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  1. I FINALLY found it! It's in Users>Elemarth>AppData>Roaming>SWCharGen (AppData is an invisible folder, so if anyone is trying this, make sure you have your appearance and personalization on your control panel set to show invisible folders.)
  2. I just got a new computer, and I copied the character generator onto it, but there aren't any characters, NPCs, or custom data. Not that they won't load, as usual with new downloads, but they aren't there. It says the cache is empty. I can't find any documents on my old computer that have the information for the characters. Does anyone have any idea where they would be hiding?
  3. Figured out the Sentinel issue. It was something I'd messed up on, no issues for anyone else
  4. I cannot get the three new specializations for Sentinel to show up. I've gone into the data editor and made sure they're checked for the Sentinel career, but they will not show as career specializations on the character generator. What do I do?
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