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  1. Too late for me to bid/ buy! If anyone out there has this and wants to part....I am serious to buy!
  2. awesome trade with @QQMoore!
  3. Hey guys, I play X-Wing Miniatures with my own modified rules/ with modded ships. I only use the ships, stands, shield/ stress tokens, customized movement cards [from Vassal], maneuver templates, & firing arcs. WHAT I HAVE: Nearly all 1E + 2E Saw's Renegades + 2E TIE Reaper - NEVER USED: dials, cards (base/ upgrade/ pilot/ deck reference cards) dice, all tokens, extra maneuver templates, mission guides 1E STUFF I DON'T HAVE: ALL 1E CARDS EXCEPT A Score to Settle Bandit Squadron Pilot Bo Shek Collision Detector Condition Cards - Quadjumper Gray Squadron Pilot Integrated Astromech Kanan Jarrus - Crew Lieutenant Colzet Minefield Mapper R2 Astromech Rigged Cargo Chute Sabine Wren - Crew Sensor Cluster Tala Squadron Pilot ALL 1E DIALS EXCEPT ARC-170 Jumpmaser 5000 T-70 X-Wing TIE/ SF Fighter VCX-100 VT-49 Decimator WHAT I NEED: ANY Ships (nice if you throw in a base/ peg/ 1 base card, but not required) I live in La Verne, work in DTLA. Let's make it work - PM me if interested - willing to drive to LA, San Bernardino, Orange County. * I need this this stuff to GO! I'd give away for free, but I just don’t want to pay for shipping (4 boxes full) . . . Take this stuff off my hands if you want, but throw a ship(s) at me!!
  4. Buying for the craftsmanship on the paint jobs & physical mechanics of the newer X-Wing S-Foils strictly . . . since I don't use cards/ tokens/ dials in how I play I will end up trading those for other ships/ ship parts in "The Big X-Wing Trade" thread, along with other unused cards/ tokens/ dials.
  5. To trade YES ... on "The Big X-Wing Trade Thread" ... I think exchange of $ is not allowed here.... Maybe make contacts and deal with outside online forum for $ exchange.
  6. I kept looking for the quote...I missed the stream. Thanks guys!
  7. I feel like I'm being teased....1st new x-wings with closing s foils, y-wings with a canopy turret....now fang fighters that actually rotate (speculation). After all one of the primary cards shows the fang in rotation. I can only hope. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/1/become-infamous/
  8. lntrn8

    Zip ties

    "Zip Ties" ... Thought was a physical mod as I use actual zip ties to mod ships. "boosters" & "thrusters" .... Love the intention to make TIEs more mobile....but I think since TIEs use Ion technology they don't actually "boost" nor "thrust". Not a scientist, I just think these abilities can be re-worded to reflect tech standards.
  9. Legit! You called it and I bet this will come in another wave....along with that other TIE variant from Solo.
  10. Good luck with that! I've searched far and wide for the arc-170 in recent weeks.
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