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  1. Oh yeah, I've been doing this a long time and I grew up in the age of old school Warhammer, I've painted ridiculous quantities of models. When people don't repaint, I totally get it. Not everybody can, and of those who can, not everybody wants to, and that's totally fine. I recognize that my need to repaint is all on me. I love seeing repaints but I don't judge anybody who doesn't. Worst you'll get from me is a gentle encouragement in that direction. Always remember the golden rule: if you're having fun, you're doing it right. Heh. I have all my surplus target locks and focus and etc etc etc in a box on the shelf. I'll never use them, I know I'll never use them, but still, all my new target locks and focus and etc etc etc go into that same box. Pretty soon I'll probably need a second overflow box. I have a lot of popular builds I never fly. I play casual and I don't want to play things that feel degenerate. I want to win, but I want to win with builds that are fun and interesting and aren't going to make my opponent question why they're playing this game. I only played the Emperor once pre-FAQ, now that he's fixed I'll probably bring him a lot more often. (That said, the Jumpmaster has a lot of fun and interesting builds that aren't awful. Give it a try. Just maybe avoid Manaroo.)
  2. I try not to buy too much faster than I can repaint, since I much prefer to play with repainted ships (on my side, my opponents can do whatever). Doesn't always work out that way (sometimes you see a bargain) but that's the idea. I'm trying to catch up on my painting for other systems right now and my X-Wing collection growth has slowed noticeably. They also need to be in the right scheme. I have 3 Y-Wings but two of them are repainted in my Scum colours so I only ever field 1 Rebel Y.
  3. Indigo Squadron, standing by! I love my A-Wings. I normally play 150 points and it's a rare Rebel list that can't benefit from a couple of cheap, super fast blockers to get up in everyone's grill. And they're so pretty.
  4. That is one stylin' TIE advanced. Awesome.
  5. Biggs needs to be adjusted so he doesn't make it so much harder to make other X-wings better. If he were the only x-wing he wouldn't be that big a deal. Given all that, FFG probably doesn't need to do anything with Biggs until they decide to fix X-wings generally, and I know I speak for everyone when I say that will hopefully happen real soon now.
  6. That is a fantastic falcon mod. Well done.
  7. I was going to say that I'd get one of each and two Aggressors, but I guess I might need two Scurrgs, because I paint my scum differently than my rebels and I'm not sure I can handle having a scum-painted bomber mixed in with my rebels. TBD. Also, numbers might go up depending on what the pilots end up looking like.
  8. It'll be fine once they add Sabine crew for scum. (I'm joking. I think.)
  9. Here's what I did. The Ghost stand has one point which attaches and two upon which the model just rests. I put magnets on the two remaining posts, and corresponding magnets in the hull. Pictures in that thread. It wasn't a ton of work and it added quite a bit of stability. (@Force Majeure - if I wanted to use a Hot Wheels Ghost I'd have to wrestle mine back from my 4 year old son's hands, and I think he'd put up a fight ...)
  10. Look at the upgrade cards, first card from the left. That looks like a double missile icon to me.
  11. Some really interesting stuff in this wave. Definitely going to pick up all of these. And I like that they're going back to Legends here (and not even something that's sorta-legends-but-has-shown-up-elsewhere-since, but, like, hard-core nobody's-heard-of-it legends). Based on the blurry bits we've seen these all seem like they have the potential to mix things up a bit, particularly the Aggressor, which I think is going to break a lot of new ground for the Imperials.
  12. Really like that firespray, good stuff.
  13. For conversions, start small. Try a simple mod see how it works for you. A small change is easier to get right and easier to recover from if something goes wrong. Build up to the really ambitious stuff.
  14. I'd hate to think that an interesting house rule would get missed for this reason. I would encourage you to go ahead and post it, I'd be interested to see it and I'm sure a lot of other people (who might not speak up here for various reasons, not least because they might not have read this far into the thread) would too.
  15. I think he's clear that he isn't opposed to the content of the threads, but just titles that assume and assert that X-Wing is in need of saving because something something imminent doom. I like fix threads! I have ideas for making Punishers good again! But X-Wing is fine either way. The game is healthy, maybe healthier than it's ever been. Honestly all the "save the X-Wing" threads would probably be okay if the doom-mongery was dialed down a couple of notches, particularly when composing the title, which everyone sees. It's not good to have your forum full of post titles suggesting the end times are at hand (at least, when the end times are not actually at hand).