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  1. Some friends want to play HOTAC. So, I had to paint myself up a custom fighter for it, because I'm not a barbarian. Really happy with how this guy turned out. With some of my regular X's:
  2. Few more things. First up, la petit grenouille. Next, more tin cans. A whole swarm of 'em.
  3. Opening up a canning factory. I actually blitzed through all these guys in one evening while watching Netrunner streams. Not super complicated but I like the end result.
  4. Two new ships. First up, Firespray #2. Next up, Resistance Falcon. (Actual quote from my wife: "Wow, why is that so orange?")
  5. And I guess that brings 2018 to a close. Here's what I got done this year. Not bad.
  6. One last ship for 2018, just squeaking in under the door, Indiana Jones style.
  7. Yeah, I know what you mean. They're a little darker though I think. The original inspiration actually started with the ship from Guardians of the Galaxy. Another X-Wing. This was actually a repaint of a repaint, I had one T-70 done in my Rebel colours.
  8. Okay, so, Resistance. Originally I wasn't going to fly Resistance, or FO. I like the new movies a lot but I didn't have a ton of those ships and I figured 3 factions is probably enough. But then I started playing with my son, who loves Kylo Ren, so apparently I was going to fly Resistance after all. And, it turns out, they're a really interesting faction with some cool stuff going on. Also, and this is the relevant bit, this presents the first opportunity to design a new faction paintscheme since I started playing X-Wing in the first place. Really like how this one came out and I'm looking forward to doing up more ships in this scheme.
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