route I'd rather they do it the Dust way. Bring out a 'premium' prepainted line and let the people who want it pay for it. Keep the existing price level for unpainted ones for everyone else. The fact that they did this for Dust and know how well the prepainted vs painted sold, and decided not to do it for Legion, makes me wonder whether FFG already knows that it wouldn't be worthwhile for Legion, but that's just speculation. Maybe it's something they're keeping in their pocket and down the road they'll come out with a premium pre-painted line.
  3. What’s the best Paint to buy?

    If you do start out with craft paints, remember that you're going to need to thin them out (with water). More lighter thinner coats is always better, craft acrylics come out of the bottle pretty thick. For mini paints, I also vote Vallejo, although most of them are pretty similar in terms of quality and coverage.

    I love the army painter brushes. You get used to the handle type pretty quick and then you never want to go back, and the brush quality is great for the price.

    Great advice here. The one thing I'd add is to be aware of how often you need to finish something to keep interested. One big thing that discourages people is when they focus on making each model as good as they possibly can, but doing so takes so long that they get bored/discouraged and never finish. This gets worse if you have kids or other things that can scatter or interrupt your painting time. If it feels like you're having trouble finishing consistently, consider how long it takes to do each model and think about maybe scaling back how ambitious you're being. If you do something which is maybe a little bit more tabletop-quality than showroom-quality, but it lets you get models done faster, you might find the stream of completed models builds your confidence and enjoyment level back up and gets you moving again. Likewise, as people have mentioned upthread, doing a big piece like a vehicle can be a really nice accomplishment, but it takes more time, so space out how you work through your collection, and don't be afraid to take a break and bang out something which you can finish more quickly, to help keep yourself going. Also, remember that you can always go back and fix something later. When I'm doing a big army, I always end up with a few models at the start that end up looking a little different because my approach to painting the army evolves as I go and takes a bit before I settle into the way I want to do it going forward. You can always go back and touch the first guys up, or strip and repaint if it comes to that. +1, this is exactly what I did. Also, when you switch to higher quality paints for your models, you'll still probably have a bunch of craft paint left that you can keep on using for terrain, where quantity is much more important than quality.
  6. Priming tips.

    Can't hurt but I've never had to do it with x-wing miniatures. I assume that pre-painted minis get cleaned as part of their painting process, and whatever they're using for paint and washes doesn't seem to cause problems.
  7. Painting Q/A

    You can also use wet blending to get this effect. There are good videos on youtube if you do some googling (I'd link but the best ones are done by other game manufacturers, so in deference to our hosts etc etc).
  8. Priming tips.

    A lot of the time it's the mould release agent that they use which causes this. You can get around it by gently washing the mini in warm soapy water before painting.
  9. Polda's X-Wing Repaints - Image heavy

    That is some quality wood grain, man.
  10. New painter, old airbrush, rebel ships

    Those bombers are lovely. The step by step view is very cool as well. Great stuff!
  11. Priming tips.

    Agreed - I don't know much about airbrushes but I've never primed an X-Wing model and it's never been an issue.
  12. You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    Scum Y's. Been around the block a few times. Might pre-date the block, actually. The two Scum Y's:
  13. Happy Friday what is your favorite painted ship?

    For the stock schemes, I like the first order TIEs. They look really sharp out of the box. But anything stock comes distant second to any repaint. Something that someone poured their heart into, something that is unique, is always going to be better.
  14. You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    The one I was using originally is discontinued but Vallejo Deep Green is about the same colour, that's what I'm going to be using for #2 and #3. If you're looking for a more vibrant green, there's also Vallejo Jade Green. That's what I used on my B-Wings and K-Wing. It's a Game Colour paint though, so it comes out a little glossy.
  15. You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    It's actually a forest green shaded up with some white. My old camera did not have the greatest colour fidelity, makes it look a little more blue than it really is. I have a pair of additional Y-Wings on the way, so I should have some better pictures coming soon.