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  1. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    That's a good point, and September is a long time away, so I probably will get more games in before we get there. The good news is that I'm a filthy casual so I don't really need to change my lists much between 1.0 and 2.0, hopefully I'll just stop feeling like I'm being punished for wanting to fly B-Wings.
  2. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    The 2.0 announcement has pretty much killed my desire to play 1.0 until the new hotness gets here and fixes everything, but I'm working on getting my existing collection painted and expanding it a bit where I have fewer ships of a type than what will come in the conversion packs. I'm also splitting my painting time with Legion, which is not making things go faster. Finished up my Kimogila today. This guy never did see 1.0 table time for me, and likely won't now.
  3. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    The base shade is Vallejo Burnt Umber. It's decent as a skin tone. I tend to mix my skin tones as a bunch of one-offs, though, to get some variety across the squad.
  4. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    Head of Imperial HR. I had given some thought to doing Vader in camo like my stormtroopers (my kids encouraged me to do so, even) but that's a bit too far, even for me. Vader DGAF about you shooting at him and he doesn't dress to the occasion. What you see is what you get. You gotta respect that.
  5. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    Couple more terrorist scum. First squad complete.
  6. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    Got my first squad of Imperials done. I have a process for these guys that makes them actually pretty quick to bang out, which is good, because I have an acre of these fellas.
  7. You Look Like A Nail

    Weland's Workshop

    +1 for inventive, outside the box Stormtroopers. Well done!
  8. You Look Like A Nail

    Anyone use generic acrylic paints?

    If you want a spray primer but don't want to get into the complexity of an airbrush, there are a few companies that make can sprays specifically for miniatures. The Army Painter ones are pretty solid (and they also have matching bottle paints for touch-ups and other work). As for craft paints, they can give you an end result which is just as good as dedicated mini paints but it's a lot harder to get there. Speaking as someone who learned to paint minis with craft paints and then switched, I would never recommend that a newbie start with craft paints. Spend your energy learning to paint and not on learning to manage the craft paint texture and thickness. As mentioned above, though, they're great for terrain. Quoting for truth. Between my job and my kids I don't have a lot of time to paint, so even though I've scaled back the quality and focused on process, I still move fairly slowly, and new stuff keeps coming out. Nothing sucks like adding a model to a force that you haven't painted in a year or two and struggling to remember what paints (or worse, mixes of paints) you used for a model. Do yourself a favour and write that down as you go.
  9. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    Some more rebel scum. Two more rifles. The guy on the left is clearly Mac from SuperTroopers. Squad leader is a head swap from the Duros guy, nothing fancy but I like the looks of it.
  10. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    That was actually a head-swap from an old SW miniatures figure (Admiral Ackbar himself, I believe).
  11. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    I also spent some time this morning setting up a tabletop to see if I had enough terrain (spoiler: no). The base I'm using are a set of foam flocked boards I made, um, a few years decades ago. They've seen some hard use and clearly need to be cleaned up a bit. I have a bunch of tree bases that I originally made for X-Wing that will be repurposed, plus some stock GW-made linear obstacles that will fit. The big piece is an old toy AT-AT that I've had since forever, which fits in nicely scale-wise and adds a lot to the table. Going to need to make more terrain to flesh this out but I think I have enough to get started (especially since these boards are 6x4 and so I can leave off 6" on either side). I also have the barricades from the base set I can throw in if I need to.
  12. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Arts & Crafts

    Like just about everybody else, I'm getting into Legion and painting up all my shiny new toys. First up, a pair of filthy terrorist scum. All my Legion guys are going to be painted for forest/jungle environments. Keeping the bases a little understated but still thematic. Pretty happy with how these guys came out.
  13. You Look Like A Nail

    You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    Hey, it's been a while. Some new stuff. A-Wing number 4: All four of 'em. I had to switch the paint I was using for the purple, and it's *slightly* different, but nowhere near as much as it looks here, which is strange. Next up, TIE Phantom. I stuck with the white panels and gold canopy of the rest of my Imperials, but switched out the purple for black, using purple accents on the cloaking generator to tie it in with the rest of the fleet. Sadly this makes it look like a First Order wannabe, but you know, whatcha gonna do.
  14. You Look Like A Nail


    Personally I don't think the lack of prepainted miniatures is going to hurt Legion. The various GW games and Warmachine have built a huge following for that kind of game, and Runewars is doing pretty well, as far as I can see. There are a bunch of people in my group (including me) who greeted the initial announcement with "God, finally, just take my money, what took you so long". Legion is going to do just fine. I'm not opposed to the idea of prepainted Legion models per se, but they add no value for me or a lot of other people, so if they went this route I'd rather they do it the Dust way. Bring out a 'premium' prepainted line and let the people who want it pay for it. Keep the existing price level for unpainted ones for everyone else. The fact that they did this for Dust and know how well the prepainted vs painted sold, and decided not to do it for Legion, makes me wonder whether FFG already knows that it wouldn't be worthwhile for Legion, but that's just speculation. Maybe it's something they're keeping in their pocket and down the road they'll come out with a premium pre-painted line.
  15. You Look Like A Nail

    What’s the best Paint to buy?

    If you do start out with craft paints, remember that you're going to need to thin them out (with water). More lighter thinner coats is always better, craft acrylics come out of the bottle pretty thick. For mini paints, I also vote Vallejo, although most of them are pretty similar in terms of quality and coverage.